Best Organic Mattress 2020: Top Brands Review

Best Organic Mattress 2020

Sleeping on the best organic mattress is an excellent way to protect the environment and your health.

Whether you’re on the market for an eco-friendly mattress or attempting to lower your exposure to dangerous compounds, select your next new mattress using our roundup of eight top-reviewed, most refined organic floorings.

As you spend nearly a third of your life, you do not wish to be sleeping on a surface filled with potentially harmful compounds. Deciding on a nontoxic mattress created out of organic substances is a terrific way to make sure your mattress is free of substances like formaldehyde or phthalates and is produced in an environmentally-friendly manner.

We analyzed over 150 mattresses on 14 distinct factors and chose the eight finest organic mattresses for you. Your shopping experience could be eco-friendly also-every one of those mattresses can be bought online, so you don’t need to drive to furniture shops.

Besides our mattress review of the 12 finest organic mattresses, we also include a guide that will help you understand whether a mattress is natural and the way to locate the pure mattress to your sleeping requirements.

Different types of Organic Certifications

Mattress companies utilize a massive array of unique certificates to demonstrate their natural, organic, non-toxic, eco-friendly beds. Listed below are a couple of the most well-known certificates you will observe while searching for a natural mattress.

CertiPUR-US: Meets strict standards for articles, durability, and emissions. A mattress that’s CertiPUR-US accredited consists of nominal quantities or no heavy metals, volatile organic chemicals, chemical flame retardants, or ozone depleters.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100: A OEKO-Tex certificate means that the mattress was created with minimal substances and emissions so that the mattress will emit lower VOC levels.

USDA Organic Certification: This certificate is typically utilized for plants or food and steps if the latex, cotton, or wool that the mattress consists of is natural.

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Eco-Institut: Eco-Institut evaluations for fire retardant compounds, heavy metals, and other dangerous emissions.

GreenGuard and GreenGuard Gold: GreenGuard steps the emission levels in closing mattresses. A GreenGuard accredited mattress has a minimal degree of emissions, and also, a GreenGuard Gold certificate is much better.

International Organic Latex Standard (GOLS): GOLS-certified latex is at least 95% organic.

International Organic Textile Standard (GOTS): A GOTS-certified mattress is created with 70% natural fibers, and the rest 30 percent has to be free of harmful chemicals.

Type of Mattress

Latex: Latex is a naturally cool, responsive mattress substance that’s acceptable for a massive array of sleepers. Latex foam additionally provides threading pressure relief without making you feel like you’re sinking to the mattress. Additionally, latex is the most durable mattress substance.

Therefore a latex mattress can last you for many years to come. Unfortunately, these fantastic perks come at a cost, and latex mattresses are often some of the pricier options available on the market.

Innerspring: Innerspring mattresses are precisely what many men and women consider the traditional mattress texture. Innerspring mattresses are open to your moves and possess a resilient texture that lots of sleepers prefer. Innerspring mattresses sleep trendy but are inclined to be more durable compared to other mattress types.

Memory Foam: Memory Foam mattresses offer you exceptional pressure relief and superb motion isolation. Additionally, they are typically stronger than innerspring mattresses. Sleeping on a memory foam mattress will make you feel as though you’re being “hugged” from the mattress, which can force you to sleep sexy.

Memory foam mattresses cannot be organic since they’re made from polyurethane foam, but CertiPUR-US accredited foam layers are reduced VOC and have minimum off-gassing.

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Hybrid: If you can not decide which of those mattress materials is most suitable for you. Consider a hybrid that incorporates two or even three different mattress substances in one mattress.

Advantages of Organic Mattresses

Non-toxic Mattress. The major selling point of a natural mattress is they utilize natural substances with no harsh chemicals and poisonous. A significant advantage of not only using these substances is that you’re not likely to go through the powerful smell that average bed in a box mattresses have been famous for providing away when you open it.

Additionally, the shortage of harsh substances also creates these mattresses safe for babies and kids as they are more sensitive to exposure to harsh chemicals.

Hypo-Allergenic. If you’re prone to allergies, then you may wish to consider choosing a natural mattress. The compounds and fire retardants in regular mattresses could cause allergic reactions, skin irritations, and respiratory problems in some instances. Organic mattresses don’t have these include chemical compounds, which makes them hypo-allergenic.

Eco-Friendly. If you’re an environmentally conscious individual, you need to consider picking up a non-toxic, organic mattress. The substances in a natural mattress are biodegradable and sustainable, which makes them better for your environment. Most organic mattresses’ producers emphasize their efforts in helping the surroundings so that these brands are simple to get behind.

The Way to Decide on a Natural Mattress

The Way to Decide on a Natural Mattress


Since organic mattress will almost always cost more, you might wish to consider downsizing to spend less. You will pay more for a king than a queen; therefore, consider if you might choose to acquire a more excellent quality mattress that is slightly smaller.

