Best Sofa Sets in India 2020: Consumer Reports, Top Review

Best Sofa Sets in India 2020

A couch set creates the most critical must-have furniture in your living space. Irrespective of whether it concerns the proprietor’s standing or family members’ relaxation, a sofa pair gives everything. The very best couch place for the family room is not one; nevertheless, the one that complements the interior of your couch and suits your seat requirements.

Deciding a couch set may be a hard encounter as you get such a lot of styles, structures, and materials when you start looking for it. Remembering all of the basic criteria for obtaining a couch set, has listed the 5 best sofa set reviews for your living area.

Things to consider before buying a Sofa Set

Things to consider before buying a Sofa Set


Purchasing a couch is an investment in comfort and fashion. So, one needs to consider a good deal of factors before choosing and purchasing the couch collection. Here we’ve clarified a number of the critical factors to consider while buying the couch collection.

Frame Material

An individual can ascertain the couch’s quality by its framework. Simply, a solid frame is likely to earn a well-built couch. Take a look at a few commonly used frame kinds in couches.

Hardwood – Many commonly used frame substances, created following drying out the timber, known as kiln-dried wood (wood such as walnut, cherry, walnut, beech, etc.). to avoid warping and ripping. Therefore, a high-grade timber/solid timber is durable, sturdy, and powerful to earn a couch, which lasts more.

Engineered timber (Particle Board) – Plywood or softwood or MDF, more economical, lightweight, and economical. Although they seem powerful and ordered seem like wood, the quality varies. The couch frames made from composite wood materials and vinyl won’t last more (brittle) and durable as wood.

Metal – It’s just another commonly used frame substance. It’s the toughest material but maybe bend upon routine use. It won’t snap.

Frame Assembly

The next thing we must consider the way the framework is put together. Listed below are two commonly used types – Stapled frame gathering and double dowelled frame assembly for connecting the framework.

Stapled Length Meeting – It is an affordable and not lasting form. Here the heavy-duty principles hold the several pieces of wood together, the same as a picture frame. It’s less hardy than another kind.

Dual Doweled Frame Assembly – Strong and durable with high quality, and it’s more expensive. Here the joints have been blended with dowels, inserted into corresponding holes using glue & screws. So, the double dowelled, adhesive, and screwed is a lasting frame to build.

Additionally, one needs to check if the couch contains interlocking joints mended with dowelled screws & glued joints. Generally, cheap couches are stapled and glued with mild weight braces to maintain their joints.

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Measuring Up

An individual needs to always measure their accessible space for the couch by assessing whether the couch fits in the allocated area or not. Additionally, check it delivered in completely constructed and receives through your doors or entrances. Therefore, for this, you need to consider the thickness and period of the couch together with diagonal thickness and height to generate the new couch, becomes properly fit into space.

The recliners utilize a forward movement to place against the wall socket. Additionally, check there should be sufficient room to walk around the space (will not swallow the distance) after positing that the recliners and sofa beds, even when they are completely stretched.


The size of the couch that you’re likely to buy will be dependent on the size of your loved ones or the number of consumers. Generally, you will find a little, medium, big, and corner couches available around.

Small Sized Sofas are two-seater using 152 cm into 174 cm broad.

Moderately sized couches are two – 3 seaters with a diameter of approx. 174 cm into 191 cm.

The large-sized couch includes 3 – 5 seaters with a diameter approx. 205 cm into 214 cm.

Corner Sofas includes approximately a width of 280 cm and a thickness of 244 cm (OR) 194 cm strong with no extra footstall (OR) fitting diameter (253 cm) and span (253 cm) corner components.


After obtaining an idea on cushions, then one must move along into the upholstery. It’s the cloth, such as tweed, linen, lace, lace, etc., that extends around the couch. The best grain leather, bonded leather, and cloth are several common kinds of cloths that couches come in.

Sofa Designs

The form of the couch is the last thing we all consider. You will find a huge selection of couch shapes with numerous styles of arms, cushions, backs, and thighs accessible around.

  • Fixed Backs – A couch whose rear frame is upholstered and sprung provides a sleek appearance without rounding any cushions.
  • Cushioned Bac – Sofa with 3 or 2 equal-sized cushions that sit upon the rear and provide a traditional look.
  • Scatter Back – coordinating loose cushions of varying dimensions, which lets you take a seat against the couch’s back framework.
  • Cushioned Chairs – Cushions from the couch seating with various fillings to help depletion and thereby provides you a conventional appearance.
  • Fixed Seats – The chair that is upholstered and sprung with no cushions to flip and provide a customized or tailored look following your taste.
  • T-Cushion – Only the chair cushion will expand before the couch arms and help you have a comfy sitting.

