Foundation vs Box Spring: A Mattress Comparison Guide 2021

Foundation vs Box Spring

Are you having difficulty deciding between Foundation vs Box Spring mattresses? Nousdecor are going to help you close your buying journey by assessing box spring or foundation mattresses based on their pros & cons, the differences between both, and much more.

Conventional box springs and foundations are just two of the most frequent options you will encounter. Both may provide sufficient support for a mattress; however, there are some crucial differences between both values keeping in your mind.

So, which one should you get? But, first, let us look at a few of the critical differences that will assist you in deciding.

What is a box spring?

What is a box spring

A traditional box spring, or divan in various other nations, is a kind of mattress foundation traditionally made to encourage an innerspring mattress. Box springs are made out of a wooden frame, steel assistance springs along with a fabric cover. There’s also an opportunity that a box spring might be entirely made from steel rather than timber.

Coils from the box spring promote airflow while providing solid support. The additional give in the box spring guarantees even distribution of fat on the outside also prevents sagging. It’s normal to locate a box-spring and mattress used together without assistance from a frame beneath. The box spring is mounted right on the caster’s position on the ground.

As stated earlier, box springs are paired with conventional innerspring mattresses since coils inside the function as shock absorbers reduce movement transfer. Other mattress kinds, for example, memory foam or latex, aren’t compatible because these thicker mattresses can break the coils, resulting in sagging. Ensure that you check with the fabrication should they need to use a box spring or not. Based on this, your guarantee might remain/or not legitimate!


  • They elevate your mattress;
  • They function as shock-absorbers;
  • Coils promote airflow and also improve breathability;
  • Supports the mattress;


  • Springs divide over time;
  • Noise possible;
  • The danger of sagging;
  • Not compatible with a few mattress kinds;

What is a foundation?

What is a foundation

A mattress foundation is a wooden box with timber slats throughout the surface, typically covered with a watertight fabric. Unlike box springs, foundations are developed for much more assistance than give. The spacing between the pliers determines the service provided by the foundation.

The less distance between pliers, the greater the service-normally 2-3 inches apart. The powerful support might get the mattress to feel firmer. Foundations are compatible with most mattress types-hardy enough to bear the burden of latex, memory foam, or hybrid mattresses. It might be put on a platform mattress also to boost service.


  • compatible with most mattress types;
  • durable;
  • Powerful and even encourage;


  • heavy;
  • lacks give;
  • May create pressure issues using a firmer surface;

Differences between a Foundation vs Box Spring

Both box springs and foundations increase your mattress to a comfortable degree and maybe great bed foundations for your mattress, based upon your mattress kind. Here are some Vital differences to Bear in Mind when creating your decision:

Comparison Box spring Foundation
Support Provides support for your mattress while adding some give Provides sturdy support for your mattress without any give
Durability Coils may break over time, significantly decreasing support Extremely durable, the same support for years to come
Weight Typically lighter than a foundation Heavy, makes transportation difficult
Mattress compatibility Best suited to innerspring mattresses, not compatible with other mattress types Compatible with all mattress types
Average price (queen) $100-$300 $200-$500


Foundation vs Box Spring FAQs

What exactly are bunkie boards?

Bunkie boards are a part of plywood generally placed together with old mattress foundations to boost support under foam mattresses. A few bunkie boards are made from particleboard or wood chips.

Bunkie boards are frequently used as an aid for bunk beds; however, they are also a fantastic solution for sleepers placing their mattress right on the ground.

Could I use a bunkie board together with my foundation?

Bunkie boards are helpful if slats in bedframes are too far apart, or you do not wish to put money into a whole mattress foundation because these supports are supposed to fortify your mattress on a mattress foundation.

These boards are big, single parts of rigid wood, frequently made from plywood or composite to decrease price, and they are acceptable to be set on top of the two box springs and a mattress foundation for an excess layer of service.

You might even utilize bunkie boards to firm a too-soft mattress. Just slip a bundling board between your mattress and foundation to give it a bit more resistance to your weight.

What are a few other varieties of mattress foundations?

Besides box springs and foundations, you’ll find a few different ways that you may encourage your mattress. Platform beds are just one. These bases are essentially mattress foundations designed to endure by themselves. They possess exactly the identical basic construction-a frame with metal sticks or timber slats around it; they have legs and stand by themselves.

Platform beds may include headboards and footboards, and additionally, they generally do not have a fabric cover. Some include storage space too.

What is the normal height of mattress foundations?

While the decreased profiles are 5.5 inches or reduced, the mid-ranged ones usually are between 6 to 8.5 inches, and the greater profiles possibly 9 inches and taller. A high profile makes getting in and out of bed easier, while a lower profile provides a slick, contemporary touch to your area.

Another choice is your adjustable mattress base. Adjustable foundations make it feasible to lift your head or feet to get into a more comfortable position, and they may also include additional features like body massagers and light. These foundations can be a lifesaver for men and women that have difficulty sleeping while lying flat due to handicap or age.

Can I put box springs or foundations on the floor?

Technically, yes, it is possible to place both box springs and foundations right on the ground, but it is usually better to avoid doing so. Since airflow beneath the mattress is removed, moisture may build up within the foundation and mattress, which may cause your mattress to break down quicker.

Leaving your mattress base on the ground also allows for dirt and dust buildup. And, of course, it makes it simpler for any insects scurrying about on the ground to crawl into bed with you. If you would like to prevent moisture, dust, and six-legged bedfellows, it is ideal for getting a stage or a bed frame.

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So, how can you understand that mattress foundation is ideal for you? The one person who can decide on what service system to their mattress is necessary and wanted is the person who will be sleeping in the bed. Some variables play a role in your decision that shouldn’t be missed, from the own body type (height, weight, etc.) to present medical conditions or accidents that demand a particular sleeping surface.

We hope this manual will beneficial for you in deciding on a new mattress.


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