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Gold Cast Iron Deer Head Table Decor

This piece of decor is sure to make your friends and family stop and stare because not everyone has a cast iron faux taxidermied animal in their home. These chic and trendy table top decor pieces are not just for hipsters! Stand out and have a fun conversation starter in your home with one of our cast iron table top deer heads.

Moravian-Style Star Wall Decor

Reach the height of elegance with our exclusive Moravian-Style Star Wall Décor, splendidly handcrafted in India of iron and mirror. This exquisite traditional holiday star features 12 points with iron beads and triangular mirrors that reflect beautifully near any light source.

Bright Pink Lacquer Tray with Mirror Bottom

A stylish bright pink lacquer tray has a mirror bottom 12" x 18".

Magnolia and Ylang French Candle

Our luxurious Magnolia and Ylang French Candle envelops your home with its fresh, calming aroma. Skillfully hand poured at the premiere candle factory in France and rich in highly concentrated essential oils in natural vegetable wax, this lavish boxed candle features French script on its glass candleholder for an elegant touch. You'll love its high-end scent for an unbeatable price you won't find anywhere else.

Spherical Clear Glass Bottle

Our Spherical Glass Bottle will add an adorable touch to your sophisticated line of vanilla extract creations.