How To Connect Sectional Sofa? A Complete Guide 2021

How To Connect Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas provide a cluttered appearance to your house; even the corners and edges can get harmful for pets and kids. Thus, you have to understand how to connect them even if you have a private mechanic to manage this. As soon as you have it, you have to understand the actuality.

In this guide, we will share with you the ideal method on How To Connect Sectional Sofa. So let us dive right into it.

Why You Need To Connect a Sectional Sofa From The Beginning

Why You Need To Connect a Sectional Sofa From The Beginning

Sectional sofas are a breeze to assemble. However, if you laze around when you purchase a new sectional and don’t attach the components, you may face some problems.

When sectional places are abandoned handed in your living area, the couch parts might develop gaps between each area. Should you sit on the sofa this manner or marginally move the bits, then the openings will still seem.

Some homeowners have little children in their houses. Or they could have folks over who could have kids of their own. In cases like this, if you maintain the sofa unattached, the children may hurt themselves.

You may even have pets that will hurt themselves due to the gap. They can play around with it and also damage themselves.

After the afternoon, an unattached sectional wouldn’t look great in your living area. It is going to look cluttered, surely.

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How To Connect Sectional Sofa?

How To Connect A Sectional Sofa

A sectional set won’t build itself by itself. This job is your decision. You must learn a little about the way you’re able to assemble it. We’re here to help you directly through it.

To begin with, you have to learn about the bits you will need to assemble. Then, you have to understand how to use them. So let’s waste no more time and dig.


This is an essential portion of building a sectional. It is going to continue to keep the sofa held collectively. To begin with, you have to rely on them. Let’s suppose there are seven bits; you then need six mount sets to combine the bits.

Turn over the segments and examine the match between the bits – indicate frame position using a pencil through a hole in the bolt. Next, drill a hole to the marked location. To connect the hardware into the frame, place a twist in the hole via the mount and make it tight with a power drill or a manual screwdriver.

Combine either side of the drilled points collectively for whatever sort of hardware you’ve bought. Individuals use standard lock mechanics or teeth-matching fork mounts to get this done.


There are different approaches to construct a sectional – no need to utilize magnets should you not want to. You always have the option to use hooks rather than connectors. They’re simple to purchase too. Just visit the most adjoining hardware shop and find a couple of hooks to link your sofa.

Always make sure you acquire hooks that have springs that slip on. And catch hooks that have locks to stop them from unhooking. To prevent the pieces from falling apart, set the pins in the base. It’s possible to put the hooks in front, the center, or the rear on the floor.

Now, use all you’ve learned about linking the sectional couch with straps and connecting with your sofa with hooks instead.

Brackets Which Have Hand Keys

There are several ways which you could use to build a sectional couch. Primarily, it’s a significant priority once you get a fresh pair. The essential concern becomes constructing the big pieces together. To be able to join the bits, you may use brackets using keys.

Arrange the pieces in a sense where they are going to have sufficient space. Then, transfer the pieces together while standing from the first 2 bits. In this manner, with a single side’s female side, the other’s man’s side-line is upward.

Move the facet of the man as soon as you’ve raised it so that it comes in keeping with the feminine side and climbs above. Now, lock after lowering the segment.

After that, please turn on the other side of the configurations and get it done repeatedly. You need to repeat the entire process to the other end. Boost the man side, lock the feminine side, and line the mounts.

You have to raise the general weight. And this weight becomes diminished when you switch sides and continue from 1 end to another hand. This lifting could make it tougher for you whether you moved in the sectional so that you can

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Brackets Which Are in the Bottom

Sectionals are fantastic for those that have large families. They’re great to check at in large living rooms too. However, if you have guests who come around to your home, you’ll have to let them sit someplace. That is really where sectionals become significant.

A sectional set could be linked with a lot of different sorts of tools. Brackets at the base are just one of these.

Leave at least a foot gap between the first two components sections of every piece, and set the sectional in a position you would like it to be put in. Then, take out the mounts of every side of the ground. They’ll appear to be a fork with either side or will be only a sheet of metal.

It may be secured and never come out readily. Align the mounts by placing the initial two components. Begin with the fixed-prong bracket. Subsequently, press towards the wheel-style bracket. In case the established guide informs you, then lift it slightly.

Put the tiers together and wait to hear a click sound. Don’t enable the parts to float. Some versions click and a few occasions. Keep doing exactly the identical thing before everything is connected.

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Shoe Connections

You want to use something to join a sectional set. There are lots of bits of a sectional pair that has to be connected. One of them is your shoe connections. Employing this one, it is easy to join the sections of your couch together.

Shoe connections are created so they could connect a couple of segments of a sectional set. You might wish to understand how to maintain a sectional sofa together. This is how:

Arrange the shoe links in the manner you need your segments to be put in. Put the edges together closely. Based on the way you would like your place to be put, you’ll have two or even more L-shaped platforms, a single L-shaped segment, and a brief bit, or even some straight-lined platforms.

The shoe links can remain under the couch as one stage or maintain two longboards that sit upon the front and the rear. Lift the very first piece and set it on the cover of the platform. You may require the support of different individuals to lift the sofa, so make sure you request assistance.

Together with the connector holes, line up the toes of this piece of furniture. Repeat the identical process with the entire section.

Cable Ties

To stop the pieces from dividing, cable ties are utilized into the sofa’s feet. Pick out the wires by fitting the shade together with the set. In this manner, the set won’t appear strange. Thus, pick out dark-colored cable ties if your sectional set is dark-colored, or select light colors if the pair is light-colored.

Put the cable ties from the legs of both segments together and leave the link component of this string in the back of the leg to conceal it.

After trimming the cable into the legs, then cut off the elongated part that’s left behind. Should you have to rearrange the couch or push it into someplace else, cut the cable ties and then replace them with fresh ones.


The link of sectional sofas fluctuates according to versions. Some versions utilize a T-style slot machine, where a few have a bolt design. It is far better to undergo the education that came with your product. If you do not get the phrases, search them on the internet by composing the name.

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The Way to Connect A Sofa When Parts Are Missing

In the event, if you don’t have the attachments to maintain the bits together. Additionally, the couch is from business; there are specific things which you may do.

When present, attachment plates seem to be threaded on both sides but have T-slots about the right side.

Then you may have the ability to join the plates using regular carriage bolts.

The idea is to flip each bolt in 1 end, then slide the bolt heads to the slots on the right panels, or at which the two sides have threaded or woven borders.

You might have the ability to use something known as the dual-threaded stud that’s threaded at the ends in opposite directions.

It allows you to twist the bolt with each other to draw the two parts.

If that isn’t found in the neighborhood grocery store, you could have the ability to utilize it known as the standardized metallic furniture connector.

If it doesn’t work reusing the original attachments, then you need to have the ability to locate new gear that does precisely the function.

A tool known as sectional couch connector sofa screws into the base of the components.

A couch lock is much simpler to mount, as it involves slipping a ring around the bottoms of adjoining pieces.

If the rings on your couch aren’t the ideal match for the legs, then you may have the ability to write something special in yourself until you receive the straightforward notion on the Couch Clamp site.


Hopefully, this article about the best way to connect sectional sofas was discussed enough to provide a short yet thorough version of the entire process. It is also possible to check the movies that your maker provides online to direct you. The approaches mentioned are a few of the most popular and widespread networking approaches.

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