Best Futon Mattress 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Futon Mattress 2021

Today’s futons are based on Japanese shikibuton mattresses, a type of thin cotton mattress passed through the straw to sleep and then rolled up during the day. The word “futon” in Japanese means “bedding,” including mattresses and any coverings.

The attraction is that the mattress can be folded and stowed away during the day, which is excellent for small spaces. The futon is also much cheaper than a standard mattress.

In this article, We’ve rounded up a list of the Best Futon Mattress reviews on the market right now in this buying guide. We’ll also look at various kinds of mattresses and what you need to know before buying a futon mattress to make it easier for you.

What’s a futon mattress?

The futon because we know it’s a couch that becomes a mattress. Originally a Japanese innovation, the futon was a thin duvet and mattress which would be saved in a cupboard during the afternoon and subsequently brought out at bedtime for sleep. When the western world embraced the futon, we turned it into a couch bed.

A couch or day-bed throughout the day, but if they fold up, the framework is extended out of the couch, and the mattress unfolded on the frame, it becomes a bed. The mattress must do two purposes: it needs to be a folded couch pillow along with a laid-out mattress. Because of this, it’s essential to put money into a well-designed mattress that works well for both tasks.

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Different kinds of futon mattresses

Chemical Free – is with no petrochemical and flame retardants. These futons are designed to be set on futon frames and platform beds. These mattresses are created from felting the wool and cotton in the home.

The most significant natural ingredients are obtained like the USDA-certified organic cotton, organic Dunlop latex, coconut coir, virgin wool that’s been inherently overburdened. These mattresses can be found in all standard sizes, such as crib size. These handmade mattresses for infants are free of allergens rather than treated with harsh chemicals.

Latex – does have no additives or chemical compounds. These futon mattresses have a pure spring due to latex and molds themselves to your physique. These mattresses are best for platform beds and futon frames. The high-quality mattress and latex engineering guarantee there’s little or no work to keep up the mattress.

Wool – is made from durable wool blended with other substances to create mattresses of different comfort levels. Naturally crimped wool acts as a spring. It repels moisture and regulates body temperature. It’s resistant to germs such as bacteria, molds, mildew, etc. Dust mites are repelled by wool. It’s non-toxic and flame-resistant. Wool also promotes rejuvenating sleep with more significant REM and regulates body temperature.

Organic Cotton – is making of USDA certified organic cotton. Cotton is the most straightforward, earliest, and most adored natural fibers. The mattress filling, along with its ticking, is pieces of cotton.

Memory Foam – is famous as a result of cooling gel. Nowadays, the marketplace provides eco-friendly alternatives: soy-based, aloe vera established rather than petroleum derivatives. The cool gel not only comforts the sleeper the removal of petrochemicals is best for your environment.

Shikibuton mattresses – are Japanese-style folding futon mattresses that are lightweight, simple to fold, and store away in boxes and cabinets. It’s a lot easier to keep and comfy to sleep. It’s possible to personalize your comfort level by maintaining one layer or piles two or even more mattresses.

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Things to look for in a futon mattress

Things to look for in a futon mattress


Both depth alternatives for futons are generally six or eight inches. The thicker the mattress, the more comfortable you’ll ever have. Since the mattress gets heavier, you will generally pay a higher cost too. The depth you select depends upon what you are seeking to perform with your futon.

If you anticipate fixing it as a sofa than a mattress, you may not need to worry as much about the depth. For those that intend on using it because their main sitting and sleeping place, it may be well worth the additional couple bucks to make particular you have somewhere comfortable to rest your mind each evening.

If you are purchasing the futon just to put it into a spare space to get used several times each year, you may not have to be worried about all the more minor details.


Mattress substances are a hot issue in today’s society. Everyone thinks they understand the very quality materials for every individual, and actually, it depends upon you. Some people today sleep well on a firm mattress, but others prefer something milder. The essential issue to bear in mind is that it must make sense for anybody sleeping on it.