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The way the couch is going to be utilized depends upon its arms. For example, the broad couch arm will make it possible for you to sit comfy with the toes curled upward leaning. An individual can locate the scroll arms, which can be far more inviting than flared, broad arms. Thus, try out different methods of sitting on the couch before you are likely to buy.

Scroll Arms – The best resting arm and provides a traditional look. These are curved arms for sofas and chairs with fit panels and pleating.

English or Howard Arms – The T-cushion that’s protruding around the couch arm’s leading part and supplies a traditional low style appearance.

Square Arms – Many popular and comes in a variety of widths. It provides contemporary shapes.

Flared Arms – It provides a contemporary style where the arms will probably be phased from the foundation. It plays a considerable role in the total look of a couch, but it will not be perfect for perching on.

Armless – A few versions include armless, which permits you to sit with no armed service on it.

Additionally, be certain that you assess the entire width of the couch before buy. For example, the narrow arms in the little room will optimize the seating area, whereas the broader arms will probably seem relaxing and lavish but might occupy more room inside the room.

Legs of the Sofa

Generally, the couch legs are created out of a great timber selection where you’ve got the match the right color for your upholstery.

  • Glides – Has valance pay to move the couch around easily.
  • Sabre Legs – It’s elegant and tapered thighs to flare outwards.
  • Plinth – Sofa about the wooden stage and replaces readily to provide a neat and modern appearance.
  • Bun Feet – Round & stubby, although not flat toes. A great pick for those where children jump onto the couch.
  • Stiletto – It’s thinner and pliable than the saber leg. It’s constructed from metal to provide extra strength.
  • Turned Legs – It’s a traditional, classic kind of wooden leg that sits on the casters.


Filling this couch will determine how the user wishes to sit (cushions) and how they would like to look at the couch. If you’re trying to find an ideal balance between comfort, look, and upkeep, then pick the one that dips back into its contour easily. Listed below are a couple of fillings that are generally utilized in the couch.

  • Foam – Always opt for the one that you will not be faffed with plumping up of those cushions. Foam (both low-density foam or higher density foam) provides the firmest support to all cushion fillings and therefore recovers well. It turns the cushions occasionally for wear. The large reliance foam will do much better to last longer.
  • Semi-Sprung / Foam Fiber Wrap – The foam core is wrapped (360-degree) in fiber to possess your cushions, a gentle look with great support. It’s a great mix and many widely used sofa fillings.
  • Feather or Down Filled – Gives a timeless and hot style for the couch to have a relaxed or casual texture. It is possible to plump/fluff the cushions up frequently to enjoy evening TV shows. May cause a few allergies to individuals that are allergic to feather products.
  • Hybrid Cushions – It includes the combination of foam and down to find a fine, soft, and comfy sit with this foam’s shape-holding.


Springs would be the suspension system which provides rebound into the couch. On the other hand, the kind of suspension is a personal choice where you would like to feel soft or firm. The most usual suspensions for sofas comprise zigzag or serpentine springs, elasticated webbing (created with fabric or rubber), coil springs, and fish-mouth spring front border components. Thus, assess what type of springs that the couch is constructed with.

Serpentine, Zig Zag Springs, and Superloop – These serpentine or S-Shaped springs will be created from steel cable will provide the firmest degree of support. The zig-zag form is adjusted into the back, seat, and arm parts of this framework. Generally, a minimum of 5 springs is used under-seat region (everyone). Simply, the springs utilized from the couch, then the firmer are the seats.

Coil Spring – Coil spring provides high-level support with much less constant ride, which winds up to sit at a dip. It’s best to enjoy the beautiful sinking texture with a great support level.

Pocket Spring – Especially used for high-end mattresses and getting hot within this couch springs. They’re respective springs of metal, which can be wrapped in their fabric pocket. Here, every pocket spring will operate independently to provide relaxation to several consumers of weights on precisely the same sofa.

Eight-Way Hand Tied Spring – This spring that the seat platform is the conventional method to have a firm and constant ride on the couch with good support. It provides a labor-intensive alternative by working in unison – every spring becomes tied into their neighboring environments.

Fish Mouth Spring – This spring is utilized on the front edge of the couch foundation instead of the wooden railing at the front border (induces less comfortable) to provide a gentle border supporting the user’s legs while sitting.

