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Painted Elephant Wood Accent Table

During Indian festivals, elephants are decorated in gold bells and necklaces to carry the deity being celebrated through the procession. Our festive Elephant Wood Accent Table is hand painted in designs inspired by Indian temple ceremonies.

Cordyline with Decorative Vase Silk Plant

About Nearly Natural Inc. For over 75 years, Nearly Natural Inc. has been providing conscientious consumers with beautiful alternatives to natural decorations. Employing and advised by naturalists who understand the live plant world, Nearly Natural is able to recreate the most realistic-looking decorative items for homes, offices, and businesses. Driven by a true commitment to customer service, attention to detail, and natural philosophy, Nearly Natural strives to bring customers the most beautiful, unique, and striking faux fauna and flora on the market.

Contemporary Teal Blue Pouf Modern Roped Cotton 14-Inch-H Ottoman

"Teal blue pouf. 100% roped cotton. 20"" wide. 14"" high."