Purple vs Casper Mattress – Which One Should You Get? 2021

Purple vs Casper Mattress

The Purple vs Casper Mattresses are just two of the top-rated bed-in-a-box mattresses. With vastly different sleeping surfaces, these mattresses provide exceptional advantages, making each a much better fit for specific sleepers.

Casper supplies a whole lot on a foam mattress that excels in movement isolation, the Casper Element. Purple mattresses include the company’s Purple Grid top comfort layer, a somewhat elastic gel grid that works nicely for pressure point relief and sleeping trends. However, Which is ideal for you?

Inside this guide, we will provide a comprehensive summary of the way Casper and Purple compare, such as their sizing, construction, firmness, and much more.

Comparing Purple vs Casper Mattress

Comparing Purple vs Casper Mattress

Assessing Construction (Materials & Quality)

Casper Construction

Casper is a mattress made from foam that’s compressed, boxed, and delivered into your property.

Its zip-off cover consists of a gentle white shirt and gray sides made from thick polyester. Besides the layers under, the mattress stands 11 inches tall.

The top layer has foam that’s proprietary to the company. It’s a layout that aids with heat regulation.

The next layer’s Zoned Service ™ structure puts a firmer foam-based from mattress around in which the sleepers’ buttocks typically thicker and rests for lower and upper extremities, which frequently require more strain relief.

The base layer includes a bit of durable, compact poly support.

Purple Construction

Purple has foam layers beneath a grid of gel-like material. It’s rolled into a tote and delivered to clients’ homes with suitable handles on every side.

The new classic white cover looks crisp and feels soft using its viscose blended with Lycra and polyester materials. Its zip-off cover envelops a 9.5-inch tall mattress.

The first layer consists of a Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ grid distinctive to the two inches thick and thick brand. The cells buckle to provide pressure relief and support where required.

The following coating’s construction includes a 3.5-inch bit of transitional polyfoam.

The foundation layer comprises 4 inches of poly foam base that supports the mattress.

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Assessing Firmness (Support & Feel)

Both brands are similar in firmness. On a 10-point scale in which ten is the toughest, we ranked Casper and Purple at about a 6. As mattresses with medium-level firmness and tactical comfort and support amounts, they appeal to back, side, and stomach sleepers.

Casper’s versatile construction goes the excess mile to appeal to almost every sleeping position and weight class. The additional Zoned Support™ provides extra firmness in the heart to assist hold buttocks level with the remainder of the backbone, even heavier sleepers.

It must be noted that Purple’s firmness level is subjective to position and burden due to its polymer grid. It seems somewhat firmer to stomach and back sleepers, as cells onto its grid fall when weight isn’t evenly distributed, and stress relief is necessary. Side sleepers who gain from stress relief will go through the grid, releasing them, producing the milder brand.

Casper has a fast response time since its memory substance is under proprietary substances. Though it has the advantages of memory substance, it evades the slow-rising reaction of memory beds.

Due to Purple’s plastic coating, it seems different than many mattresses in the industry. The quick-responding grid underneath the cover changes as pressure relief has been required. Though it’s a different sense than its competitors, it’s comfy.

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Assessing Sinkage and Bounce

Both bedrooms have a gentle cradling effect while lying down and a general moderate cushioning thickness. But sinkage Purple’s polymer grid depends on stress. Side sleepers with significantly more fat resting in a thinner region will sink deeper than the back and stomach sleepers of comparable weights.

Casper’s rebound comes out of its proprietary relaxation top layer. Purple’s marginally higher degree of rebound is a result of its own Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ top layer.

By blending medium-level sinkage, quick-responsiveness, and rebound, repositioning is simple on both brands, even though slightly enhanced in Purple due to its distinctive grid.


Purple vs Casper Mattress Cooling, Temperature

The open construction of Purple’s proprietary grid permits airflow through the top layer, maintaining sleepers cool and also the absorption of body warmth to a minimum.

On the other hand, Casper maintains a cozy sleep temperature, but we would not state it sleeps “cool” The solid-foam base does not promote much warmth. Though the relaxation layers do a fantastic job of releasing body heat, they are no rivalry for Purple’s breathable, broad relaxation grid.

The open construction of Purple’s proprietary grid allows airflow throughout the coating, maintaining sleepers cool and also the absorption of body warmth to a minimum, which makes it one of the very best cooling mattresses.