Webbing – Used especially for slick designs or modern sofa manufacture, in which there’s no room for springs. This elasticated woven strap will provide exceptional help to the seating area and maybe powerful, resilient, and interlaced round front to rear webs. The single drawback is that the quality varies and can webbing stretches and thus loses elasticity with heavy use and has sunk after a couple of usages.

Mesh Top with Coiled Springs – It provides long-lasting couches using its quality upholstery.


Recliners help to set the toes up and have a comfy relaxing encounter. An individual can readily operate it either mechanically or manually. It’s ideal for relaxing and enjoying your own time. Electric recliners are costly than manual ones, and manual versions need a while to clean and move beneath.

Automatic – you can find the greatest luxury and comfort in no time using a simple press the button. The sole drawback is that find the couch nearby any electric outlets where the wires trailing in the trunk, as some versions include rechargeable batteries.

Manual – One must pull on the grip, put on both sides of the couch to publish the kickboard, and therefore make use of your body to lean the seat back up into the necessary place. Resetting this guide pliers can be carried out simply by pushing the kickboard down with thighs.

Corner Sofas

The idea of corner couches will allow you to make the most of the living room area. They include an added fitting footstall that enables you to lie down to have your day nap. Thus, select this particular corner couch sensibly to use the space properly in your living space.


The life or stable temperament of the couch will be different from 1 style into another. A well-built couch will guarantee a life of 5 – 10 decades, whereas the best end handmade sofas include a lifetime warranty. The working mechanism of recliners and sofa beds may come for as many as six decades. The further protection of this upholstery cloth will be accessible for any additional cost, insurance pay for scrapes burns off and rips.

Sofa Bed

Sofabeds will produce additional flexibility by providing an additional place to sleep (for guests). There are a variety of sorts of sofa bed mechanisms readily available in the marketplace.

2 – fold: Conventional kind of couch bed with a little thicker mattress (thickness of 10 – 14 cm) brings out of pillow beneath.

Trundle: The mattress will slip onto the wheels or casters out of below the balanced foundation.

Click – Clack: It includes a seat style couch without the arms folded flat and secured to conserve space. However, it’s fast and simple to use but might not be ready for everyday use.

Fold Out: You can simply pull the front panel forwards, and thereby the seat will roll out to convert the couch to a bed.

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Back Cushion Types

Back-cushion kinds are another important aspect to consider before purchasing. The rear cushion includes pillow tight and back rear cushions.

Pillow Back – It includes removable pillows or cushions across the trunk. They may be removed for cleaning or sleeping. This pillow can alter their shape without any diligent fluffing.

Tight Back – The cushions have been sewn on the framework (not elimination), making you not concerned about cushioning while changing. It’s difficult to wash and wear at precisely the same region with time.

Design Types

The sofa consists of different shapes and styles. Be certain that you pick out a couch that is employed with the total design aesthetic you’ve got in the remainder of the house. Some may mix and match; however, they largely favor a copacetic and cohesive appearance. An individual can tailor their couch set to design their room with a traditional or contemporary or ultra-modern appearance.

Pick fabric sofas with cabriole legs, identifying patterns, regal atmosphere, and hot & natural forests to possess the typical couch characteristics.

The upholstered or leather couch set with geometric shapes (such as straight lines with minor curves) with black, chocolate, and espresso staple colors will fit best for modern sofa furniture.

Modern couches will step farther and be produced by mixing materials such as leather and metal to provide an intense, compact appearance with minimal ornamentation. These contemporary sofa sets frequently be reduced to the floor and modular.

Different types of Sofa Seating

Besides blending your home décor, you need to choose sofa seats following your requirement and relaxation levels.

Standard Sofa – This generally comes in 6 – 8 ft long and 30 – 40 inches deep, making it ideal for small to moderate-sized living rooms. An individual can discover standard couches such as single-seater, two-seater, and three-seater sofas.

Sectional Sofa – It seems elegant and convenient for large living space. It provides more seat space without including any seats. Thus, best for a large family or a person who sponsors a good deal of get-togethers. They’re offered in U and L contour, and common dimensions are equivalent to 95X95 inches with depths of 36 – 40 inches.

Recliner – It provides supreme comfort and looks contemporary and fashionable. It helps a great deal in improving the spine posture when you are sitting and lower back pain. The normal size is 72 inches long and 36 inches wide.

Chaise Lounge – It turns some of your living space, guest bedroom, or room into a comfortable room. Ideal for smaller spaces and looks trendy. Put this chaise lounge on any part of the home and relax well.

English Roll Arm Sofa – It’s a profound soft chair, low rolled arms with tight spine. It’s excellent for sleeping like a mattress, which provides comfy relaxation and looks elegant.

