Murphy Bed vs Sofa Bed: What’s the Difference? [2022]

Murphy Bed vs Sofa Bed
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Murphy Bed vs Sofa Bed are excellent choices that will assist you to appreciate more worth in your property.

Why pay a monthly flat fee for space you do not use frequently? These space-saving options can turn an additional bedroom into some media or TV room, home office, or dining room. Then, when the company arrives, you can convert the room back into an additional bedroom. So what’s best for your house – sofa bed or Murphy bed? To assist you in deciding, here is how they compare.

About The Murphy Bed

About The Murphy Bed

Murphy beds have been space-saving beds that are hinged on one end (either about the mind of the mattress for perpendicular wall beds or on each side of the mattress for flat wall beds) to be attached to your wall. The wall acts as a counterbalance which will enable the mattress to be dragged down and utilized. The mattress disappears to a wall or a framework when not being used, hence its name wall mattress.

A Brief History

While it’s likely others might have come up with the notion of this wall mattress; the charge is given to the guy who employed the first patents for the particular bed in 1900: William Lawrence Murphy.

Murphy was said to have devised the wall mattress due to love. He had been courting an opera singer also, residing in a one-room flat, he had to bypass the time’s ethical code, which prevented women from going into a guy’s bedroom. The wall mattress allowed him to change his bedroom into a living room to amuse female and male guests without judgment.

Ahead of Murphy’s layout, foldup beds have been all of the rages. However, Murphy improved upon such designs and additional pivot and counterbalance components. His designs landed him – one of the most known ones for its Disappearing Bed in 1912.

Since his mattress designs were revolutionary, they instantly became popular. This was particularly so among individuals living in tiny spaces with restricted floor space.

About The Sofa Bed

About The Sofa Bed

The sofa bed can be widely called the sleeper couch. This space-saving bed is essentially a sofa or sofa which may be transformed into a full-size bed. This layout can be made possible by hiding a metallic frame and mattress beneath its seat cushions. This framework may be unfolded to show the mattress under, join with the chair’s cushions, and shape a mattress.

A Brief History

Much like a wall bed, it is not feasible to ascertain who’d thought of this sofa bed idea. On the other hand, the layout that motivated the sofa beds of now belonged to a guy titled Bernard Castro. Back in 1931, Castro made the Castro Convertible – the very sophisticated sofa bed of the time.

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Sofa Bed vs Murphy Bed Comparison

Murphy Bed vs Sofa Bed Comparison (1)

A Closer Look

Murphy and sofa beds share a single feature: if you are not utilizing them for sleeping, they may be folded to store up lots of room within the space. This makes them excellent for little space, especially for flats where each square inch of space counts.

However, besides this, Murphy beds and sofa beds are extremely different from one another. Some of them may be lifted to make it entirely out of the way, while another is folded into a cozy seating place that may be used for anything from studying to board game nights with friends.

Murphy Bed


A Murphy bed has many different titles: fold-down mattress, pull-down mattress, or wall-mounted mattress. These beds have been hinged at one of these advantages, so they may be aligned vertically or horizontally against a wall when they’re not being used.

Some Murphy beds may be conveniently concealed within a cabinet, while some are hidden behind another huge piece of furniture. On a general note, Murphy beds don’t use a box spring mattress, especially since they will need to be simpler to fold.

The majority of these beds have an elastic strap that secures the mattress into the framework to stop it from slipping off when the mattress is fastened from the wall. Murphy beds come in different versions.


The Murphy bed is a professional at helping homeowners conserve distance. Not only are you can narrow the mattress against the wall and take advantage of all of the room space a regular bed normally cubes, but you might also hide the mattress along with different parts of furniture.

Many people today opt for Murphy beds with cabinets because they create beautiful furniture pieces. Nobody could find out that there is a real bed concealed in there. But this also means you won’t gain from additional space to sit, which is one reason people sometimes would rather have a sofa bed than a Murphy one.


A Murphy bed is going to be comfortable as the mattress it is paired with. A few of those beds include their mattresses, but a few of you might be wondering if you’re able to use a Murphy bed with your mattress.

Mattresses are made to perform at a flat position. Having a Murphy bed, the mattress will probably maintain a vertical position, leaned against the wall for the significant aspect of this day. This contributes to what’s called slumping. This expression described a bulge on the lower edge of the mattress, thus destroying it on time.

To appreciate the full comfortable Murphy bed, You Need to Consider three primary characteristics specifically:

Because a Murphy bed does not have a box spring, then you want to ensure your mattress has a very sturdy support coating at the mattress. Box spring plays a massive part in making sure sleepers get the most out of their mattresses.

A fantastic quality Murphy bed should ensure your mattress is encouraged while the mattress is folded and unfolded. Otherwise, the mattress will slump.

The depth of this mattress is also significant since it must fit in the distance of this folded bed. The remainder is merely mattress-buying understanding.

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Sofa Bed


It is a sofa that becomes a mattress by expanding it. Sofa beds are incredibly flexible because of their design and construction.

They provide lots of seating space to watch TV, read a book, or take an afternoon nap throughout the afternoon. In addition, they could become comfy sleep beds during the nighttime, provided you elect to get a high-quality sofa bed using a great mattress.

The most crucial difference between these beds is that the latter is created for sleeping, though a sofa’s key aim is to provide seating.


Sofa beds can be found in all sorts of sizes and shapes and different colors to fit your room decor best. When buying a sofa bed, it is essential to gauge the area you have available for setting it and then look for a sofa of the appropriate dimensions.

If you would like to obtain a sofa bed, you’ll also need to consider just how much distance the couch is inhabited when unfolded. If you need to move furniture around to make space for your long bed, perhaps it is not the optimal solution for your current needs (or maybe choosing a more compact couch would help).


When considering the comfort of this bed, you need to expect more should you like to purchase one that is meant for regular sleeping. However, if you pull the couch to get an overnight guest, you do not need to commit a great deal to relaxation.

Sofas typically arrive with foam fittings, but that is not necessarily a rule (rather than all foam is created equal, anyhow). An excellent sofa bed should utilize high-density memory foam, which means not only comfort but also durability.

A cozy sofa bed has a mattress that will keep you from feeling some of those bars or slats which are a part of its construction. If the mattress has a coil system, you should not feel some of those coils.


When these products can be conceptually similar, they serve very different functions, so picking between the two should not be too complex.

Murphy beds are developed for every single use. They may be paired with a few excellent mattresses, so long as they are durable and harmonious with all the Murphy bed’s mechanism of action. When leaning against a wall, the Murphy bed can become invisible, saving a great deal of space which would typically be filled with a normal bed.

Sofa beds are mainly made for sitting rather than much for sleeping every night. It is ideal when you’ve got out-of-town guests or occasionally wish to sleep in front of the TV.


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