Or, even if you or your spouse are an entire bed hog, then you might prefer to stay with a bigger bed and forfeit the purity of these components.

Not sure what sizes are available and their regular measurements? This graph should help:


If or not a mattress is about the artificial or natural spectrum, then you need to have the ability to detect the perfect firmness level. Typically, mattresses are categorized as soft, medium, or business. Approximately 90% of individuals will be entirely pleased with a comfortable level in the moderate category.

But people who sleep soundly exclusively in their stomachs should go for a firm mattress, while people who have bone and pain-based conditions might prefer a soft mattress.

Based upon your specific preference, remember that if you desire a soft mattress, you need to consider a pure latex, and if you would like something milder, start looking for an innerspring mattress. If your mattress ends up being too difficult, you could always get a natural mattress topper to soften things up for you.

Construction and Material

Most natural beds will have a blend of natural latex using a cotton or wool cover. At times you’ll come across both cotton and wool. Wool is standard since the sheep’s fur is coated with a natural wax-like material that makes a moisture barrier. This can help keep you cool.

More frequently than not, you will also find cotton. It is breathable and absorbs moisture.

Some organic beds additionally use a coil construction of high-quality metals, which are frequently recycled for a sustainable and eco-friendly product.


The quantity of time you may anticipate your mattress to continue is highly determined by the specific version you purchase. Still, generally, organic and natural beds tend to survive longer. Not only are they subject to high-quality criteria to get certified, but the substances themselves tend to survive longer.

By way of instance, substances in synthetic polyurethane products will melt faster than a mattress derived from natural rubber, such as latex.


We recommend always checking which certificates a mattress gets, but also use some healthy skepticism. For instance, if something is certified as organic, can it be that the whole mattress or merely a specific coating?

Additionally, remember that not all certificates apply to all products. An example of that is the International Organic Latex Standard. Bear in mind that applies to mattresses made from latex, not other substances.

The last issue to search for when it has to do with certificates is the expiration date. Exactly like elevators need constant inspections to guarantee security, organic certificates must be revived, often annual. If a certificate is expired, it might indicate that the firm initially used organic substances and then switched to non-organic inputs.

Top Rated 12 Best Organic Mattresses Brands

Top Rated 12 Best Organic Mattresses Brands

Best Overall: Sleep On Latex Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress – Medium Firmness

Sourced from naturally occurring poured and sap into technical molds, latex mattresses are an excellent alternative to conventionally produced memory foam. The Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress is your best choice if you’re searching for a natural mattress.

Pure Green constructs its mattresses utilizing only organic latex. No artificial latex, mixed latex, or polyfoam is utilized to construct the producer’s mattress. While the mattress’s interior meets a natural mattress evaluation, traditional mattresses are usually loaded with flame-retardant substances and other potentially dangerous substances.

Instead, Pure Green utilizes organic New Zealand wool for organic flame retardation along with a quilted cover made from organic cotton to top off things. Because of this, this organic mattress earns a Greenguard Gold certificate.

Folks love the all-natural materials utilized within this natural mattress, but also the medium-firm feel. It is called providing a soft upper coating with simple to give and a milder core for assistance. The biggest complaints include a faint scent of latex or wool, but the vast majority of users agree that the odor dissipates within a couple of days.

One other thing that puts this latex mattress besides various other versions is that you don’t need to build different latex foam layers. Instead, roll the mattress out on your mattress frame, and it is ready for use! Only at about $800 to get an organic queen mattress, you will find this is a top-quality alternative to get a relaxed night of sleep. And do not forget to finish off your mattress with a pair of quality sheets.

Greatest Organic Mattress for Side Sleepers: Saatva Latex Hybrid

Side sleepers appearing to snuggle into an eco-friendly mattress ought to have a peek at the Saatva Latex Hybrid. Made with natural wool, all-natural Talalay latex, and individually wrapped coils, this mattress is as comfortable as it is excellent for your environment.

I particularly enjoy this mattress for side sleepers since its upper layer of Talalay latex is cozy at the shoulders and buttocks. Although the substance is responsive and will probably keep you more “at the top” of this mattress than “in” it, it is also relatively gentle. Therefore it should provide a few excellent relief to sensitive stains along the backbone.

I also like the addition of individually wrapped coils, which help position the buttocks in line with the shoulders, thus creating a neutral alignment all around the entire body. All-in-all, this is a high-quality organic choice for people who prefer to doze on their sides!

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Best Organic Hybrid Mattress: WinkBeds EcoCloud Mattress

The hybrid WinkBeds EcoCloud Mattress is a mattress in a box that features all of the mattresses’ most comfortable construction on this listing. It is created with two layers: it’s all-natural Talalay Latex, along with other features pocketed coils. These layers have been wrapped in a natural cotton cover. The Talalay Latex does a fantastic job of dissipating body heat, so this mattress must do the job for men and women who do not like to sleep sexy.

