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Nuevo Lucent Clear Dining Chair

The sturdy chromed metal frame brings an angular industrial charm to the piece while the injection molded clear polycarbonate seat lends a sleek contemporary charm to the chair as a whole.

1970's Chrome Sputnik Chandelier Circa early 1970's

1970's chrome Sputnik sphere chandelier. Chrome balls on chromed metal rods fitted into a chromed central sphere out of which emanate six candelabra size bulb sockets - 3 pointed up and 3 pointed downwards. Shown here with chromed top round candelabra size bulbs. Chrome is in immaculate condition with no pitting or oxidation. Creation date Circa early 1970's

Paul M. Jones 1964 FM 97 Aluminum legged glass table 1964

A nicely designed by Paul M Jones adjustable aluminum legged glass table. The legs feature an adjustable screw that tightens the leg onto the glass. You can use the legs for granite or marble if you choose as well. Creation date 1964

Home Decorators Area Rug: Premium Flokati White 4' x 6'

Shop for Flooring at The Home Depot. Created using a centuries-old process, 100% New Zealand wool is hand crafted to create Flokati Area Rugs. Their unique, fluffy softness comes from washing them in waterfalls of the Pindus Mountains. You'll enjoy the durable nature and the easy care of your Flokati rug. Order your contemporary rug today.

Fish Bowl Terrariums

Tillandsias or "air plants" require much less attention that other house plants and need no soil because water and nutrients are absorbed through the leaves. Provide them with bright, filtered light, and mist or soak them weekly. Just make sure to let the air plant dry completely before placing back inside terrarium.

Rare Grand Scale Snow Quartz Cluster 19th century

Beautiful rare grand scale snow quartz cluster quarried in Brazil with extremely rare formation, known as abundance formation with many small clusters as the base. Creation date 19th century