Nectar vs Purple Mattress Comparison [2021]

Nectar vs Purple Mattress Comparison [2021]

Selecting a mattress is challenging, particularly when the decision comes down to Purple to Nectar. On the other hand, you have the Nectar mattress-a memory foam version that balances softness, firmness and encourages excellent general relaxation. On the flip side, you have got the Purple mattress-an unconventional hybrid mattress that matches a dual-foam base together with all the hyper-elastic polymer “Grid” for assistance.

To assist you in determining how these mattresses step up to another on significant factors like cost, trial period, stress relief, and responsiveness. Have a look below and see whether the Nectar or even Purple are the better mattresses for your sleeping and budget fashion.

Nectar vs Purple Mattress

Nectar vs Purple Mattress

Construction and Materials Comparison

Even though Purple and Nectar seem similar at first glance, there are differences between those who make the other a better choice for different individuals. Though the Nectar uses conventional memory foam and polyfoam in its relaxation layers, Purple utilizes their proprietary hyper-elastic polymer foam, which differs in many ways. Personal factors such as body weight and sleep position preference will affect which mattresses work best for you personally.


Nectar provides three mattresses and features all-foam construction. The original Nectar mattress measures 12 inches thick and speeds as a moderate or 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The Nectar Premier and Premier Copper will also be moderate firm; however, the prior measures 13 inches thick, and the latter measures 14 inches thick.

Cover Materials

The flagship Nectar Mattress and Nectar Premier comprise quilted covers produced from watertight combinations of polyester, polyethylene, and nylon. For your Premier Copper, the same cover material is infused with aluminum fibers to promote more excellent cooling and thermoregulation on the surface.

Comfort Layers

The Nectar Mattress includes a 3-inch relaxation coating of gel-infused memory foam. Considering that the mattress is medium-firm, sleepers can anticipate noticeable contouring with shrinkage or”hugging.” The Premier’s relaxation layer also consists of 3 inches of gel memory foam, but it’s also infused with a phase-change substance to decrease the buildup of body warmth. The Premier Copper’s 4-inch relaxation coating is created of precisely the same gel- and – PCM-infused memory foam since the regular Premier.

Support Center

Each of the three Nectar mattresses has a polyfoam support center. The flagship model and Nectar Premier each have a 7-inch support center, while the Premier Copper’s support center measures 9 inches thick. Every one of those mattresses also features a base cover having an anti-slip coating to protect against shifting on the base.


Purple Provides the Purple, the Purple Hybrid, and the Purple Hybrid Premier, which comes in 2 depth Choices. The Purple is an all-foam mattress, although the Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier unite pocketed coil support cores with foam comfort layers. All three mattresses comprise the Purple Grid, a hyper-elastic plastic grid relaxation layer that allows warmth and makes the bed feel receptive.

The Purple is budget-priced, although the Purple Hybrid costs about twice as much like the Purple at each dimension. The Purple Hybrid Premier costs a couple of hundred bucks over the Purple Hybrid Vehicle at every dimension (and more than that if you decide on the bigger depth alternative). The size of this Purple Grid in every mattress is the most significant determinant of its own cost.

Cover Material

All Purple mattresses possess equal cover substances, so that is not a differentiating factor among them. The Purple covers are produced from a mix of polyester, viscose, and Lycra. They feel soft and smooth to the touchscreen.

Comfort Layers

Comfort layers are highly similar across versions of Purple mattresses. The Purple includes a 2-inch Purple Grid beneath a 3.5-inch coating of high-density polyfoam (1.8 PCF). The Purple Hybrid and Purple Hybrid Premier have a Purple Grid beneath a one-inch coating of transitional polyfoam (two PCF). The depth of this Purple Grid is the only difference between the hybrid versions. The Purple Hybrid’s Grid steps 2 inches, while the Hybrid Premier includes three and 4-inch choices.

Support Center

The Purple comprises 4 inches of high-density polyfoam (two PCF) if it comes to encourage cores. All other Purple mattresses contain 7.5 inches of pocketed coils. Pocketed coils provide beds a much more responsive feel and permit for cooling. Beds with pocketed coils typically transfer more movement than all-foam beds, even though human encasement of coils helps decrease some movement transfer. Due to coils, hybrids are usually louder than all-foam mattresses.

The Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier will probably last more than the Purple because of their own pocketed coil layers. Hybrid mattresses are durable and durable because coils don’t change considerably over time, while memory foam may create body impressions. All Purple mattresses must last a minimum of several decades, however.