You do not have quite as many choices as you’ll get with conventional mattresses to get futons. Because most futons are reversible, they can not have extensive hybrid choices combining all different layers, just like you want a regular mattress.

Nevertheless, we have cotton, silk, foam, and spring futons. Cotton cloth is the most common substance used in futons, and it is also the most economical. Many futons are created with 100% cotton, and it is usually compact cotton. This cotton isn’t enjoying the type you’ve got on your pillow. It is typically hard and meant for those that want a firm mattress.

Memory Foam is increasing in popularity in futons since an increasing number of people are looking for it. The foam is soft and suitable for those that want a highly contouring mattress due to lower back pain or neck injuries. The top mattresses for back pain relief tend to be memory foam.

Because of this, memory foam isn’t as popular on futons because you’d believe it. It may seem significant for sleeping, but it does not function well when speaking about the sofa configuration.

Last, we’ve got innerspring. Many futons will unite innerspring with cotton, but it is well worth mentioning independently. Some may have a springboard fashion of springs, even though some have independently wrapped springs. What you receive depends entirely upon how much you are prepared to pay.

The wrapped coils are better since they provide more balance when you put them down to the mattress. The springboard produces a great deal of bounce, so it doesn’t work well if you are sleeping with a spouse.

In case your futon mattress has sprung, make sure you rotate it if you do not sleep on it frequently. You do not wish to leave it at the couch position for as long since the springboard may get stuck this way, which will lead to a dip at the center of the mattress.

It is essential and, of course, a few of these fitter materials. Many mattresses utilize polyurethane, which is not great for your well-being. You might choose to search for anti-bacterial cotton fiber along with excellent polyurethane. There are some healthier alternatives to a number of the chemical-rich substances utilized in conventional mattresses.


If you have never owned a futon earlier, you will probably have to get a frame to go together with your mattress. The one thing to consider when picking a futon mattress is your size. Many futons are conventional full-size mattresses using a tri-fold framework. Some also come in a queen size. Ensure that you quantify everything rather than presume that something will match without checking.

When searching for a framework, maintain the substances in mind and link them to the kind of mattress you choose. If you anticipate using it much as your principal sleeping area, you might wish to opt for the most durable framework.


The most important aspect to remember is relaxation. It is demanding shopping online for futons since many do not offer guarantees, or they do not offer you a great deal of advice about them.

When you obtain a 1000 + mattress, then you generally receive a sleep trial and a comprehensive guarantee; a few are lifetime. With futons, you are sometimes left to fend for yourself if something does not go right.

When at all possible, I’d always pick a futon mattress that includes a guarantee. Possessing a guarantee or trial period can help you check out everything without needing to sense out of luck if it is not working for you.

We spend a good deal of time on our beds, and if you are using this as a sofa, you will spend more time on it. Be certain that you receive the perfect one, which means you cannot cope with an embarrassing night’s rest.

Top Rated 9 Best Futon Mattress Brands 

Top Rated 9 Best Futon Mattress Brands

Mozaic 10-inch Cotton Twill – Finest Full Size


  • Full-size futon turning into a regular full-size sleeper.
  • Thick mattress providing medium to business support
  • Tufting prevents altering the filling.
  • Offered in 8 different colors
  • Four-year warranty

If your area has space, it is sensible to acquire a complete-size futon; since they’re frequently employed as a guest bed, it’s a sensible option to go to full dimensions. You will never know if a seeing basketball player might want to remain the evening!

This mattress matches a complete size frame 54″ wide x 75″ deep and in a lavish 10 inches thick is comfortable and helps to find a fantastic night’s sleep. The threat with thick beds is they may be awkward and heavy, but this one was well designed and is readily manageable when switching from couch to bed and back again.

Accessible with a cotton twill cover, the mattress feels comfy and soft against the skin. This outer coating covers top-quality dual-sided polyester memory foam, and it’s tufted to generate the sofa appear bright and trendy. It’s at the bottom end of this scale, which means it provides excellent support equally as a couch and a bed.

