How To Remove Back Of Recliner Sofa? In-Depth Guide 2021

How To Remove Back Of Recliner Sofa

There are numerous reasons that people wish to take out the rear of a recliner sofa. It might be due to wear and tear, or it might just be that you’ve got children who like to play using all the buttons onto your furniture, making the rear of the recliner sofa may get loose, or somebody wishes to transfer their sofa to some other location, but also the sofa can’t fit through the doorway.

No matter the reason, in the following guide, we’ll share with you the answer on How To Remove Back Of Recliner Sofa readily.

How To Remove Back Of Recliner Sofa?

How to Remove the Back of a Recliner

Tilting the Reclining Sofa: To begin, lift the recliner sofa on the front, so the spine is facing upwards towards the ceiling. Following the sofa facing the atmosphere, you have to find the removable back panel for the interior panels.

Eliminating Back Upholstery: Reclining sofas typically have Velcro strips or snaps; those firmly attach the fabric of the sofa to the framework of this foundation. As soon as you’ve found these strips or pops, you have to unfasten them. Then, at length, lift the exposed upholstered panel.

Locking Levers: Every facet of your sofa chairs will have frames. Use your hands to sense these frames and find the locking levers. On all sides of the sofa’s main body, you need to have the ability to find a metal lever. This lever will probably be pointing in a downward position and maybe generally found around the trunk along with the arm to attach.

Locking Levers – Locate them involving the Rear Seams: Many sofas don’t expose the framework during the conventional detaching of fabric strips. For all these circumstances, you’ll need to discover the seams on the back of the sofa, on both the left and right sides.

You also need to inspect the seam situated between the seats and center console of your reclining sofa. As soon as you locate these seams you have to do precisely the same thing and find the locking lever.

Releasing the Back Chairs: You have found the locking lever, and you’re prepared to eliminate the rear of your cushioned sofa. The very last thing you’ll need is a flat head screwdriver, or you can carefully use your palms (we urge the screwdriver). Take the screwdriver and loosen every lever and raise it to discharge the chair backs.

As soon as you’ve unlocked the levers, you can reverse the sofa back into its normal position. Last, you can remove the back in the framework, and you’re finished!

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Do all recliners have removable backs?

No, not all recliners have removable backs. However, suppose you would like to eliminate your spine from the sofa as a way to clean or make repairs. In that case, it may be best to do a tiny bit of research before getting started and learn which kind of furniture it’s so which it is possible to find out how most effectively to proceed.

You will also have to ensure you’re in a position to eliminate the back before purchasing any equipment.

A few recliners will have a detachable back, and a few won’t. So if you’re planning on removing your furniture back to clean or make repairs, then it may be best to do a little bit of research ahead to learn which sort of furniture it’s.

You will also have to ensure you’re in a position to eliminate the back before purchasing any equipment.

Could you manually recline a power recliner?

Most recliner power mechanics are controlled by a switch based on the arm. The button is generally located in one of three positions: up, down, or away.

The button’s place will be based on the type and maker of your seat, which means you will want to consult your owner’s manual for specifics.

You will want to push the button to unwind and lower yourself into a seated position manually for many power recliners.

Some seats will merely allow for guide comfort if they’re turned off with all the down buttons. Others might require that you turn them on before pressing any buttons in any way.

If your seat comprises an “unlocked” icon on the change, this means that you may utilize it manually.

If your seat is locked, the recliner won’t manually unwind back into a vertical position without electricity if you press the button and nothing happens.

To make sure your chair stays operational during any electricity failure, we recommend installing a backup battery system.

When the power fails, you can change your emergency lighting and plug it into an external charger to maintain your seat running while awaiting assistance from governments or PG&E representatives.

How can you move a heavy couch upstairs?

Transferring a couch isn’t overly hard, but it will require some preparation. The first step to transferring any heavy furniture is getting a strategy and getting your staff ready with all the appropriate tools for your job. Here are some things you may want:

  • A Fantastic dolly or ramp which can operate on both carpeted and hardwood flooring
  • A Few helpers to lift the couch off and on the dolly or ramp
  • A rope, a bungee cord, or some other Kind of strap will secure your bit, so It doesn’t slide a lot while going upstairs
  • To Find out the furniture of under doors, to move them beyond without being obstructed
  • A fantastic pair of hands to help move furniture into position.


With what we’ve discussed here on how best to take out the rear of a recliner sofa, moving your recliner sofa should not be an intimidating job anymore. You also don’t need to be concerned about causing an accident to yourself, your recliner, and other properties in the class of transferring it.

Remember to plan by assessing and measuring the dimensions of your recliner to a location before opting to transfer your sofa. Please have a look at our guide to How To Measure A Sofa? to find out more.


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