Best Mattress Topper For Side Sleepers 2020: Top Brands Review

Best Mattress Topper For Side Sleepers 2020

If you are out there for a mattress topper, it is essential to consider your sleeping posture. The very best mattress topper for side sleepers is not the same as getting a rear sleeper or a tummy sleeper.

Side sleepers experience distinct pressure factors on account of your body’s form-shoulders, and buttocks stick out and reach the mattress, bearing more weight than other areas of the human body. Without the proper pillow and mattress topper, there is a fantastic chance that unwanted sleepers will wake up using shoulder, hip, back, or neck pain. Having a whopping 74 percent of Americans reporting they prefer unwanted sleeping, getting the ideal mattress topper is essential for a fantastic night’s sleep.

The very best mattress toppers for a side sleeper is reassuring in all the ideal places. They are also durable and flexible to prevent excessive perspiration in the evening time. High-quality substances that provide pressure relief would be a high priority when selecting the ideal mattress topper.

Whether you have just bought a new mattress and found it needs some excess pillow for the sleeping posture or you are simply hoping to prolong the life span of your aging mattress, then picking the proper mattress topper may make all of the difference in your sleep quality.

What is the difference between a mattress topper, pad, and protector?

Can a mattress pad help me sleep comfortably, or do I certainly require a thick swimsuit? Can a mattress protector impact my sleep in any way? Before you select one, you must understand what each item does and how they can or can not assist you.

Mattress protectors are helpful, although not always to the quality of your sleep. Protectors, covers, or pads are intended to keep the mattress’s longevity and protect you from allergens such as dust mites.

Mattress pads will create your mattress a bit more comfortable but will not alter the support your entire body receives while sleeping. Gently protect the mattress exactly like lovers do, but they also include a little softness for your sleeping surface – only not as far as a mattress topper. You might even get heated mattress pads to heat the bed in the cold winter months or heating pads for the warmer months. Nevertheless, it’s about relaxation rather than encouragement.

Mattress toppers are about more than the only relaxation. Yes, these include softness to a sleeping surface, but they could significantly improve the cushioning and support your body becomes overnight. Various thicknesses can be found, and also, a great deal of that one you opt for will need to do with how comfortable you and your spouse find them, along with just how much you weigh.


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Factors to Search for buying the best side sleepers mattress topper

Factors to Search for buying the best side sleepers mattress topper 

The topper size is Critical.

The mattress topper side ought to be chosen to take under consideration the dimensions of the mattress used. It ought to become easily adjusted based on the size of this mattress. There are numerous forms of mattress toppers available on the marketplace, such as regular, queen, and king. Therefore, you can get your pick to coincide with the dimensions of your mattress and mattress.

The mattress topper should have a large GSM.

GSM essentially refers to g per square meter. GSM is the sum of filling in the mattress topper each square meter. Therefore, the greater the GSM speed, the higher the mattress topper’s greater functionality will provide, and you’ll get a better sleep encounter. Therefore, a mattress topper with a tall GSM speed is vital to provide maximum comfort. The toppers advocated below as top mattress topper for side sleepers possess a higher GSM speed to boost productivity.

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The mattress topper must provide maximum comfort and softness.

The mattress topper that you choose for yourself ought to mold in the form of your body entirely to provide maximum softness and comfort. The mattress topper ought to be made in this way to bring an excess layer of softness to your mattress. The mattress topper using reduced density memory foam favors other substances to improve comfort and supply a more critical sleep.

The mattress topper ought to maintain the maximum warmth from the body.

The mattress topper needs to keep the most warmth from your system and keep your system cool during the summertime. Particular elements like venting tubes or cooling implants should be inserted into the mattress topper to provide maximum warmth retention.

The mattress topper chosen for your mattress should be composed of excellent quality materials to absorb the perspiration. Latex mattresses and memory foam established mattress toppers are usually utilized.

The mattress topper ought to have ease of moving and cleaning.

The mattress topper has to be eliminated from the mattress for cleanup, so it needs to be light in weight. The mattress toppers made out of down and feather are relatively simple to clean and move than mattress toppers made from memory foam or latex. The topper ought to be simple to wash and clean. The toppers recorded below as the greatest mattress topper for side sleepers are light in weight and easy to wash and clean.

The topper should have an extended guarantee period.

It’s not a good idea to spend on mattress toppers every other season, so it ought to have a fantastic guarantee period so it may do the job properly for ages. The guarantee period of a fantastic excellent mattress topper is usually five decades.

