How To Refill A Bean Bag Chair? Step By Step Guide 2021

How To Refill A Bean Bag Chair

Beanbag chairs – you need to admit, most of us love them. We adore their comfort, comfort, well-built, and even color strategy.

But if you have ever possessed a beanbag chair, you are aware that they have a lifespan. Soaking in your favorite bean bag will make it wear down with time. It is sometimes not the laid-back sanctuary you crave. But that does not mean that you need to discard your cherished bean bag once it wears out. It is possible to refill and respawn it whenever you desire. The sole question is How To Refill A Bean Bag Chair?

Filling your bean bag does not need to take some time; here, we talk about filling a bean bag with the least mess and hassle. Filling a bag of beans could be a great deal of fun and does not have to be time-consuming should you follow these basic actions.

Different types of Bean Bag Fill

Different types of Bean Bag Fill

There are four Main Sorts of bean bag fill that include compressed foam, EPS beads, EPP beads, and Micro Beads:

Compressed Foam

Compressed foam is one of the latest sorts of fill that has come out to all these chairs. It is memory foam shredded to bits. The majority of the people who have chairs on this fill are pleased with the relaxation it brings.

EPS Beads

EPS beads are tiny polystyrene balls that sense similar to styrofoam. They’re also employed for all those cheap disposable coffee cups and packaging cushions. These are fantastic for bean chairs as they’re rigid and lightweight. They’re 98% air and generally 3-4 millimeters in diameter. If you have any leftovers after filling your luggage together, they are sometimes used for different crafts.

EPP Beads

These are also called expanded polypropylene; also it is a kind of polymer. It’s more popular throughout the sea than anyplace else. They are powerful, durable, and super durable. When squished they will return to their original form. They won’t reduce their volume as fast as the EPS beads do. The one thing about this type of bead is they are highly flammable.


Last, we’ve got microbeads. They’re little pellets that come from plastic. They are not that good for bigger bean bags, just the ones that are smaller. These have been mainly prohibited around the world as they’re seemingly a threat to the ground.

How To Refill A Bean Bag Chair?

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There are a couple of things You’ll Need to make the refilling process simpler:

A buddy or 2: Refilling a beanbag chair is a two-person task, even though technically it could be accomplished alone if needed.

An area with no fan or open windows fill material in beanbag chairs is lightweight and can easily be dismissed with a lover or perhaps the gentle breeze of an open window. So shut the windows and turn off some fans you might have working to minimize this aggravation.

Refill Beanbag chair on a clean floor and also possess a vacuum cleaner available: the occupation could be cluttered if any mishaps happen, so refill your beanbag chair on a sterile floor and also have a vacuum cleaner prepared in the event of spills.

A funnel: You can buy or create one; this instrument reduces freeze potential.

A security pin: This can allow you to unzip the beanbag chair.

Bean bag filler: You can purchase bean bag filler online or in retail shops. Most bean bag filler is polystyrene; therefore, it is affordable and pretty simple to discover.

Step 1: Prepare your work area

Turn off fans and shut windows to minimize heat. Do not forget that polystyrene bean bag filler is exceptionally lightweight, and the end can quickly blow it anywhere. Additionally, work on a fresh surface; when you can, select a hard floor to operate on instead of carpeting because cleanup will probably be comfortable.

Last, have a vacuum cleaner prepared if there are still spills. A handheld vacuum cleaner will suffice since there will not be much jumble.

And also, make sure all of the things you needed are accessible readily in the job place. Since you began to drain or refill the bean bag chair, it’s challenging to maintain your job and proceed to catch any merchandise or instrument you needed.

So be sure at the below-mentioned collection of items are prepared and available easily on your workplace.

1. The Funnel

2. Safety Pin

3. Your spouse to maintain the bean bag chair

4. Container or bag to empty the bean bag chair and move the aged filler

5. If You’re using a sofa, Ensure That a different Individual or a tool that can hold the sofa properly is prepared

6. A rope to tie the sofa along with the lid to close the container

7. New filler for your bean bag chair

Step 2: Catch a partner

Refill A Bean Bag Chair with A Partner

Grabbing a spouse is among the simplest but crucial steps since it pretty much makes the entire beanbag refill process go by much faster and with far less mess than if you attempt to perform it yourself. Just grab a buddy or relative; it will not require over a couple of minutes of the time, and if they love you or your beanbag chair, they will take action.

