Plush vs Firm Mattress: What Are The Differences? 2021

Plush vs Firm Mattress

Whether you are a plush or firm team, you deserve a comfortable mattress that will likely bring you sweet dreams and restful sleep.

When choosing a new mattress, how it feels beneath your own body is a massive variable; after all, no one wants to feel like they’re sleeping on a surfboard or couch cushion.

The question is, in case you obtain a plush or a firm bed to find quality sleep? What’s the difference between both? In the following guide, we’ll explore the numerous differences among Plush vs Firm Mattress.

What’s a Plush Mattress?

What's a Plush Mattress

Plush mattresses are incredibly soft to the touch and reduced on the mattress firmness scale, measuring 3 from 10. They have additional padding to cradle sleepers comfortably during the evening.

Soft mattresses provide excellent relief when you’ve got joint, hip, or shoulder pain. But should you struggle with any back problems, a plush mattress may be somewhat too soft.

Despite being soft, plush mattresses may nevertheless offer you excellent support. Side sleepers gain in the cradling of a gentle mattress because it averts pressure points in their shoulders and buttocks. A plush mattress can also be soft enough to shape around miniature sleepers and promote proper spinal alignment.

Plus-sized sleepers may discover plush mattresses are too soft and induce them to bottom out from the bed. They can get away with a gentle mattress when it is thicker than 14 or 15 inches, but a firm feel is most excellent when it has to do with a mattress to get a sleeper.

Stomach and back sleepers must bypass plush mattresses since they will sink a lot and need extra firmness and support. The same holds for mixed sleepers-it are hard to change positions on plush mattresses since they have such a hug-like feel.

Plush mattresses typically have quite a minimal movement transportation, so couples may break without bothering their spouse.


  • Gentle enough for miniature sleepers
  • Additional cushioning at a mattress for side sleepers
  • Luxurious texture


  • Too tender for plus-sized sleepers
  • Insufficient help for back and stomach sleepers
  • Difficult to change about
  • May soften earlier than firmer mattresses

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What’s a Firm Mattress?

What's a Firm Mattress

A firm mattress is 7 out of 10 on the mattress firmness scale. It provides a highly flat, even surface and also excellent spinal aid for stomach and back sleepers. Firm mattresses prevent the lower spine from falling, possibly making it much easier to breathe through the nighttime.

Firm mattresses provide additional aid for plus-sized sleepers since they tend to sink to softer mattresses. On the flip side, a firm mattress is most probably too firm for miniature sleepers because they don’t place as much pressure on the mattress. This leads to pressure pain and points for miniature sleepers.

But, firm mattresses do not adapt sufficiently for side sleepers to be comfy. Side sleepers will observe a tension build-up and achiness in their shoulders and buttocks when their mattress is too firm.


  • Protects lower spine from falling
  • Offers excellent support to spine and stomach sleepers
  • A Fantastic firmness for plus-sized sleepers


  • Uncomfortable modification period when shifting into a firm mattress
  • Can exacerbate chronic back pain
  • Creates pressure points on side sleepers

Difference Between Plush and Firm Mattress

Difference Between Plush and Firm Mattress

Softness Level

Ordinarily, plush describes anything soft and comfy and pricey also. A plush mattress is a soft, sinkable mattress that makes you sink into it as if you are sleeping on cloud computing. Mattresses are usually quantified concerning softness or firmness on a scale of 1 to 10.

Anything under 6 could be milder, with 1 being the lightest. Above 6, you’d be getting firmer, with nine or even 10 being the absolute most firm. As its name implies, a firm mattress is firm, but it doesn’t provide that sinking feeling you would receive from a plush mattress.


Why is a mattress plush or that which creates a mattress firm essentially is based upon its construction? Generally, innerspring mattresses tend to be firmer than foam mattresses. A plush mattress is an additional soft mattress frequently made from memory foam to provide a soft texture.

However, a memory foam mattress does not necessarily mean it is going to be about the milder side. A couple of mattresses have a layer of memory foam in addition to a thinner coating, making them considerably firmer. Mattresses may also feel firmer or softer depending upon your body weight.


The comfort factor of a mattress or just how comfortable you would need your mattress depends on which sort of sleeper you’re most. Your sleeping posture determines the amount of relaxation you need out of the mattress.

A plush mattress feels much more soft and comfortable to the touch, and it is that which you usually think of if you consider a warm, comfy goodnight’s sleep.

They’re fantastic for side sleepers since they provide very good support due to their shoulders and buttocks. Stomach and back sleepers could find more comfort in medium-firm mattresses because they provide a more even surface to sleep.


Is a plush or firm mattress better for back pain?

If or not a plush or firm mattress is best for back pain is dependent upon two variables. The first is the body dimensions. The next is the favorite sleeping position. Generally, a moderate to medium-firm mattress is ideal for spine problems.

This firmness level will even work for bigger sleepers and sleep on their stomach or back. Side sleepers and mix sleepers may necessitate the soft aid of a plush mattress to fight their reduced back pain.

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What’s a plush comfort level?

A plush comfort level is a number or degree that informs a shopper how plush or soft a mattress is. Normally, mattresses that can be tagged as “plush” fall somewhere in the 1-3 range concerning firmness. The reduced your plush comfort level, the firm your mattress will be.

To find your perfect plush comfort level, we advocate lying on many different mattresses before purchasing. This gives you a good notion of your taste when it comes to supporting and softness.

How can I make my plush mattress firmer?

You can increase the firmness of your mattress with the addition of a mattress topper. Mattress toppers include a couple of inches of additional comfort and support. To genuinely feel and feel the advantages of a mattress topper, attempt to find one which is at least 3 inches thick. A latex mattress topper is a wonderful way to improve mattress firmness.

Is a firm or gentle mattress better for hip pain?

Often, the very best mattresses for hip discomfort are softer to alleviate strain and pressure. Soft or plush mattresses may cradle and encourage the hip joints while you sleep. This design support is particularly beneficial for decreasing hip pain for side sleepers and mix sleepers.

Bigger people who suffer with hip pain might need a somewhat firmer mattress to relieve their pain. People who sleep on their back and stomach may even find more relief from hip pain on a firm mattress.

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Can plush mattresses be too tender?

A mattress may be overly soft for specific individuals. If you become aware that your mattress has begun to feel highly tender, check your guarantee, it could be time to replace your mattress or box spring.

If your mattress is not due to be replaced, then you might have to bring some firmness to it. This may be achieved by including a firm mattress topper in your bed. You may also try putting a sheet of plywood beneath your mattress.


Plush and firm mattresses are only both endings of this firmness spectrum, and the majority of men and women decide on a mattress somewhere between both of these extremes. However, the most apparent difference between plush and firm is the quantity of design on their relaxation layers. Plush mattresses conform to your body, while firm mattresses are hardier and have less to offer.

The final choice will depend on your requirements and preferences. Make the best option, and you’ll not have anything to regret. We hope you have found this Plush or Firm Mattress comparison to be helpful.


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