Six Festive Decorating Schemes to Transition From Fall to Winter

And How to Get Their Look

We know the difficulties of the transition from gorgeous multi-colored leaves lining the streets to barren branches, from walking in chilly breezes to let’s-not-go-outside-today-I’m-shivering cold. These difficulties extend no less from the outside than to within—for example, how to transition those festive pumpkins and autumn wreaths into something a little more wintery. Have no fear: we’ve done the research and provided you with six decorating schemes as perfect for those Thanksgiving tables as in the chillier months, with accompanying moodboards on the pieces you’d need to recreate them. As with your wardrobe, here are some effortless transition pieces for you:

winter white

White is always a seminal choice for winter—luckily, pumpkins in white give that Fall vibe as well. Start with white pumpkins and add accents from each camp—some greenery from Fall here, some wintery white candles there will create the a wonderfully inviting piece throughout the holiday season.

black and gold

We love a simple display stand to create an easy dining table piece. A few pinecones here with black and gold accents go a long way to creating a fall and winter look.

more gold

Did we mention gold works as a great, if not the best, holiday transition color? Fall pumpkins with winter candles and pinecones can act as a display for weeks and weeks.

red, white, orange

A little Halloween is left on the table, too, with these fun straws—but the mix of red and white in with orange—and delicate branching—allows this piece to resonate past turkey day.


For the rustic minimalist in you, here is a piece that is striking in its simplicity, beautifully melding delicate branches with holly-like sprouts in pumpkin holders. The trophy head is a nice touch, as well.


Finally, we imagine some of that holiday entertaining will happen outdoors (before it snows, at least!). Vintage chairs in a bright fall scene (pops of color on the table under a beautiful leaf-shedding tree) is the perfect way to send guests off from fall into the upcoming winter months. Appreciate it while you can (and start getting that hot cocoa on the burner!).


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