The combo of both Talalay Latex and coils leads to a resilient, responsive, and medium-firm texture. You should not feel”stuck” in this particular mattress. Therefore it ought to be simple to change rankings. This means it might be a fantastic match for combo sleepers who change positions during the evening. (Note that you probably will not need to devote a bunch of time on your side since the springy mattress does not provide many).

Finest Organic Mattress for Back Sleepers: Birch

This hybrid seems tailor-made for stomach or back sleepers dedicated to moving green. All of Birch’s products are GREENGUARD Gold certified, which means they have passed testing for dangerous compounds and volatile organic chemicals.

The cover comprises organic cotton and quilted with wool fibers, although the comfort layer is created entirely of all-natural, moisture-wicking wool. The all-natural approach also extends into the bouncy Talalay Latex coating, which sits beneath the comfort layer. All this is encouraged by pocketed springs.

The Birch mattress’s construction ends in a business, bouncy sleeping surface, which should work nicely for many spine or back sleepers. The mattress’s rebound ought to keep you positioned in addition to the mattress, while the stability should stop your hips from sinking in a lot – helping you maintain a neutral spinal column.

When you are in your spine, the wool coating and cotton protection help cushion your thoracic area. (If you are a negative sleeper or you want a softer mattress, then you may add an extra – and expensive – pillowtop.)

Best Latex: Spindle Natural Latex Mattress

If you would like to have an organic latex mattress that feels luxurious, have a look at the Spindle Dunlop Latex Mattress. This splurge-worthy natural mattress is available with medium or firm service, but it has a hefty cost-near $1,500 for a queen-sized mattress.

The Spindle natural mattress consists of three layers of organic Dunlop latex. The simple fact that this latex mattress is constructed of latex layers means you will want to put a bit more effort into building the mattress. But you will have flexibility should you need a firmer or softer bed down the street since human latex layers could be substituted.

As stated previously, this mattress is constructed of latex, which satisfies Oeko-Tex 100 criteria for Class I certified latex. Additionally, the mattress features New Zealand wool for organic flame retardation and natural cotton to its soft zippered cover, which keeps the entire package together. The green substances and the capacity to customize the organic mattress’s stability make it a worthwhile splurge to get a pure bed.

Best Vegan: Avocado Green Vegan Mattress

Avocado-brand beds are a leading seller for natural mattresses, but the Vegan version of the favorite mattress takes your sleeping experience to new heights of eco-friendly. This version is for anyone seeking a natural mattress created in conjunction with vegan basics.

The principal distinction between Avocado’s regular, natural mattress and this vegan variation is the simple fact that it replaces wool using GOTS-certified cotton. Regardless of the change, the mattress nevertheless matches federal flammability standards.

Otherwise, you will come across the same GOTS-certified natural latex and above 1,000 individually pocketed support coils. You will sleep soundly using this particular organic mattress, together with reassurance for your wellbeing and that the well-being of creatures-because no animal products are used in the production of this Avocado Green Vegan Mattress.

Best Dual-Sided: Brooklyn EcoSleep

This eco-friendly mattress provides you with an option between moderate and company texture all in one. All you need to do is flip the mattress, and you can alter the mattress’s surface. I enjoy this mattress for back sleepers, also for lightweight side and back sleepers. If you’re over 200 lbs, you might come across some distress on your shoulders while still on your site, and also on the tummy; your buttocks may sink somewhat.

The EcoSleep utilizes organic wool, latex, and pocketed coils to make a supportive, resilient, and comfortable surface that you could feel great about sleeping on. As it’s so heated, you’ll feel quite a lot of motion should you sleep with a spouse or puppy that turns and cries.

Best Adjustable Organic Mattress: Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Mattress

In case you have problems committing to one stability, then consider the flexible Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Mattress. It permits you to change around the three layers of natural Dunlop Latex within the mattress to customize your tastes’ firmness. Hence, each edition of the mattress delivers a total of six different firmnesses.

However, you build the layers, and you ought to come across this mattress to be springy, responsive, and trendy. This ought to be a fantastic solution for men and women that tend to sleep sexy.

The flexible nature of the Botanical Bliss Mattress does not compromise the mattress’s any authenticity whatsoever. The mattress features a natural cotton and organic wool cover and three 100% all-natural Dunlop Latex layers. Additionally, it is certified organic and GREENGUARD Gold certified, so the mattress has fulfilled rigorous testing standards for reduced levels of volatile organic chemicals.

