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Modern Arm Chair

Every person should have his/ her favorite seat. You come home from a tiring day at work, you want to relax. Go for a power nap maybe? Relax on a recliner, lie on the bed? Enter the Bubba. An elegant easy chair that can be upholstered in either leather or fabric, the Bubba aims to be your perfect relaxation spot after a tiring day. Available as a standalone easy chair or with a pouf and a cushion, the Bubba is your perfect place to relax. For reading, a small nap or just lounging around, the Bubba is an excellent choice. There's a central rotative pedestal attached that is made from chromed steel. An optional head rest is also available, which makes your experience all the more comfortable.

Modern Spongy Sofa

Maybe it's the innate design of the overall sofa, or maybe it's the combination of a luxurious seat built on a very slender steel structure, but there's definitely something about the Spongy that catches the eye, and the heart. The back and sides of this plush sofa seem to hug you and wrap you in its warmth and comfort as you seat yourself, and if you go for the optional footrest, you can easily relax your feet as well. The Spongy is designed to give you maximum relaxation. Rest your back against the plush sofa, pull up your head and relax.

Unique Donut Style Bean Bag

Outside cover: Technical Canvas Waterproof, security zipper, removable Fill: EPS compact core Sizes: 60 Diam. x 35 cm Volume: 0,12 m3 Care: washing machine 30º Origin: 100% Made in Barcelona

Contemporary Showtime Mirror

Designed by prominent furniture designer James Hayon, the ShowTime Mirror is a set of 8 different mirrors, which can be either placed together or used separately. Each of the mirrors have been intricately designed in order to combine with each other to create a beautiful outlook.

Multicolor Bookshelf

The perfect tribute to the setting sun, this handsomely designed bookshelf is created in a gradient of different colors the inspiration for which comes from the setting sun. The tones and the lights darken in a gradual manner, while the telescopic design of the shelves makes them extremely different and unique from other, conventional shelves.