How To Make Sofa Cushions Firmer? A Complete Guide 2021

How to Make Sofa Cushions Firmer

How to Make Sofa Cushions Firmer? Keep reading our article below to know better.

There are quite a few productive and straightforward tricks about the best way to make your sofa cushions firmer, but that one should you employ. In this guide, we provide you a few pieces of advice for creating your couch cushions firmer to allow you to couch comfier on a budget. Let us dive right into it!

What’s the best foam to use for sofa cushions?

You are going to want to utilize a high-density upholstery foam. You do not need anything too thick, or it will not fit within your current cushion cover.

That is why the high-density component is vital. It’s very pricey (I believe) but is well worth it.

Thin, low-density foam will not create the chair any softer.

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How to Make Sofa Cushions Firmer?

How to Make Sofa Cushions Firmer (1)

Couches require a good deal of abuse, and over time, the cushions begin to sag and lose their shape. If the remainder of the couch is in poor shape, it can be worth considering acquiring a brand new one.

On occasion, a new upholstery project is a solution, and on occasion, the frame requires work. However, if sagging cushions are the only problem, you are lucky since there are several ways of earning couch cushions firmer.

Insert Foam into Sofa Cushions

Adding additional foam is the simplest way to firm up sofa cushions. There are some ways to get it done.

In case your couch cushions have zippers, it is quite simple to add extra foam. Simply unzip the cover and then include the desired amount of foam.

Foam comes from the firm, medium, and gentle density versions, in addition to different thicknesses, so that you may select the one which best fits your requirements. You can add 1 bit or coating a few round the present cushion till you receive the desired result.

Stuffing the cushion with cotton batting is an alternative, but the outcome is not generally as powerful as foam.

Replace Foam

If the cushion inside is in very poor shape, you may wish to consider thoroughly replacing it. Either buy new foam from a local store or order it online.

If purchasing online, consider the dimensions of every cushion and purchase foam which are equivalent to or bigger than what’s required. When there’s no doubt, always order a size bigger than desired because it could be cut if needed.

Some companies cut foam to purchase. In case you’ve got an L-shaped cushion, you may wish to consider using the foam cut.

How to Cut Foam

If you are going to reduce the foam follow these simple steps:

  • Eliminate the foam cushions out of the covers.
  • Set the old foam in addition to the new and follow an outline about the new piece to create a pattern.
  • With a knife and cutting a 90-degree angle, then cut across the line. If you use an electric knife which can make a cleaner cut.

Take Cushions to an Upholsterer

If you’ve got an expensive or classic sofa, it is ideal for getting a professional to repair the cushions instead of trying to perform it yourself. It’ll cost a tiny bit longer, but it is well worth it.

A professional furniture upholsterer will ensure the cushions look as great as the day you purchased the sofa. Paying someone else to the labor costs a bit more, but if you’ve spent a good deal on a sofa, why skimp on the cushions?

Use Plywood to Firm Up Seating

Another temporary method of firming up couch cushions would be to set a sheet of plywood beneath them. It’ll continue to keep the cushions out of sinking into the framework when folks sit down.

To keep things even, put one long piece of plywood that runs the sofa’s length under the cushion(s). Even if just a couple of those cushions need firming up, it will feel strange if there is plywood under just a part of the chair.

While plywood can produce the chair feel firmer, it is not a permanent alternative.

What Should You Do In Your Couch Cushions Is Too Soft?

What Should You Do In Your Couch Cushions Is Too Soft

You may stiffen your sofa cushions by strengthening the fillers or replacing them entirely. Utilize a high-density polyester foam since it will not soften as fast in comparison to other substances. It is also possible to maintain your couch cushions from cutting quickly by practicing proper care.

Among the very best techniques to fix sagging sofa cushions is turning them frequently. This will disperse the wear and tear across the cushions to keep their inviting composition. Additionally, it would also be best to maintain the cushions from becoming exposed to heat or moisture since these factors destroy the fillers.

Soft sofa vs firm sofa

Softness may often be confused as synonymous with relaxation, but obtaining an incredibly soft couch can damage more than reasonable. If you sink a lot on the sofa, it may promote poor and firming sitting posture. On the contrary, a firm sofa can allow you to maintain an eyebrow backbone, which can be more comfy and beneficial to your own body in the long term.

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How To Make Down Sofa Cushions Firmer

Down is a favorite material for people who wish to experience lavish softness. But they could feel too soft to your sofa, so it is ideal for boosting their stiffness by mixing down with foam. You’re still able to keep the relaxation from the softness of down, but putting a foam center on the sofa cushions will maintain their structural integrity for a longer period.

Another technique would be to combine feathers and down according to a preferred ratio and then wrap them together with polyester batting. But it is well worth noting down that it isn’t the most straightforward sofa material to wash. It is ideal to utilize sofa covers to stop them from collecting dirt and spills, as a destroyed sofa cushion will provide insufficient support.

How Can I Stiffen My Couch Springs?

Sagging sofa springs may impact the firmness of this sofa, and you may quickly fix them by scrutinizing their metal mounts. Each spring has a mount on the two ends, which may loosen when worn. Tighten them to reattach them into the sofa framework.

You could even inspect the cable on every sofa spring. Their attachment to the springs may loosen, so it is ideal for replacing them. Read this guide on the best way best to correct sofa springs to understand more.

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How do I keep my couch cushions from sliding off?

If you have sofa cushions that are slipping and slipping, I propose adding glue Velcro to hold them in position.

We inserted Velcro to the cushion on the chaise part of our couch since it was constantly sliding from side to side and seemed terrible.

It worked superbly!

This wouldn’t work if your cushions were reversible or you flipped them frequently.

If you’re wondering exactly what to do whenever your sofa cushions go apartment, I hope this tutorial helps!


Try out some of the hints mentioned above. You will have the ability to produce your old sofa feel entirely new. Hope this guide will be helpful to you. Should you’ve any tips or ideas, do not be afraid to drop a comment below.


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