How To Clean A Couch? In-Depth Guide [2021]

How To Clean A Couch

If it comes to cleaning your property, your attention is principally on the chunk. So you are cleaning your sheets, vacuuming curtains and blinds, and ensuring all of your surfaces are clean.

However, what about your couch? Regrettably, you can not throw the entire thing at the laundry and call it a day. Your sofa could be enormous, may be made from soft fabrics (hello, linen), and maybe a complete magnet for pet hair and tiny clumps of debris. However, nobody likes to sit on a musty, yellow, smelly couch.

You will want to clean your sofa regularly. When stains or spills happen, it’s essential to handle them immediately. Please keep reading our post on How To Clean A Couch? to maintain your sofa looking great for ages.

Determine the Kind of Fabric

Locate the label on the couch and browse the directions on how to clean upholstery. Listed below are the codes located on labels:

  • WS: Use a gentle detergent using a steam vacuum or dry-cleaning detergent.
  • S: Use a dry cleaner detergent only.
  • X: Use a vacuum cleaner only. No water.
  • W: You are able to use water to wash it.

How To Clean A Couch?

How To Clean Couch

Regular couch cleaning and upkeep should do weekly to stop the long-term effect of spills or harm from routine wear and tear.

Follow these three easy maintenance Pointers to Help expand the durability of your couch:

Dry brush – use a dry brush to loosen up any bits of fabric, debris, or dirt.

Vacuum – to a very low setting, use your vacuum cleaner to eliminate the things you could shake loose along with your dry brush together with items that have been deeply embedded into your couch.

Switch cushions – turn the cushions around to decrease the look of being worn.

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The way to Deep Clean a Couch

Sometimes routine maintenance can not treat deeply embedded dirt and stains. For example, to properly deep wash a couch, you’ll require cleaning fabrics, a stiff brush, baking soda, plus a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment.

Follow the following steps to find out how to wash a couch with baking soda:

Examine your fabric: Baking soda is excellent for many things, for example, the elimination of dirt and embedded dirt on your couch. Test the fabric in an inconspicuous place; however, baking soda is secure for many kinds of upholstery.

Brush the couch: Utilize the brush to brush off crumbs, dust, and other debris.

Apply baking soda: Sprinkle the couch with baking soda and let it sit for 20 to thirty minutes. After that, you might wish to consider mixing the baking soda in a dry cleaner that is dry to get a much deeper clean.

The vacuum that the baking soda – Use the brush attachment on your vacuum to eliminate the baking soda or mix thoroughly.

Eliminate embedded stains – For almost any hard stains which are still existing, you may use an option which may work for the sort of fabric alongside a clean cloth for blotting stains away. For Example, fabric upholstery may be cleaned with a mix of:

  • 3/4 cup hot water
  • 1/4 cup vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon of dish soap.

For artificial upholstery, use a mixture of one cup warm water, 1/2 cup vinegar, and 1/2 tablespoons of dish soap.

Use the mix – Blend ingredients in a spray bottle and spray on the stains.

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How to Shampoo A Couch

If you’re attempting to find an even deeper wash, consider renting a steam or rug cleaner to wash your couch. Steam cleaners may be used on a broad range of upholstery, except for suede. Follow the following steps to find out how to shampoo a couch:

Vacuum the couch with your upholstery brush attachment and all sides of these cushions to remove any embedded stains or dirt.

Fill out the chosen cleaning system using water and a cleaning detergent or solution most appropriate for your fabric kind.

Begin cleaning the couch. Make sure to pull back the brush into an even and direct movement, moving with the grain of your couch substance if appropriate.

After the cushions are dry, then place them back on the couch.

How To Wash Couch Cushions

If you’re able to eliminate pillow covers and the label suggests they’re machine washable, this is the simplest way to wash couch cushions. Otherwise, you can loosen debris and dirt from beating the cushions outside to a bright day. One advantage of doing so is that the sun’s UV rays work to disinfect the fabric.

More Couch Cleaning Tips

More Couch Cleaning Tips

Lint Roller

If your couch is made of a fabric the readily attracts lint, dust, or hair, you should maintain a lint roller hand which you may exclusively use to your couch. This works great for a couch that takes a moderate quantity of de-linting, but it might also do the job for more significant tasks. At a pinch, you may use big parts of packaging tape to de-puppy the couch.

Leather Soap and Conditioner

If you’ve got a leather couch, leather shampoo and soap are something that you can use to keep it looking fresh and clean. You can also use a slightly moist, clean rag to wash off my leather upholstery around once per week.


If your couch is constructed from a fabric that may be cleaned using a water-based cleaner, then consider using steam to loosen up stains and dirt. Try this: Grab your iron, then place it on the “steam” setting, and wave it back and forth over some trouble spots in your couch.


The above are simple ways to wash your couch that are simple to implement and deliver unexpected outcomes. However, if the stains on your sofa are overly stubborn, request the assistance of specialized cleaning products! Hopefully, those as mentioned above have helped you create the ideal choice for your living area.


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