The guarantee period also depends upon the characteristic of the product. Thus, to comfort your sleeping for many years, you need to choose a mattress topper with a very long warranty duration.

The density and the depth of this mattress topper matter the maximum.

The grade of these mattress toppers plays a significant part in deciding the mattress topper’s comfort level. Usually, mattress toppers comprising of latex or memory foam is favored over other substances. These substances result in the ideal density and depth to provide additional comfort and better sleep.

The mattress topper must Provide Additional stability.

The mattress toppers ought to have the ability to provide additional relaxation, pain relief, and help to the body. The product has to encourage the natural curvature of the spine and other body parts to maintain them at the natural place.

The substances usually preferred to provide additional stability and support to your system are memory and latex foam. The elements in listing the mattress topper for side sleepers provide more comfort and support.

The purchase price of this mattress topper is Vital.

It’s not always significant that just expensive products offer you additional advantages. The very greatest mattress topper for side sleepers advocated that you can be found inexpensive and these products off additional softness and relaxation.

Therefore these are the aspects that will need to be present while considering the ideal mattress topper for side sleepers. Many products are available, but we’ve got a list of the top recommended products available at a low price.

Top Rated 10 Best Mattress Toppers For Side Sleepers Brands

Top Rated 10 Best Mattress Toppers For Side Sleepers Brands

Plush Beds Organic Latex Mattress Topper (Editor’s Choice)

Latex is your #1 top mattress substance. But it’s relatively costly, but many men and women can justify the price because of each of the advantages latex provides. If quality is everything you’re looking for, take a look at the 100% natural latex mattress topper by Plush Beds. This Talalay latex topper comes in a 2″ and 3″ variant and provides you the luxury feeling of latex without investing in a complete latex mattress. The process for creating this mattress topper uses no additives, chemical dyes, dyes, dyes, or carcinogens.

Plush beds allow you to customize the feel of your mattress topper with four stability alternatives to select from. We went together with the medium company topper and discovered it was great for adding additional support to an aging mattress. Latex usually is firm, but as you are given the option, you can go through the sensation of latex without compromising your stability preferences.

For side sleepers, this mattress topper is excellent since it’s thick enough to make a massive difference in the way your mattress feels. The latex also provides a unique floating sensation, which is excellent for relieving pain in your shoulders and hips; you will experience sleeping on your side.


  • 100% natural, organic latex
  • Rated to last 20+ years
  • Soft yet supportive, for excellent pressure relief
  • All the cooling properties of a latex mattress without spending nearly as much money


  • Heavy and awkward to place

Tempur-Pedic ProForm (Luxury Choice)

Another competitor for the best memory foam mattress topper for side sleepers, this fantastic product comes in the Tempur-Pedic firm’s pros. Contouring to your own body to provide a more relaxing experience – even for back pain sufferers, the Tempur-Pedic is the perfect alternative for people who wake up feeling achy daily.

This topper is made from Tempur-Pedic’s proprietary foam, which has an uncanny capability to mold to the body for customized comfort and support. Furthermore, the business notes that this mattress topper is not only a fantastic option for creating your mattress feel just like a brand new mattress. You might even utilize the topper on dorm room beds, for journeys, and in guest rooms.

Both dependable and durable, this mattress is much more durable than any typical memory foam mattress topper. The proprietary and advanced material provide years of long-lasting relaxation for virtually any side sleepers needing a quick update.

Furthermore, such as other mattress toppers on the listing, it is fantastic to know that the Tempur-Pedic is not challenging to keep and shop. You can roll it away when you are not using it, and the cover is machine-washable, also.

Regrettably, one drawback of those toppers for side sleepers is they do include a few substantial off-gassing. Thus, you have to abandon it to air out for some time. Moreover, you might discover that it’s hard to go back to the mattress topper if you decide it isn’t best for you following a day or two of sleeping with it.

This is sometimes a problem for those utilized to receiving free trial intervals for beddings ordered on the internet. It is not easy to tell if a specific mattress topper would be the most suitable one.


  • Excellent high-quality memory foam
  • Great at removing pressure from hips and shoulders
  • Stores easily with a roll-away function.
  • Thick and luxurious to give you the best mattress experience
  • Washable cover


  • Heavy off-gassing smell
  • Difficult to return if you have any problems
  • Can absorb some body heat

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Leesa Mattress Topper

If you’re searching for something to turn your mattress tender, thick, and additional inviting, look no farther than Leesa Mattress Topper.

