Puffy vs Purple Mattress: Which Is Right For You? 2021

Puffy vs Purple Mattress

The two Puffy vs Purple produce bed-in-box mattresses offering top-notch pressure relief. Both companies have a solid internet presence, and it’s simple to find out why their mattresses have become trendy options for shoppers.

When you consider a material like foam, you can not imagine there being so many variants out there to make a vast array of mattresses that appeal to every taste and desire.

The Puffy and Purple traces of mattresses are only two examples the playground for those makers is enormous, so it may be daunting to make a selection between two large manufacturers that know what they’re doing.

Knowing the primary differences between Puffy and Purple can help shoppers determine which mattress best matches their unique needs. We’ll cover Construction, Firmness, And Sense in every single. We will also have information on company policies, such as transport, returns, and guarantee.

Comparing Puffy vs Purple Mattress

Comparing Puffy vs Purple Mattress



Puffy mattresses come in different profiles. The Puffy flagship mattress comes with an average profile of 10-inches. If you’d like a thicker profile, you need to consider obtaining the Puffy Lux or even Puffy Royal mattresses.

All Puffy mattresses contain foam fabricated via an eco-friendly variable foaming process-that. The foam to the sleeper’s body leads to relieving pressure. Puffy beds drop inside the medium-firm evaluation, which is ideal for many sleepers.

The Puffy mattress includes a detachable and cushioned cover. As a consequence, that you may remove the cover when it becomes dirty or stained for cleanup. Next is your Puffy’s relaxation coating. This coating consists of heating cloud storage foam using a balanced foam texture.

Anyway, the foam is infused with gel to aid with cooling. Under the cloud cooling coating is the climate relaxation transition layer. This coating is firmer and much more responsive. It provides a feel to the mattress. In addition, it prevents the sleeper from sinking too deep into the mattress.

At length, the 6-inch firm support center coating helps keep the spine aligned and provides pressure relief. Additionally, it supports the soft top layers of the mattress.


Much like the Puffy mattress, the Purple mattress has different beds in different profiles. Their flagship mattress, the Purple mattress, has an average profile of 10-inches. On the flip side, the Purple Hybrid and Purple Hybrid Premier beds include thicker profiles.

The Puffy mattress is just another superb mattress. It’s constructed with three layers, which constitute the 10-inches. These layers are covered with a soft bend cover that’s soft, breathable, and elastic. It aids the mattress to sleep trendy. The cover also helps maximize the bending features of this Purple Grid technology.

The top layer consists of a 2-inch Purple Grid technology. This can balance no stress support made to bend directly beneath your pressure points while supplying support to the whole body. This grid-like coating also comes with an open-cell arrangement which allows air to flow freely throughout the bed and also assists the sleeper sleep trendy.

Beneath the Purple Grid coating is your dual-layered comfort foam coating. This is a gentle and reactive layer that helps minimize movement and extend support. In the end, there’s the foundation coating, which features high-density polyfoam. This coating provides help to the burden of their sleepers and foam layers over it.

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Firmness And Feel

Therefore, what about Puffy compared to Purple concerning firmness and texture? Let us look at firmness.

Overall, we would rate the Puffy mattress at about a moderate firmness scale. It is an adapting mattress. We would also speed Purple around a moderate, but it is somewhat difficult to determine due to its exceptional Hyper-Elastic Polymer coating.

Moving onto the texture, this is where you are going to observe a difference from the Puffy mattress. Purple. Puffy’s top layer is created from the Cooling Cloud Foam, which can be airy and light rather than thick and compact like conventional memory foam.

Because of this, Puffy includes a mixed, soft foam texture. We find it quite comfortable and adapting to many different sleepers.

How about Purple? Whenever you read about this mattress manufacturer, you will likely hear about its trademark Hyper-Elastic Polymer.

Purple could be the most special mattress company in the world due to the hyper-elastic polymer. It looks more like a gel or silicone-like substance than polyurethane. Regardless, it is soft, flexible, and inviting. It is possible to extend it 15 times its original condition, and it is going to pop back into its original type instantly.

