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20 x white color cotton ball Bali string light wedding party display light decor room indoor outdoor

The product is hand made from our store in thailand. the item is made to order day by day so you will always get the new product from us. condition: brand new and ready to use material : the ball is made of cotton and wrap together to ball shape. size : 6 cm diameter and the size is similar to tennis ball.

Solid Linen in Pillow in Charcoal 22 x 22 inch design by Thomas Paul

u0022Oversized solid linen pillow in charcoal. Pairs beautifully with the Botanical, Orinthology and Crustacea Collections.nn Piping finished edge with hidden zipper finish. Includes a super cush feather down insert.n Over-sized 22u0022u0022 x 22u0022u0022, in cotton canvas.n Free shipping throughout the 48 contiguous states.n Invisible zipper for easier cleaning!n nnLearn more about designer Thomas Paul and other Thomas Paul products available at BurkeDecor.nnu0022

u0022Basic Elements 22u0022u0022 Pillow in Dark Grey design by Villa Homeu0022

u0022From Villa's Cotton Canvas Basic Elements Collection, featuring bold colorways, subtle shades, and stylish details on natural cotton textures. 100% Cotton Canvas Rayon Braid Piping in Natural 22'u0022 x 22'u0022 Feather Down Insert Included. Villa's philosophy is comfort is the ultimate luxury, and that beautiful pillows can enhance your home without much effort. Each pillow combines the rich beauty of hand-crafted embroidery, beading and decorative art on 100% natural linen and cotton textures.u0022

New with tags NEW Carpenter Jumbo Sham Stuffer Pillow Set of 2


Cartier Art Deco Jade Clock Circa 1920

This stunning Cartier Art Deco clock exhibits an undeniable elegance. Crafted of a plaque of exquisite jade set into a frame of enamel-accented silver, this wonderful 8-day clock would have been at home in the most stylish of offices or homes. Art Deco was an internationally popular progressive design movement from 1925 until 1939, impacting architecture, interior design, and industrial design, as well as the visual arts such as fashion, painting, graphics and film. Its influence can still be felt today, as items created in this spectacular style maintain their timeless appeal. The Cartier tradition of clock and watch making extends almost as far back as the founding of the company. In 1898, Louis Cartier, one of the three Cartier brothers and grandson of founder Louis-François, moved to 13 rue de La Paix with his father, Alfred. Louis was a talented creator of jewels and art objects, and confirmed his talent by tying his craft to clock making traditions, lost now for more than a ce