However, if you’re employing a sack to accumulate the older filler of your bean bag chair, you’ll require someone else. So plan accordingly.

Step 3: Unzipping and Emptying the beanbag chair

Many beanbag chairs include a zipper, but the zipper might not have a tab you can grip, making the unzipping process infinitely more challenging than it must be. (But the objective of this is to keep you from inadvertently unzipping it and spilling the filler anyplace, so it’s sort of necessary.)

To avoid the zipper tab’s shortage, add a safety pin through the horn gap and secure the safety pin. Voila! You have made yourself a working zipper. Unzip the beanbag using the zipper side upward. If all goes well, the rest of the filler interior should sink into the bottom, not spill anywhere.

How to Empty a Bean Bag Chair?

And this is the Bean bag chair draining measure. You ought to do this step with particular attention. Ordinarily, the beans are incredibly lightweight and maybe spilled everywhere if you make any errors. Get a significant container (it could be either plastic or some other substance.), which can be dried nicely. Plus, it is better to get a little mouth when compared with the body of this container. Plus, it ought to have a close-able lid.

If you cannot discover such an ideal container, it’s ok to choose a huge sofa. However, make sure that it’s at least of the dimensions of your bean bag because you’re likely to drain your bean bag chair and transfer it is filling into the bag or the container you select. Be sure that the container or the bag doesn’t have any harm.

How to Empty a Bean Bag Chair

Now put your container or the bag you select on the floor with proper equilibrium. To set the sack, you may want to get support from a third party, another instrument that might be useful. Now put the funnel in the mouth of the container or the sofa properly. With the support of your spouse, you can lift the unzipped bean bag chair in order its unzipped mouth must put the back, and its leadership should be the upside-down of this funnel.

If you did so absolutely, you could observe the stuffed beans of this bean bag chair moving ideally into the container or the bag you put in the ground throughout the funnel. When it isn’t moving ideally, it is possible to shake the bean bag chair a little or fix the attachment using the bean bag.

Shake the bean bag chair lightly until all beans have been transferred to the container or the bag entirely from your bean bag chair. Close the container’s lid as though the container dropped over inadvertently; it will spill the beans anywhere, and it will not allow you to wash your work area for a couple of hours. If you used a sofa, make sure it transforms up perfectly.

You can now hand it to a company that recycles polystyrene beads or anything you had on your bean bag chair. You need to eliminate the eliminated filling properly as it isn’t environment-friendly. Now the 1st most challenging part is finished. You’ve successfully drained your bean bag chair.

Step 4: Refill beanbag chair

Have your helper hold the beanbag chair open together with the unzipped opening up. They have two occupations; this is the previous one. They’re able to do it. The very first one was supposed to assist you when draining the bean bag chair.

With a single hand, put your funnel within the opening together with all the towels of the funnel really within the bean bag chair so that when you pour the filler, it will not go anywhere. When you’ve positioned your funnel, then use your free hand to pour the beanbag filler indoors.

Continue filling your beanbag chair till you’ve attained the degree of firmness you would like. You can shake the bean bag gradually as you’re filling the bean bag chair, so the new filler you position himself correctly from the deep of this bean bag chair.

(Notice: The funnel can make things move slower, but it saves you time in the long term because of its mess mitigating variables)

Step 5: Close to the beanbag chair

Utilize your MacGyver’d zipper to close the beanbag chair opening. When there was a patch covering the zipper, then close that too. Clean your workplace with the aid of the vacuum cleaner since it may have spilled any micro parts of these EPS beads, which will enter your lungs when you’re breathing. It’s harmful to your well-being.

Sometimes, it requires only a couple of days for the new beans to create their proper form. Therefore, if the bean bag chair you refilled isn’t in the ideal shape, don’t be scared. Only have patience. Wait around for a couple of days. And also, the proper shape will return to it. Meanwhile, do the shakes into the bean bag frequently.

At this point, you have a refilled beanbag chair. Check it out! Here is the very best method to fill out a bean bag in your home.

(Notice: If you are unsatisfied with the quantity of fill, repeat steps 4 and 5 until you receive the fill amount you would like.)

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There you have it; that’s the way you refill a bean bag chair. After following those measures, you ought to have a fully working beanbag chair to refill yourself in your home (along with your helper). Some individuals throw off the beanbag chair the moment they go apartment and purchase a new one. It’s a total waste of cash.

If you know someone who’s looking to refill their chair, talk about this together. In case you have your techniques for satisfying them, please tell us in the comments below.


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