As it’s offered in 8 vibrant and bold colors, it will earn a highlight of any space, and there’s guaranteed to be a color that compliments your room decoration.

If your couch, guest room, or attic area can fit a complete size futon, then this is the perfect mattress for you.

Royal Sleep Products Full Memory Foam Futon Mattress – Greatest Memory Foam


  • Two layers of memory foam
  • It comes with two matching cushions.
  • Cancun Maple color suits natural/neutral color schemes
  • Business but supple support
  • Offered in Full or Queen Size
  • A range of 6″ to 10 inch thick beds

Sleep specialists consider fantastic excellent memory foam mattresses as ideal to help provide relief from back pain. Distributing your body weight throughout the mattress will help reduce stress points and other distress.

This memory foam mattress from Royal Sleep Products has just one layer of polyurethane foam more than two layers of memory foam to generate an 8-inch mattress of superb relaxation. A moderate density foam is utilized so the ‘texture’ is not too firm nor too soft. Sleep specialists observe this as being the favored stability for preventing aches and pains.

A poly-cotton covering gets the best of both worlds – both the durable and tough wearing polyester and the cotton’s gentle breathability.

Two matching pillows will help produce a bright, clean appearance to your futon, but these can be best used while the futon is employed as a bed instead of on the couch. Some of your own scatter cushions on the futon throughout the day would genuinely help match the room’s decor and brighten things up a little.

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Luxton Home Japanese Shiki Futon – Greatest Japanese futon


  • A space-saving slim design That’s easily mobile yet still comfy.
  • Ideal stability for a healthy back.
  • 100% organic and natural cotton materials
  • Antibacterial and non – secure for infants
  • Simple to keep away when not in use

Luxton Home’s mattress is among the best futon mattresses accessible if you’re searching for a Japanese one. A more conventional Japanese shikibuton design mattress made comfy to sleep at night and simple to put away in a cupboard or storeroom throughout the day.

While it appears very thin, it’s still firm in texture rather than over-padded so that it keeps your backbone more aligned and protected by falling into abnormal positions, helping better sleep and improved overall health.

The measurements are as double long mattress dimensions – 39″ wide x 83″ long and weighs just over 10 pounds. Its slim yet firm layout makes it super-portable therefore that it works well in most situations aside from sleep. It would also create an excellent sleep mat for camping.

To keep it away throughout the day, the mattress could be folded length manners three times to take up less surface area from the cupboard. Don’t forget to take decent care of a shikibuton – it requires airing nicely on an everyday basis. Hang it on a clothing stand in a well-ventilated room or somewhat outside on a clothesline or balcony. Lovely days.

This form of sleeping mattress is perfect for space-saving and matches nicely with oriental and minimalist design topics. It’s also ideal for the most recent style for tidying up as promoted by Marie Kondo.

Classic Brands – Greatest With Inner Springs


  • Memory Foam substance – popular with individuals who have back pain
  • Plush velour quilted cover
  • It folds easily to fit a Complete size futon couch.
  • Easy ‘Bed in a Box’ delivery
  • One year worry-free guarantee.

If the conventional style shikibuton style isn’t for you, look at the complete size queen mattress out of Classic Brands. With 540 individually wrapped coils surrounded by a memory Fireplace and topped with a lavish microfiber cover, that can be a futon mattress, much in the luxurious end of this scale! The springs compress around the body’s contours, providing support where it’s most needed, providing you a relaxed night’s sleep.

While at 63lbs plus a whole 8 inches thick, it indeed is much less maneuverable or mobile than other designs; it will unfold and fold easily to convert out of bed to couch and back. And since it resembles a massive mattress, you may feel that delivery could be a load of difficulty.

However, Classic Brands has thought this. This mattress is sent to your door wrapped up and compacted into a vacuum-packed bag within a box. Just take the bag from the outside box, then carefully remove the bag along with the compressed mattress will begin to expand before your eyes and shortly resume its full size!

