How To Measure A Sofa? BEST Measuring Guide 2021

How To Measure A Sofa

In the following guide, Nousdecor will show you How To Measure A Sofa to help your sofa fit through your door and your room space. 

The sofa is your anchor piece, and it is now a standard in-house decoration. This is because it’s the most helpful piece of furniture. Also, among the most comfortable places in the area – it’s where you entertain guests, it’s wherever your children spend most of their time. If you have pets, it’s most probably to be a territorial place in itself.

The sofa also reflects your stylish personal feeling and indicates a decorative design of the space in addition to your own house. Possessing a sofa not just in the living space but in different areas of your home plans to provide relaxation and comfort and usefulness and functionality like by offering additional storage area.

Whenever you choose to purchase a new sofa, you need to evaluate it before handing over the money and measure where you’re likely to place it. Whether you’ve got a small or big sofa, a corner sofa, or even a love seat, it’s vital to understand it’ll fit before buying.

Why Accurate Measurements Are So Important?

Why Accurate Measurements Are So Important

Furniture delivery folks occasionally need to contend with wanting to acquire a sofa into a house through windows or needing to dismantle a sofa to bring it inside. In addition, sofas are returned into shops from time to time since they do not match doors or since they were too big or too little for the rooms that they were meant for.

Measuring is required not simply to acquire the sofa indoors but also to make sure that it’s the right match for your space. Whether you’re putting it against a wall or sitting in an open area, it ought to fit. You also need it to be the same scale as the other furniture and space as a whole.

What’s the Size Of A Sofa?

There are different kinds of sofas, which explains why there’s not any typical size for them. But, you may quickly differentiate sofa sizes based on how many people can sit. For example, a two-person sofa lets 50 inches of the seating area, even though a five-person sofa may provide up to 108 inches of distance.

The particular measurements for your height, thickness, and duration are going to be more quantified personally. More so, note the extra features of the sofa may also impact its dimensions. By way of instance, measuring a sectional sofa with a wedge will be slightly different than just taking dimensions of a classic sectional sofa.

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The Way to Read Sofa Dimensions

Couch measurements in furniture shops are written as three numbers. They signify the sofa’s length, width, and elevation. But a frequent source of confusion believes the furniture width and thickness are identical.

The sofa’s thickness and width could be comparable, but it is not true for many versions. Bear in mind that the diameter is measured from 1 arm to another, while the thickness is from front to rear. Some couches have comparable thickness and width since the thickness also measures the broadest points.

How To Measure A Sofa?

How To Measure Sofa

When you step a sofa, do not simply stop in the length of the width since that won’t give you the complete image and the dimensions could be wrong. This is the Way to measure correctly:


Assess the width from arm to arm since that’s generally the broadest aspect of this sofa. You want to be sure you are taking the width dimensions at the broadest point. For example, if the sofa you’ve picked has wrapped arms, measure from out the broadest aspect of a single-arm into another arm rather than in the base close to the legs.


The next step is to assess the height-quantify the spine at the maximum point. As an example, a camel-back sofa will likely be the greatest in the middle. Quantify from there on the ground because occasionally, sofa legs are all attached. If the sofa legs are screwed on, you could have the ability to eliminate only measuring from the top towards the base of the sofa. If this dimension moves through the entryway, then you may twist the legs on as soon as you have the sofa within the area.


The thickness of this sofa is among the most significant dimensions to choose from. The means to do it is to measure from the exterior edge of the chair into the trunk. It’s ideal for taking action from among those sides.

Diagonal Depth

The next step is to assess the angled thickness of this sofa. You do it by putting the right tape measure in the top rear of the frame to the front.

Best Tip:

Do not only assess the sofa but also assess the hall and doors to ensure that your brand new sofa matches in if delivered. The rule of thumb is when your doorway width is more significant than your sofa height, it ought to match.

As soon as you understand precisely what sofa you want in your area, moving a present piece or purchasing something new, you want to be sure it functions in the area. Quantify your new and old sofa to compare, and see whether the new one will be smaller or significant.

Doing so will let you visualize your space and in which the sofa will be. You will find you have to get rid of a side table or like make space. As an alternative, you may have a gap that needs filling, and understanding this before is actually helpful.

When deciding upon a brand new sofa for space, be conscious of the scale and when it will work with everything else. You do not necessarily need your sofa to control the distance; you do not want it to get lost by being too tiny.

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Shopping for the correct sofa dimensions can be overpowering. But if you understand how to quantify a sofa, you can make sure you could move it upon birth, and it’ll also have sufficient space within the room. In addition, obtaining accurate sofa dimensions is much helpful for slipcovers to guarantee the ideal fit.

We hope the above advice can allow you to look for a new sofa better and fit your area.


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