Design Matters
Design has the power to transform lives. Join us in making that impact for deserving families.
Everyone deserves to thrive in a beautiful space. To that end, NousDecor has partnered with Dwell with Dignity in our "Design Matters" campaign, where we'll help create and style a gorgeous and truly personalized space for a few deserving families. Bringing an expert styling touch to the home is acclaimed interior designer to the stars and NousDecor Chief Designer Mark Cutler, who will use the NousDecor's tools and resources in conjunction with Dwell with Dignity to bring this stunning new space to life.

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New Home, New Beginnings and the Power of Design
All the way over in Dallas, Texas, the moment has finally arrived for a family in need. NousDecor, in partnership with Dwell with Dignity, has worked countless hours in order to bring the power of design into the lives of a deserving mother and her four children for our joint Design Matters campaign.
Dwell with Dignity Partners with NousDecor to Give Family of Five a New Décor and New Start
Together with Dwell with Dignity and a host of retail and private donors, Cutler worked to create a space that will empower this mom and her children to live their best lives ... "The result is a gorgeous home designed to encourage stability and love for the family in their new life,” said NousDecor Co-Founder Dorothee Fisher.
Mark Cutler rallies brands to help a family in need
Designer Mark Cutler, along with Dwell with Dignity and NousDecor, recently reimagined, renovated and redecorated the Dallas, Texas, home of a single mom and her four children. The family was nominated by the New Friends New Life program to receive the home makeover, provided by the first-time partnership between Dwell with Dignity, a nonprofit contingent of designers and volunteers who work to create "soothing, inspiring" homes for families dealing with poverty and homelessness, and NousDecor, a digital interior design platform that both crowdsources ideas and provides inspiration and recommendations.
Dwell With Dignity & NousDecor: A Feel Good Story and New Interior For a Family of 5
The environment people dwell in has a huge impact on their psyche whether they realize it or not. To help a deserving family, NousDecor has partnered with Dwell with Dignity, for their “Design Matters” campaign, to help create and style a personalized space. NousDecor Chief Designer Mark Cutler brings his styling expertise with the help of Dwell with Dignity and the many companies donating products and services.

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Design Has the Ability to Transform Lives. Here's How.
When I work professionally with my clients, I have a very specific process that I go through with them. One part of that process is that I do not let them see the house for the last two weeks of the project. I want them to walk into a finished design, and have that one chance to see the house the way all future guests will see it.
The Unlikely Story of Profoundly Inspirational Wallpaper
We were recently in touch with Kristen Philipkoski, well-known writer, style blogger (over at Stylenik), and friend of NousDecor. She told us about how she was about to welcome a new 14-year-old boy into her family and was looking for some design tips.