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Thomaspaul Florilegium Tray

The thomaspaul Florilegium Tray from Bob's Your Uncle gives traditional floral a fresh, modern twist. Made from high-quality, durable melamine, this round tray features a raised edge and a striking black background with a lush hydrangea design in soft pink and green. Use it to serve drinks or appetizers in exotic style, or let it infuse your next dinner party with feminine whimsy.

Fern Moss Terrarium

u0022Faux fern and moss terrarium makes a statement year round. This replica floral features earthen greens and mosses. Height x Width: 19u0022u0022 X 16u0022u0022 Type of flower: fern Colors: greens All arrangements are custom made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for botanical arrangements to ship. Expedited shipping is available upon request. Please note, this is not a live arrangement.u0022

French Hand Forged Iron 3 Hook Wall Rack 1890's

French 19th century hand forged iron wall rack with wonderful detailing and patina. Long pierced flat bar with split ends featuring 3 large curled hooks held together with square hand forged nails. Check our extensive website for more antiques at Creation date 1890's


Brought to you by the makers of the Mason Shaker, Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails is a fresh approach to seasonal and straightforward sips. With a focus on simplicity and fun, each recipe is limited to five readily available items to help you craft delicious drinks at home.

It by Alexa Chung

TV personality and fashion icon Alexa Chung offers readers and fans a glimpse into her fascinating world. In this full-color compendium, she divulges her deepest thoughts on life, love and style with never-before-seen writings, drawings and photographs that are a true testament to her down-to-earth attitude and charming wit.

Mac & Cheese Cookbook

From sriracha mac to truffle mac to vegan mac, The Mac & Cheese Cookbook shows readers how to put an inventive twist - and then some - on this home-style favorite. With over 50 retro-style recipes (think tuna mac with a side of brussel sprouts and bacon), and technique-driven tips for perfecting each dish, this cookbook is sure to liven up your same old mac-n'-cheese.

All the Buildings in New York

An Australian-born illustrator fascinated by New York City architecture, James Gulliver Hancock creates a story for each borough with his charming illustrations. From Rockefeller Center to Brooklyn brownstones to markets in Chinatown, All The Buildings In New York charmingly displays the offbeat details and unique spirit of the city that never sleeps.

Domino: The Book of Decorating

From the creators of the beloved home decor magazine comes this endlessly informative tome, filled with images from past issues as well as new photos, illustrations and guides to inspire your domicile's design.

Hello Print

Hello Print by designer It's a Living. Print is my own.