Contrary to other toppers from the business, this specific version is skinny and much more affordable for individuals with a particular budget. It’s created out of Leesa Foam, which’s the organization’s most comfy, new-age foam up to now. The substances utilized in manufacturing will be Lycra, viscose, and polyester. These substances create Leesa Mattress Topper quite soft, mild, and convenient for machine washing.

As it’s made from memory foam, it retains a lineation, pressure-relieving feel. It’s not like your conventional memory foam; there is a mild syrup-like feel that a large part of the unwanted sleepers loves. This neutralized topper may react to stress more quickly without providing you with a stuck feeling while being mild.

Individuals with all-latex foam substance or mattress which are too business for everyday use should consider buying this topper to attain some rather well-deserved pressure relief. Side sleepers, specifically, should pay careful attention to Leesa Mattress Topper because they want their mattress to feel softer to prevent waking up with a painful shoulder.

Heavy sleepers over 240 lbs have to ensure that their mattress is the company to produce this topper inclusion in their own lives.


  • High-quality
  • Support for all body types and sleeping positions
  • Easy to remove, washable cover
  • Perfect amount of bounce


  • May slide off base mattress easily.

LUCID Ventilated Memory Foam (Budget Option)

While we all may wish we had the money to invest in the many excellent side sleeper toppers, which is not always the situation. If you are having difficulty sleeping in your old mattress, but you can’t afford to purchase a new one; however, a budget-friendly topper may be a response.

The LUCID mattress topper consists of three inches of ventilated gel memory foam to add softness and pressure-relieving comfort to your mattress. This excellent product is very responsive and amazingly lightweight compared to some simple gel memory foam mattress topper. Furthermore, since the mattress topper’s gel interior can help you restrain the heart, you will sleep cool and comfy at night.

Suppose you’re trying to find a foam topper, mattress products out of LUCID offer dependable support on stress points and fantastic temperature law for shoppers on a budget. But it is worth noting that this mattress topper does include a comparable off-gassing odor. The producers recommend leaving it for 48 hours to air out.

This product also includes a 3-year guarantee for reassurance. But it is essential to be aware that if you’re trying to find a mattress topper for side sleepers that are a bit heavier than ordinary, this is not likely to be the ideal choice, as it is very soft. This means that you’ll frequently sink into the mattress under.

Consider testing a couple of thicker mattresses in person to determine how much you will sink to them until you purchase an additional soft mattress topper. This helps you determine the mattress stability your body needs.


  • Best price point
  • High-quality gel memory foam mattress topper
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Excellent for side sleepers
  • Good at dealing with heat


  • Heavy off-gassing smell
  • It can be too soft for people of a certain weight
LUCID 3-inch Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper - Queen
17,988 Reviews

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ViscoSoft 4 Inch (Greatest for Shoulder Pain)

From time to time, the enormous problem that unwanted sleepers confront when they break on a mattress that is not designed for their favored position is raised pain on particular pressure points. As an example, you may discover that many years of sleeping on your old mattress has left you looking for the ideal mattress topper for shoulder pain.

If that is true, then that ViscoSoft memory foam mattress topper for side sleepers might be the best answer. The ViscoSoft not just has among the very best price points available on the current market, but also, it has some great features to offer you. Designed to change your sleep and alleviate pain completely, this memory foam mattress topper for side sleepers consists of 2.5-inch unbiased gel memory foam plus a 1.5-inch fluffy down option.

There are a detachable cover and this gel memory foam mattress topper, meaning you could keep it feeling and looking clean for as long as you can. Furthermore, unlike a few mattress topper options that we have covered up to now, this specific product includes an excellent 60-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind.

Regrettably, while ViscoSoft asserts it has done everything that it could to decrease the odor of the memory foam, you are going to find some off-gassing. Furthermore, even though the gel-infused memory foam may eliminate some warmth, many sleepers still complained of feeling a bit sexy.

If you are a sexy sleeper, you may have to ask yourself if soft mattress toppers are ideal for you. If you sleep on your side, then you can consider employing a soft palate, with different procedures that will assist you to remain cool through the evening.


  • Very soft and comfortable mattress toppers
  • One of the best toppers for side sleepers
  • Comes with advanced foam materials throughout
  • Removable cover to keep your mattress topper fresh
  • Good for shoulder pain


  • It Maybe too soft for some side sleepers
  • It does have a slight off-gassing smell common with a new mattress.
  • Not ideal for hot sleepers

Lift by Amerisleep (Best Cooling)

This cooling system topper was created mainly for side sleepers who require more cushion on essential regions such as your shoulders and buttocks. Amerisleep makes two variations of the mattress topper, one made to include extra support (for back and tummy sleepers), along with the pillow one that is intended to bring a more lavish high to a present mattress that is excellent for side sleepers.