But, Hyper-Elastic Polymer isn’t appropriate for everybody. Some people adore this, and a few people today believe that it’s too bizarre. You ought to try it on your own.

Additional Aspects to Consider

Puffy vs Purple - Additional Aspects to Consider

In case you’ve got the bed on your own, you can move about to your heart’s content. But should you share with somebody, there are some items to consider to be sure you get a fantastic night’s rest. Here is how Puffy in comparison to Purple in those classes.

Motion Transfer

With its mix of memory foam and firmer support foams, the Puffy performs well on movement isolation. This implies motion in 1 portion of this mattress will generally not influence different areas of the mattress.

The Purple also restricts motion transfer. The columns buckle under stress, dispersing the weight into the neighboring columns. But this response is restricted to the immediate area.

On account of their above-average movement isolation, the two mattresses are excellent choices for those who talk about the bed, particularly if you’ve got a restless sleeping companion.

Edge Support

If your mattress has great advantage support, you do not feel like you’re going to drop off the bed since it will not compress or feel helpless in the borders. Puffy has satisfying advantage support. Together with Purple, we discovered the Original mattress does not have as great of advantage support as other possibilities, but it is still reasonably significant.


Like many mattresses, Puffy sleeps fever impartial. We do not think you will warm up with this mattress. But in addition, it will not knowingly cool down you during the evening.

On the flip side, Purple’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer is a cooler substance than polyurethane. What’s more, the design where the polymer is set out aids, too. It is arranged in a grid formation, which generates columns, rows, and pockets to allow air to flow freely.

The outcome is a neutral or trendy sleeping mattress that provides excellent airflow during the evening. If you are an individual who wishes to warm up at night, then it is challenging to conquer Purple mattresses.


Both these mattresses are almost silent. They’re produced from all foam layers, meaning they keep weight gently. If you are tired of your hybrid or innerspring mattress, these mattresses will be ideal for you.


Anticipate some off-gassing if you unbox the mattresses. Puffy and Purple mattresses can produce some odor, but it is going to endure for long. What is more, the odor isn’t so robust or poisonous. This is only because the beds are manufactured of CertiPUR-US accredited foam coatings, meaning they are free of ozone depleters, formaldehyde, lead, and other heavy metals. The mattress is in addition to low in volatile organic chemicals (VOCs); therefore, it’s safe to be used.

Trial period

Bed-in-a-box companies have made it simpler for clients since they don’t need to see the conventional brick-and-mortar shops to test out the beds. Instead, the beds have been delivered to the client’s doorstep and examine the mattress for any particular period.

Puffy provides its clients a 101-nights complimentary trial interval, while Purple provides a 100-nights complimentary trial interval. Furthermore, Puffy mattresses have a compulsory break-in span of 14 nights, while Purple includes a break-in interval of 21-nights. This is very challenging for some clients but better than brands offering a compulsory break-in interval of 30-nights.


The Puffy mattress provides free delivery in the neighboring U.S. Customers from Alaska and Hawaii will need to pay a commission to get the mattress delivered. But, they do not have white glove delivery and older mattress removal solutions.

The purple mattress also provides free standard shipping to the neighboring U.S, while customers from Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada will incur an extra fee. Purple also supplies white glove delivery to your Purple Hybrid and Purple Hybrid Premier mattresses. The Purple mattress doesn’t include white glove delivery solutions.


Puffy and Purple mattresses change in costs. The cost of the mattress differs based on the dimensions. In general, Purple mattresses tend to be somewhat costly than the Puffy mattress.


The Puffy mattress is accompanied by an industry-best lifetime guarantee, although the Purple mattress includes a 10-year warranty. This implies they’re equally dependable and may be depended on for a lengthy time.


Mattresses bought online usually incorporate a sleeping trial, allowing clients to check out the mattress risk-free in their own houses. The sleeping trial might include a compulsory break-in interval before a return may be initiated based upon the company. This provides buyers an opportunity to adapt to the mattress before deciding.

Bed in a box mattresses cannot be returned to their original packaging as soon as they have fully expanded. Many mattress companies utilize local charities or recycling centers to coordinate the pickup of this mattress in case of a recurrence when many companies provide free yields, some cost shipping, or restocking fees.