The Purple Hybrid Premier that measures 13 inches thick is thicker than another Purple mattress, score 5 or medium out of 10 on the firmness scale compared to the six evaluation held by most of the other Purple beds. The difference in firmness creates the 13-inch Purple Hybrid Premier a better option for most lightweight sleepers, along with a much less attractive selection for heavyweight people.

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Firmness Comparison

Firmness is fundamentally a measure of how soft or hard the mattress feels when you put it down on it and just how much “give” there’s to allow your body to sink into the mattress. It’s largely dependent on the materials used to construct the mattress, with foam density becoming a considerable element.

Firmness is a highly significant consideration when picking a mattress. You need something gentle enough to be cozy yet firm enough to provide the help that your body requires.

There is no “ideal” firmness level for everybody, as tastes vary significantly. Firmness will be impacted by the position you tend to sleep in, along with your body type and weight reduction. Back sleepers generally receive the best spinal alignment on firmer beds than side sleepers, and thicker sleepers will need something firmer so that they do not sink into the mattress too much.

The majority of individuals succeed at a medium-firm mattress. We categorize a medium-firm mattress as whatever, which scores from a 5-7 about the firmness scale, with one being the lightest, and 10 being the absolute most firm.

The two Purple and Nectar mattresses are medium-firm beds. The Purple mattress feels marginally more firm than the Nectar. Nectar is about a 6.0 out of 10, while Purple is similar to a 6.5 out of 10.

According to firmness alone, we’d suggest the Purple to individuals who prefer a marginally firmer mattress. For soft-but-not-too-soft men and women, the Nectar is a fantastic option. Nevertheless, the difference in firmness between the two mattresses is rather tiny.

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Sleep Expertise

When picking a mattress, you will find many different factors you ought to consider. The end aim of mattress shopping is to receive a comfy bed that can allow you to sleep soundly. Therefore, you need to consider whatever affects the general sleep experience.

The most significant variables are firmness (discussed previously), temperature controller, movement transportation, responsiveness, bounce, and border support. These sleep experience variables are discussed in more detail below.

Temperature Control

Temperature control refers to the capacity of the mattress to regulate temperature and protect against overheating. If you have ever slept in a classic memory foam mattress in the summertime, you probably know that they can get hot. Most contemporary foam mattresses regulate the temperature better; however, they will still sleep hotter than a conventional innerspring mattress or even a bunk mattress.

The Nectar and Purple mattress do a reasonably great job of controlling temperature. Foam will always keep somebody warm, but equally, beds have design features that battle this.

The Purple generally sleeps somewhat cooler, as it’s the exceptional grid pattern intended to improve airflow. This helps draw body heat away from the body and provides the atmosphere and opportunity to flow throughout the mattress.

The Nectar mattress can sleep somewhat warmer than Purple since it’s a lower airflow score. Nevertheless, it’s both cooling gel-infused memory foam and quilted memory foam, each of which aims to raise the cooling capacities.

Due to this Purple Grid, the Purple mattress is inclined to score much better in warmth retention evaluations. If you reside in hot weather or tend to sleep very hot, you should carefully consider this variable.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer describes how much motion on either side of the mattress is felt on another. For example, if your spouse gets up at night to visit the toilet, does the entire mattress proceed, or will you continue sleeping undisturbed?

This is a significant element for couples and especially for people who sleep gently. It will not be necessary for people who sleep alone, but it should nevertheless be considered.

Foam mattresses are generally the very best sort of mattress to purchase if you are worried about movement transfer. Both the Nectar and Purple work nicely in movement isolation tests. There’s not a substantial difference between the two in this respect.


Responsiveness refers to how the mattress responds to the use of pressure and weight. To put it differently, the way the bed contours to the shape of the physique. This is a significant variable as a reactive mattress can help preserve spinal alignment and improve relaxation. Both bedrooms are watertight, which tends to be very responsive. In this comparison, the Purple comes out having a small edge, mainly due to Purple Grid.

Resilience and Bounce

Bounce refers to the quantity of immediate reaction to movement. Generally, foam mattresses such as the Purple and Nectar are not too bouncy. This is only because they have excellent movement isolation, and they do not have springs such as conventional mattresses. This may indicate they aren’t suitable for gender, as they tend to be more challenging to maneuver around in.

Foam mattresses will compress under the weight of the own body – and – endurance denotes the total amount of time that it requires for your mattress to decompress once you awaken from a night of sleep. For durability, the two mattresses score fairly nicely. There’s not a noticeable difference between the two.