The topper has a moisture-wicking, lively cooling topper that can help keep you cool throughout the evening. This will create a massive impact if you add this topper into an old school memory foam mattress that gets hot throughout the evening.

This is a superior mattress topper and contains premium features you anticipate at its price point. The stopper’s base includes a strip of rubber, which helps grip your mattress to keep the topper set up. If you’re trying to find a cooling mattress topper that is a fantastic value for what you buy, take a look at the Amerisleep Lift Comfort topper.


  • The ultra-breathable cover keeps you cool.
  • Micro grip underside keeps it attached to your bed without damaging it.
  • Ultra-plush and designed for side sleepers
  • Delivers excellent cushion without feeling stuck
  • Reduces pressure points by 49% compared to a standard mattress


  • While you can sleep on it right away, it can take up to 24 hours to fully expand.

Keetsa BioFoam Mattress Topper (Greatest Hybrid)

In regards to high excellent mattress toppers for side sleepers, this one completely crushes the competition. As somebody who sleeps in their side, you want a blend of attributes at a mattress topper, and many toppers are JUST foam or merely down option.

This superior mattress topper unites both. The combo provides you the cradling help you expect from memory foam; however, you expect the heating and anti-moisture properties from a down option. The memory foam within this topper is made from a proprietary”bio-foam,” a combination of synthetic and natural substances that helps to cradle your entire body and regulate temperature.

These mattress toppers are not inexpensive, but you are paying for quality. If you sleep on your side and your mattress requires some serious assistance, choosing a premium-level mattress topper can help save you money on having to obtain a new mattress straight away. An excellent mattress topper similar to this one is going to alleviate pressure points greater than only memory foam, providing you with more relaxed, comfy sleep.

Keetsa additionally makes a memory-foam only option for this topper, which will be their proprietary BioFoam, with no fiberfill down-alternative at the top. Still, the superior topper is a negative sleeper top bet.


  • 3 layers combined give you unmatched soft support
  • The foam cradles your body, while fiberfill helps wick away moisture and heat
  • CertiPUR-US approved
  • Removes pressure points very effectively


  • A quality product comes at a higher price than most others

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Exceptional Sheets Rayon (Best Pad)

Based on your preferred mattress topper plan, it might be described as a “pad” instead of a formal topper. Ordinarily, this is true when a particular substance is used besides memory foam to your side sleeper attachment.

With this Outstanding Sheets Rayon mattress topper, you are getting an exceptional mixture of rayon bamboo cloth to upgrade and revitalize your mattress.

The mat feels much like putting on a sizable down pillow, using a skirt, which makes it effortless to tuck the topper to the sides of the mattress so that it can remain in place all night. This mattress topper comes packed with Revoloft – a fiberfill alternative that feels like goose or ducks down. On the other hand, the product can also be exceptionally hypoallergenic, which means you don’t need to fret about runny eyes or noses preventing you from receiving the very best night’s sleep.

Designed to help with everything from back pain to shoulder pain, this magnificent Revoloft (rights reserved) topper for side sleepers is guaranteed to alter how you consider your old mattress. Furthermore, unlike many of the products we have covered up to now, it includes a 100% money-back satisfaction warranty. This is a wonderful touch for people concerned that they won’t secure sufficient support from their brand new mattress topper.

Suppose it comes to deciding on the ideal mattress topper for side sleepers, many states that this product is excellent at controlling pain and warmth. But it can be quite tricky to clean if you would like to refresh your topper. What’s more, the padding can quickly clump together over the years, which could produce the mattress topper less comfy. If you can manage to acquire your mattress topper professionally cleaned, or you could air it out frequently, then the clumping of substances will be avoided.


  • Best mattress topper alternative to memory foam
  • Excellent for those who don’t need extra support
  • Useful for back pain and discomfort
  • Great for allergy sufferers
  • Good at dealing with overheating


  • It can be tough to clean.
  • The padding can clump over time.

Red Nomad (Greatest Memory Foam)

Should you prefer the notion of memory foam to your mattress topper, and then you can take a look at this beautiful topper for side sleepers out of Red Nomad.

Designed especially for those that want more support around their stress factors, this mattress topper is made of high-quality memory foam that is both fat and temperature-sensitive. The foam adjusts to the body’s size and contour, letting you sink into the mattress every night for a relaxing night’s rest.