Lawson Sofa – A contemporary couch that is tailored with high as over the chair. It’s a profound chair with lower arms than the back, and the rear cushions or chair cushions are box-shaped. Looks elegant in the entrance hall or sofa room.

Tuxedo Sofa – Among the fashionable and sophisticated sofas, that can be great for smaller living space. They come beneath chesterfield sofas class with conventional dimensions of 32 (H) X 84 (W) X 33 (L) inches)

Storage Sofa

The one having a little living space can buy this couch for storage function and save space. Thus, select a couch with storage capability (at its rear area) to clear a lot of clutter and keep the room tidy and neat. The storage couch is shut and readily available to the consumer to put or stand from your storage box.


Although, for the majority of people, purchasing a couch is a one-time investment. Thus, check each available alternative and find your cheap furniture without compromising on the quality and appearance. Additionally, visit the internet for furniture buying, particularly when you locate great bargains, discounts and offers on the furniture.

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Top Rated 5 Best Sofa Set Brands

Top Rated 5 Best Sofa Set Brands

Bharat Lifestyle Tulip 5 Seater Sofa Set


Bharat lifestyle is a reliable brand that has many modern designs in the marketplace. The Bharat lifestyle tulip is among those minimal cost sofa sets in India.

It’s a 3+1+1 couch pair with contemporary design and glossy appearances. The three-seater couch has center legs for additional support. It’s comfortable armrests and mid-back support.

It’s dual-tone colors but is only available in 1 color.

The framework of the couches is constructed from acacia wood and also the same for your legs. The major attraction of the sofa set is its fabric.

You also receive a 1-year guarantee on this couch collection.

It’s coated in a textured fabric that looks cool in contemporary houses.

Pre-assembled, it’s delivered at a pre-assembled state. You need to only build the legs on your own.

It’s offered in just one color.


  • 3 Seater – Length (70.8 inches), Width (17.7 inches), Height (27.5 inches)
  • 1 Seater – Length (23.6 inches), Width (17.7 inches), Height (27.5 inches)
  • Seating Height – 15 inches


The adequate excellent cloth is used to create this sofa. You need to wash it frequently to keep it. Acacia wood is hardy and trustworthy wood. It’s water-resistant properties also.


  • Contemporary design
  • Middle leg support
  • 1-year guarantee
  • High-quality wood
  • Textured fabric
  • Delivered pre-assembled


  • Few color options available

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Mamta Decoration Sheesham Wood Sofa Set


Mamta decoration is a pioneer in creating conventional furniture, especially from Sheesham wood. This is the very best wooden sofa set in the conventional category.

It’s a 3+2+1 couch collection. This open-frame sofa place has thick and sturdy legs. The modern style of the sofa set will look great in any Kind of living space.

It’s thickly cushioned chairs that may be removed for cleanup purposes. This sofa set also offers a diamond design in the side railings. It’s readily lightweight and removable. The open framework allows the gas to breathe and prevents rust.

The framework of this couch set is constructed from Sheesham wood. It’s among the very best hardwood employed in making sofas. The sofa set has a 1-year guarantee.

Self-assembly The product requires a basic DIY meeting from the clients’ end.

It’s available in 4 colors.


  • 3 Seater – Length (71 inches), Width (28 inches), Height (30 inches)
  • 2 Seater – Length (50 inches), Width (28 inches), Height (30 inches)
  • 1 Seater – Length (29 inches), Width (28 inches), Height (30 inches)
  • Seating Height – 16 inches


Sheesham wood is water and stain-resistant hardwood. The cloth material is 100% polyester. Additionally, it is water-resistant but grabs stains readily. There are several options on the color of this cloth.


  • Many color options Thickly cushions
  • Trustable brand
  • Sheesham wood
  • Lightweight


  • Self-assembly

Best Furniture Designer Sofa Set


The finest furniture designer is a 3+2+1 massive sofa collection. This sofa set can accommodate nearly up to 7 individuals. It’s a modern contemporary design couch with dual-tone colors.

Thick tufted cushions and wide armrests are a number of the fantastic features of this couch collection. The interior wooden frame is constructed from reasonably excellent neem wood.

A few additional features which could capture your attention are the chrome legs, headrest, along with the excess space to store books and other things beneath the armrest.

There’s a three-year guarantee on this couch collection.

This additional space is on either side of each couch. Aside from the couch collection, you also receive a center table at no cost. Both the couches and tables are covered in cloth.