Concerning longevity and endurance, both mattresses maintain nicely. They’re created out of high-quality, dense foam, which should stand until the test of time. The producers claim that the beds will continue 7-10+ years.

Edge Service

Edge service denotes the strength and service on the borders of the mattress. This is very important to those inclined to sit or sleep on the bedside a lot and might also be significant for heavier individuals.

Neither the Purple nor the Nectar has strengthened borders, so advantage service is so-so on the two. If advantage support is essential for you personally, it could be sensible to start looking for a mattress with reinforced edges. For many individuals, this isn’t a huge consideration.

Off-gassing and Smell

Foam mattresses such as the Nectar and Purple come sent to your door compacted inboxes. They’re sealed and then wrapped, and if you unpack them, they’ll take some time to expand into their full size.

In this process, it is common to observe a few odors and off-gassing coming in the mattresses. That is normal and nothing to be concerned about – that the odor isn’t harmful at all. Typically, the odor will go away in a couple of hours to a couple of days. We recommend keeping the mattress in a well-ventilated area for a day or two before sleeping on it.

Both mattresses have the same degree of off-gassing; therefore, this shouldn’t be a significant element in your choice involving Purple vs Nectar. Manufacturers typically suggest letting the brand new mattresses off-gas for 24 hours before use.


Nectar vs Purple Mattress Pricing

Nectar mattresses range from $1,198 to $1,398, while Purple mattresses range from $599 to $1,598. If cost is an important aspect for you, a Purple mattress is a less expensive choice if you’re searching for a Twin, Twin XL, or Full-size mattress. If you’re searching for a King or Cal King-size mattress, Nectar is the less expensive choice.

Purple and Nectar come in at roughly precisely the same price point, with Purple just marginally less costly to get a Queen-size mattress. A queen-size Nectar mattress prices $1,198, while the queen-size Purple prices $1,149.

Both brands offer special financing strategies from 0% APR for qualified buyers.

Shipping and Returns for Nectar & Purple

Nectar Mattress

Nectar provides free transportation to the neighboring U.S. and may also ship to Puerto Rico. Nectar also supplies white glove delivery for a flat fee, which means professionals can deliver your brand new mattress and eliminate an old mattress out of your house.

You will have 365 nights (one year) to opt to reunite the Nectar if it is not best for you. However, the company includes a compulsory 30-day break-in period before free yields are qualified. Here at Mattress, Nerdwe concur with this policy. Usually, it may take the body up to 30 times to adapt to another mattress.

If you choose to return your Nectar, the company will cover all shipping and handling expenses and organize mattress pickup for your benefit. Better still, each mattress includes Nectar’s Lifetime guarantee.

Purple Mattress

Purple also provides free shipping to the neighboring U.S., which can be sent anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. The Purple mattress is sent to your door via FedEx; however, both advanced versions of this Purple mattress (the Purple Hybrid along with the Purple Hybrid Premier) each comprise the alternative for in-home shipping.

Contrary to Nectar’s year-long sleep trial interval, Purple will make it possible for one 100 nights to determine if you would like to go back to the mattress. The company doesn’t have a compulsory break-in period, even though they recommend testing the mattress to get 30 nights before making your choice.

If you choose to return your Purple Original, the company will cover all shipping and handling costs. What’s more, Purple supplies a 10-year guarantee that protects the original proprietor of this mattress.


What’s best for hot sleepers?

There is no denying that Purple is your greater mattress for hot sleepers. It does an unbelievable job of distributing airflow.

Can the Purple Mattress sag?

When some consumers reported that their Purple mattresses had sagged, this is certainly not the standard for most people. Much like memory foam, your dimensions and mattress maintenance will play a part in the way your mattress ages.

Is your Purple Mattress great for heavy men and women?

Should you consider the heavy class, we constantly advocate coil or hybrid construction for service, comfort, and extra durability.

Which mattress is best for side sleepers, the Purple or Nectar?

Both mattresses might be a fantastic match for side sleeping, based on the dimensions of the individual. Bigger side sleepers need to feel much better stress relief to both Purple, and mild – and – medium-weight side sleepers need to feel much better stress relief on the Nectar.

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We’ve concluded that both kinds of mattresses provide exceptional benefits to those users, and they have very tiny differences which may interest some very small user-base.

But when you’ve got the problem of running hot throughout the sleep, a Purple mattress is for you, but if you would like higher movement isolation without a bounciness, you could find Nectar pretty helpful.

So be sure that you check out the advantages of the two purple mattress vs nectar mattress, assess them based on your wants, and choose to find an entire bang for your dollar.


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