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Motion Transfer

Each mattress plays well in the movement transfer category. There’s comparatively higher movement isolation, so light sleepers who have spouses, children, or pets won’t be bothered in the nighttime.

Edge Service

Both manufacturers perform better than other foam mattresses, one of the beds packaged with boxes concerning border support. Unlike conventional innerspring mattresses, these mattresses squeeze when you sit along the border. Purple’s recently refreshed original version has made improvements in this region.

Off-gassing and Smell

Following unboxing, you must expect there to be some odor from the Casper and Purple mattresses. The odor should go away in a few hours to a couple of days in any well-ventilated area for either alternative. It’s also essential to understand that any odor isn’t harmful.


If you are taking a look at purchasing a Casper mattress, expect to pay between $595 and $2,595. Casper’s lowest mattress is your Casper Element, the company’s two-layer foam mattress. At queen size, the Element prices $595. Casper ships mattresses for free to the neighboring U.S. The company also ships to Alaska and Hawaii for an additional charge.

Returning a mattress in Casper’s 100-night sleep trial period for a complete refund presents no expense to the client, but any first shipping fees will not be reimbursed. Casper also sells a waterproof mattress cover which prices $99 at a queen size and is still a fantastic method to make sure your new mattress remains as clean as you can.

Purchasing a Purple mattress will probably cost between $1,149 and $2,999. The Purple Mattress is your company’s lowest-priced mattress that comes in at $1,149 to get a queen-size. Purple mattresses are bound to get a place in the neighboring U.S. boat at no cost. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii Includes an additional Price.

Returning a mattress includes a complete refund minus the delivery charges incurred. Purple also sells sheets because of its mattresses using a level of stretchiness the company claims is best to permit the Purple Grid to operate precisely how it was made. Purple does not advise using sheets that don’t extend on their mattresses.

Sleep Trials

The two Casper and Purple offer clients a 100-night sleep trial to ensure that the mattress is a fantastic fit. Of the 218 mattresses we tested to produce our 2021 mattress positions, the typical length sleep trial was 120 nights. This creates both the Casper and Purple sleep trials drop marginally shorter than average.

Given the exceptional sense of this Purple Grid, the mattress’s best comfort layer, the company asks that clients attempt the mattress for 21 nights before initiating a recurrence. Casper also notes it may take a while to become used to a different bed, but the company will make a return anytime over the 100-night sleep trial interval.


Casper and Purple mattresses include a 10-year limited guarantee that’s a typical duration for a mattress guarantee.

Purple’s guarantee covers indentations deeper than 1 inch, big enough in length and width to be considered a human impression. The warranty covers manufacturing defects that create a fracture or even a split in the mattress. The Purple Mattress has to be utilized on an apartment, supportive base.

Casper’s guarantee covers an indentation deeper than one inch, bodily defects brought on by manufacturing, along with the zipper on the cover. Make sure you hang on to a purchase reception because Casper will request proof of possession when processing a guarantee case.

Shipping and Returns

Purple Mattress

Purple mattresses send for free to the continental U.S., with transport available for a fee for Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. The Purple trial period offers clients 100 nights out of the afternoon that the new mattress arrives to choose whether it’s ideal for them.

If you choose to return the mattress, you have to wait till after a 21-day modification interval. Purple subsequently issues a complete refund and sends someone into your house to pick up the mattress. The Purple mattress includes a 10-year guarantee, which will be a regular warranty length compared to the remainder of the bed-in-a-box mattress market. To learn more, see Purple mattress guarantee.

Casper Mattress

Casper’s return and shipping policies are remarkably like Purple’s. The mattresses send for free to the 48 contiguous U.S. and portions of Canada, and transportation to Alaska and Hawaii available for an extra charge. Casper beds include a risk-free 100-night sleep trial and also a marginally longer 30-day waiting interval.

You will return your mattress in this period for a complete refund. The Casper Original mattress also includes an industry-standard 10-year guarantee: precisely the same guarantee length that Purple provides.


The Casper and Purple are equally fantastic mattresses, but usually, the Casper outperforms the Purple as it boils to movement isolation, border support, and responsiveness.

Purple contrasts by providing pretty outstanding pressure relief and backbone orientation – but Casper’s functionality in these classes can be on-par. Now that you have every detail, you may make an educated selection for which one to buy.


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