Puffy provides a 101-night sleep trial, which comprises a 14-day compulsory break-in period. In case of a recurrence, Puffy coordinates pickup and contribution of this mattress and dilemmas the consumer a full refund.

Purple provides a 100-night sleep trial using a 21-night essential break-in period. The company coordinates the pickup and contribution of this mattress and issues that a full refund in case of a recurrence.

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Who Should Buy Puffy Mattresses?

Sleepers of all kinds appreciated Puffy mattresses; however, some sleepers will discover the mattresses comfier. When searching at Puffy Mattress and the offered versions, we figured out that which sleeper kinds will feel relaxed and encouraged while sleeping.

Back and Side Sleepers

Back and side sleepers will feel that the most encouraged on these mattresses. Particularly when considering the Lux version, the milder top layer is excellent at alleviating common pressure points while providing lots of comfort and support. Stomach sleepers might feel as though they sink in a bit farther than they might enjoy, but the mattresses nevertheless offer support and relief.

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Sleepers Under 250 Pounds

Regrettably, most mattresses have been created for people more lightweight, and Puffy Mattress isn’t any exclusion. The Original and Royal possess a more powerful support layer and could be better suited to heavier sleepers, but you might choose to check at firmer mattresses to ensure greater comfort and support should you weigh over 250 pounds.


Puffy Mattress includes a great handle of movement isolation that makes their mattresses a fantastic solution for couples. You will still have that excellent rebound; however, you won’t feel each small change of your spouse and might not even see if your spouse rolls or climbs from the bed ultimately.

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Who Should Purchase Purple Mattresses?

Purple mattresses are created with back and side sleepers in your mind over stomach sleepers. This is fairly typical with medium-firm mattresses as stomach sleepers tend to favor firm mattresses. Anything overly soft, and you will feel like you’re sinking too much into the Purple mattress while sleeping in your stomach.

If you sleep on your side or back, however, Purple mattresses offer you excellent support. There’s a quality strain relief on your buttocks and shoulders during the evening, and if you sleep on your back, your Purple mattress can keep your backbone better aligned.


How should I select the most acceptable mattress for me?

There are many facts to consider before picking the ideal mattress. You need to be familiar with mattress kind, your sleeping position, layers & substances utilized for your mattress, stress relief factors, durability, border support, pricing, and what type of trial & guarantee terms they provide, and much more.

It may seem overwhelming, but not if you’ve got everything in one handy location – the Mattress Comparison Tool. Here, you can quickly measure and select the best mattress. Select the brands that you would like to compare & view the particulars head-to-head. Save time and effort by simply navigating just fact-checked metrics.

How long can a fantastic mattress generally last?

While performing mattress comparisons, you will observe that the mattress durability is dependent upon the materials used. Ordinarily, a fantastic mattress may last up to 7 or 10 decades. The premium-class luxury mattresses may serve you longer. However, as a great practice, you need to replace your mattress every eight decades.

The most lasting mattresses are memory & latex foam ones. They could last up to 10-15 decades! Thus don’t neglect to inspect the mattress kind & substances within our online mattress comparison graph for improved durability comprehension.

What is the approximate cost of a fantastic mattress?

In our mattress cost comparison graph, you will realize that the cost range varies, normally based on the substances used & mattress dimensions. The frequent cost range could vary between $150 & $7000. Normally, it is possible to locate a fantastic mattress for approximately $1000.

Foam mattresses generally cost approximately $900 & innerspring roughly $950. Talking about more costly beds, it is possible to discover a hybrid mattress for roughly $1,650 & a latex for $2,000.


The two Puffy and Purple provide premium quality mattresses that you could rely on to get a fantastic night’s sleep. If you are a side sleeper, proceed with a Purple mattress. If you’re searching for something which’s super cooling with excellent edge support and efficient pressure relief, Purple will have you covered also.

The final choice will depend on your requirements and preferences. Make the best option, and you’ll not have anything to regret. We hope you have found this Puffy VS Purple mattress comparison to be helpful.


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