Pre-assembled This couch is delivered at a pre-assembled state.

It’s available in two color combinations.


  • 3 Seater – Length (71 inches), Width (28 inches), Height (30 inches)
  • 2 Seater – Length (50 inches), Width (28 inches), Height (30 inches)
  • 1 Seater – Length (29 inches), Width (28 inches), Height (30 inches)
  • Seating Height – 16 inches.


Neem timber is most commonly utilized in creating couch frames. It’s a sturdy and sensible alternative for making couch frames. The leatherette fabric is waterproof. It protects the memory and the timber from moisture and may be used for many years with routine cleaning.


  • Dual-tone Colours
  • Delivered at a pre-assembled state
  • Heavy tufted cushioning
  • Stylish chrome legs
  • Water-resistant fabric material
  • Free coffee table
  • Extra space in couches


  • Decent quality chrome legs.

Adorn Fabric Sofa Set


Adorn is a contemporary style furniture maker. Its designs are timeless and minimalistic. This sofa set has a mid-century contemporary layout.

It’s a fabric-covered couch and available in several color combinations. To make it even more contemporary, they’ve other chrome legs and middle chrome legs on the couch to get more support.

The three-seater couch is 6 feet long that is larger than an ordinary size couch. The couches have a moderate height backrest.

It becomes a 3-year guarantee. The sofa’s intriguing part is that the cushions have a single side printed and a single facet airplane.

You can place them in almost any way that you would like to match your area.

Pre-assembled The couch set is sent pre-assembled; you need to attach the legs.

It’s offered in 3 colors.


  • 3 Seater – Length (80 inches), Width (30 inches), Height (27 inches)
  • 1 Seater – Length (29 inches), Width (30 inches), Height (27 inches)
  • Seating Height – 16 inches


The cloth needs routine cleaning and ought not to be maintained under direct sunshine. The chrome legs are moisture-resistant and readily cleanable. Soft foam also has a guarantee on it.


  • Middle legs for maximum support
  • 3-year guarantee
  • Major size 3 seater couch
  • Printed cushions
  • Minimal design


  • Moderate height backrest.

Sekar Lifestyle Double Tone Sofa Set


Sekar lifestyle is a contemporary style sofa set. It’s among the very greatest sofa set selling businesses in India. This can be a 3+1+1 couch collection.

The framework of the couches is made from pinewood. Wide, thickly padded, and curved armrests provide more than sufficient room to unwind and enjoy with your loved ones.

Bush legs create the sofas longer sturdy. All these are stitched in couches, which make it. Therefore any portion of it cannot be eliminated or separated.

This sofa set is offered in several single tones and dual-tone colors. Also, but it’s also available in medium and massive sizes.

Pre-assembled, it’s delivered at a pre-assembled state.

It’s offered in 4 colors.


  • 3 Seater – Length (70 inches), Width (31 inches), Height (33 inches)
  • 1 Seater – Length (34 inches), Width (31 inches), Height (33 inches)
  • Seating Height – 16 inches


The framework of this couch is constructed from pinewood. The cloth of the couch is leatherette. It’s water-resistant and may be used for a long time if cleaned frequently. Sturdy wooden legs provide dependable support to the couch.


  • Pinewood framework
  • 1-year guarantee
  • Leatherette cloth
  • Bush legs
  • Thick cushions


  • The couches are just one bit. For, eg. The chair can’t be split for cleaning functions.
Poundex Bobkona Sonya Linen-Like 2 Piece Sofa and Loveseat Set, Grey
115 Reviews


How a couch works nicely with home décor?

That is to say, for almost any décor to seem perfect; you will need to check all of the components to match each other.

For contemporary décor, the couch should have minimal features of the exact features just like it’s possible to select beige, grey, and white-colored sofas for your living room.

Conventional motif living space can concentrate on elegance and feature hot colors such as beige or brownish with little variations.

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Which couch cloth works best and lasts more?

There are various sorts of materials such as leather, cloth, and leatherette used in sofas.

Fabric is the comfiest sofa cloth that provides variety in colors and diversity in fashion. They’re budget-friendly but requires high maintenance.

The leather sofa is the best alternative for lasting and long-lasting couches. It comes in less upkeep and simple to wash. Sold in actual colors to provide effective room decors.

Leatherette is an artificial type of leather; they’re more affordable, waterproof, and easy to wash than leather couches but less lasting.

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This couch’s design and structure set one to select matters concerning your living space as it’s where each one of your guests is welcomed. Glance through the entirety of these best sofa sets and select one according to your house interior and seating conditions.

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