Unlike many memory foam mattress toppers for side sleepers, this product is excellent at providing pressure relief, even without leaving you feeling overheated. The advanced cooling material from the topper provides a uniquely comfortable and sweat-free sleep. Simultaneously, this memory foam mattress topper is excellent at reducing movement transfer for couples sleeping together. Thus, you have fewer disruptions throughout the evening.

Delivering excellent alignment to your spine, shoulders, buttocks, and spine, this memory foam topper is fabricated from the USA to match the criteria of this CertiPUR-US program. Additionally, because the full-size topper is slightly shorter on all sides, it will match almost any sheets you are using. Unfortunately, most clients did state that they found that this product relatively heavy and hard to control.

Like with lots of the foam mattress choices that we have looked at, the odor can be somewhat hard to manage at first. You might have to provide the mattress topper a couple of days to air out until you use it. This is frequently true with many memory foam mattress choices, whether you pick a mattress topper or a complete mattress. A few times is often all it takes to your mattress to reduce its off-gassing.


  • Three inches of high-quality memory foam
  • Proprietary foam material helps with temperature management.
  • Great at reducing motion transfer for people who sleep with partners
  • Made in the US to CertiPUR standards
  • High levels of back and side support


  • Quite heavy and difficult to move
  • Strong off-gassing smell
  • Not as dense as expected for some customers

Exceptional Sheets Pillowtop (Greatest for Hip Pain)

In the end, if you are trying to find the ideal mattress topper for side sleepers with hip pain, then this Exceptional Sheets product might be just the thing.

Contending with different toppers for mattresses made from memory foam, this product comes in various sizes meant to revitalize your sleeping quality on any mattress. If you’re searching for a mattress topper that eliminates distress and is fabricated with no exposure to harmful toxins or substances, then that can be the product for you.

The Outstanding Sheets topper includes exceptional polyester fiber clusters that provide a high amount of comfort that extends past the memory foam’s sinkable softness. Since this topper utilizes a down-style filling rather than memory foam, it is also far more breathable than its foam counterparts. What is more, its anti-allergenic properties protect it from germs and allergens.

For an excess bit of mind, the organization behind this pad also provides a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy. Even if you believe these mattress toppers do not arrive at the very best cost, you can send them back if you are not entirely pleased and try something different on your mattress.

Ideal for men and women who need relief for various pressure points throughout the entire body, these mattress toppers will alter your sleep indefinitely. It is perfect, especially if you only need something soft to assist you in snuggling up at nighttime. On the downside, it may appear a little too thin for many people.

Moreover, due to the construction of the mattress topper, it is often quite hard to wash. You could realize that the padding inside the instance occasionally clumps together when you are trying to clean it, as an example.


  • Made with high-quality anti-allergenic materials
  • Removes the problem with foam-based overheating without using gel
  • It comes with an anti-allergenic cover.
  • Very soft on your pressure points
  • Great for hips


  • Difficult to wash when the mattress topper needs a refresh
  • Not completely true to size like some sleep products
  • It might be too thin for some side sleepers.

Frequently Asked Questions


Buy a mattress topper that’s thick enough to provide you with an ultimate relaxation and comfort degree. 3-inches is generally considered a perfect thickness for average-weight men and women. But if necessary, you might even buy a topper around 4-5 inches of depth should you require more support and comfort.

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Many mattress toppers are being fabricated without using petrochemicals that might result in volatile organic chemicals to emit in the air. It means that by using the majority of the accessible products, you do not need to think about breathing in dangerous materials and substances while resting and sleeping.


There are numerous ways the mattress topper leads to a fantastic night’s sleep for you and your spouse. A number of the sleeping advantages that all mattress toppers provide are:

  • No sagging
  • Stress relief
  • Zero odor
  • Cooler sleep and rest
  • Anti-microbial and sterile
  • Mildew and dust-mite immune

These advantages permit you to sleep without worrying about any allergies and breathing problems that may be linked to your mattress topper.

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Certainly, mattress toppers are an excellent way to improve your sleeping experience. Having quite a few different sizes, depth amounts, and stability choices, there’s a topper to satisfy every individual’s requirements. Moreover, they’re a perfect decision to prolong the life span of your old mattress.


In the long run, the very best mattress topper for a side sleeper would be the one that is quite comfortable and inviting, providing a fantastic night’s sleep. This implies different things to different individuals since there are many components to consider. Do your research and decide on a topper of your own. You’re never going to know how well it is possible to sleep before you try out one!

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