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Best Memory Foam: Brentwood Home Cypress Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress, 11-Inch

If you’d like the comfort of memory foam but are searching for an organic mattress, then consider this made-in-the-USA choice from Brentwood Home. The Cypress Gel Memory Foam Mattress gives the gentle support that memory foam is well known for, with business certifications to reassure you.

The Cypress memory foam mattress is Greenguard Gold certified to become non-toxic. The mattress has additionally been rated to be low-VOC from the UL Environment. And, like most memory foam mattresses, this version is produced out of CertiPUR foam that’s made without heavy metals, flame retardants, and other potentially dangerous compounds. What sets this mattress besides other memory foam versions is your detachable zipper cover lined with New Zealand wool for organic flame retardation.

However, purists will be quick to point out that polyurethane foam remains a synthetic mattress substance-and that is true. But in case you’re searching for an organic mattress and so are stuck on memory foam, then the Brentwood Cypress Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a favorite alternative.

Best with Springs: My Mattress Kiwi Mattress

If you are looking for a natural spring mattress, your very best choice is your Kiwi Mattress in My Mattress. This traditional spring mattress features natural materials and third-party certificates to assure you your mattress is supportive and healthier than conventionally constructed spring beds.

You will discover GOTS-certified cotton batting cushioning the pocketed coils within the Echo natural spring mattress, which offers this innerspring bed medium-firm support. Like most organic mattresses, this version employs eco-friendly wool for organic flame retardation. The quilted cover is made out of GOTS-certified cotton, exactly enjoy the batting within the mattress.

The largest gripe about this mattress is that it is one-sided and can not be reversed. Furthermore, some people today complain of sagging over the years that might substitute this mattress earlier than anticipated. But it is worth noting that the business supplies a 100-night sleep trial along with a 25-year guarantee.

Best Budget: Smith & Oliver Smith Organic Cotton Pocket Spring Mattress

Go green without having to spend all of your money by deciding on an organic budget mattress, like this version from Oliver Smith. This mattress features Greenguard certified memory foam and separately pocketed coils, topped off with a natural organic cotton cap.

Even though this isn’t the purest version of a natural mattress that money can purchase, it is a fantastic compromise if you don’t have a massive budget. More might be done to improve the mattress’s natural nature, like a wool barrier because of organic flame retardation. Still, the majority of people are happy with this budget selection.

Clients say that it expanded quickly after being taken from the box, which has alleviated pre-existing back problems. A couple of clients noted that it was not as lavish and soft as expensive alternatives. Still, if you’ve got a little budget and want to have an organic mattress, the Oliver Smith Organic Cotton Pocket Spring Mattress will be a good option.

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Best Business Organic Mattress: Awara Mattress

We ought to discuss the Awara’s organic substances, created with a natural cotton cover and Dunlop latex comfort layer; the Awara provides relaxation without using these substances that exist in many foam beds. Together with that, the Awara uses pocketed coils to provide robust support and rebound, and that means you’re going to feel more at the top of this mattress than submerged in it.

Overall I’d say the Awara includes a company feel, which will be valued from the back sleepers on the market. It did a fantastic job maintaining my buttocks from sinking to bed, keeping my backbone in a fantastic alignment. Therefore, if you enjoy a firm mattress, the Awara is a fantastic mattress that uses natural substances to prevent back pain.

FAQ Concerning the Finest Organic Mattress

How can I set up my new organic mattress?

Your brand new mattress will arrive in the door compacted in a compact box. This compact box will probably be little enough to fit easily through narrow halls, and it is easy to bring it into your home and take it up the stairs. Once you bring the box in your bedroom, then open it up, unroll the mattress on your mattress base, and await your mattress to enlarge to its full form.

Suppose you do not need to deal with obtaining your new mattress prepared. In that case, some mattress manufacturers offer white glove delivery, even in which a representative will provide and prepare the brand new mattress for you, for a small extra charge.

Can my natural mattress possess a break-in period?

Yes, your natural mattress is going to have a break-in interval of around 30 days. Every one of the mattresses in our manual has trial intervals of 100 days, which means you’ll have tons of time to appraise your brand new mattress through and after the break-in time before you commit.

How can the sleep trial operate?

It is possible to sleep in your mattress for the length of the trial period to determine whether it’s the ideal mattress for you. If you do not enjoy your mattress following the 30-day break-in time, speak to your mattress business to get a hassle-free to reunite.


You ought to have a great understanding of precisely what a natural mattress is, the kinds of substances used, and a few fantastic organic alternatives available on the marketplace. Also, recall, as a consumer, you shouldn’t ever spend the mattress brands’ phrase for it using organic products. Assess for certificates and third-party testing from reputable sources.

Regardless of what your motives for needing a natural mattress could be, at this point, you understand what’s essential when deciding upon a mattress predicated on its materials. Selecting responsibly sourced products can be a responsible selection for the environment.

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