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Serta Sycamore Double Sided Convoluted Foam


  • Five color Choices
  • Foam and cotton fiber
  • 8 inches thick
  • Made in the United States

This is just another entry-level mattress for futons under $200, and it is quite surprising in terms of all of the perks which it brings to the table. To get a much affordable solution, Serta has a great deal to offer.

Right off the bat, it is made from two layers of convoluted foam in addition to a 4-inch cotton fiber cushioning for improved attractiveness, service, and relaxation. The product is a trusted while, at precisely the same time, it attracts the crucial characteristics you would expect from a far more expensive unit.

The appearance is very high-end as a result of the box boundary construction. The whole issue is made out from the USA, assuring the high quality of these materials. It brings a lush, soft texture that’s very supporting at precisely the exact moment. It’s also lace tufted for comfort, plus a tailored look at precisely the exact moment.

Serta Cypress Double Sided Innerspring

Serta has developed to a well-known name in mattresses – and also, their Cypress futon doesn’t disappoint. This futon is so comfy when your guests are sleeping on the Cypress futon; they will believe they are sleeping on a classic box-spring mattress.

The 8-inch mattress features a 255 high-quality innerspring system which provides a mattress-like support system and texture. Surrounding the spring process is just two 1-inch parts of CertiPUR foam, confirmed in service, comfort, and durability. And, to finish it off, Serta tufted the seat using 18 polyester nylon tufts to provide stability and a completed appearance.


  • Cover created with the cotton-polyester mix, Which is both durable and comfortable.
  • Produced with CertiPUR-US accredited foam
  • The innerspring system makes this futon perfect for sleeping.


  • Clients have noticed some construction Difficulties.

Pure Comfort Natural Cotton Mattress

By this time, you should think the ideal place to get a futon mattress is Amazon, but The Futon Shop comes with a great deal also. The Actual Comfort Natural Cotton mattress is among the most well-known ones in their shop. They also have a fantastic choice of Shiki futons, cotton, wool, chemical-free beds, covers, etc.

Presently, they offer fantastic discounts. Also, this futon is 65 percent off at the time of writing this report. Should you dislike this product, you can return it in 30 days for a complete refund.

This Pure Comfort Seat includes 733 micro-coils and natural, pure virgin wool. It’s USDA-certified, so the product is entirely organic. Apart from being a close rival for the most effective organic futon mattress, also, it provides excellent support and relaxation.

This mattress does not contain any fire retardants or petrochemicals. It’s exceptionally durable, hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and resistant to mold and dust mites. It’s handmade using GOTS-certified organic cotton cloth.

Its life expectancy is between 15-20 decades, despite regular use for a couch or platform bed.


  • Very sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Hand-made in the United States
  • Premium-quality mattress, built to continue even 20 decades.


  • It merely has a white color choice.

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DHP 8-Inch Independently Encased Coil Futon

This futon from DHP mirrors the construction of a bunk vehicle mattress. It’s individually encased coils and foam layers on top, which may jointly provide amazing support and helps relieve stress points.

It’s highly suggested by researchers, who say it is extremely comfy for sitting and for sleeping. Reviewers also say it is a bit heavy, so make certain to unwrap it where you want it to be for the long run.

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Futon Mattress FAQs

How to maintain a futon mattress?

You should air and vacuum the mattress once per month. Eliminate the stains and deodorize them. Cover it with a protective sheet or cover.

How to dry a futon mattress?

Should you spill water onto the mattress, or it’s moist as a result of the weather. Then there are three approaches to wash it. It is possible to vacuum the futon.

Next, you can put it in sunlight. The sun’s warmth will eliminate all of the moisture then it may be deciphered to remove the dust and debris. You may scatter the futon together with baking soda. This eliminated the odors, mold, and moisture in the mattress.


Whether you’re looking for a comfortable place for guests to sleep at night or a way to maximize the space in your studio apartment, futons are a great option.

With so many options on the market today, it’s hard to come up with a specific option. However, take your time to review the information above, and the right choice can only make it clear.

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