California King vs King Mattress: What’s Best For You? 2021

California King vs King Mattress

For people who would rather have ample distance, both best choices would be California King vs King Mattress. These conventional mattress sizes are trendy among couples. Still, many sleepers have difficulty determining what king-size mattress is ideal for them if the differences between dimensions are unclear.

Below you’ll see a comprehensive comparison between those mattresses in addition to a thorough breakdown of all of the features that you need to know about when making the suitable mattress for you.

What’s a King Size?

What's a King Size

A king-size mattress measures 76 inches by 80 inches-the equivalent to 2 twin beds positioned alongside each other. A king-size bed (otherwise called an Eastern king) was made to accommodate two sleepers but includes space for kids who prefer to snuggle with their parents during the night.

The typical king-size mattress is the most significant mattress size available on the current market, covering an entire surface area of 6,080 square inches. This mattress size is ideal for more enormous master bedrooms at least 12 feet by 10 feet, although we urge 13 feet by 13 feet to find the best distance balance. It’s the most used choice for couples, second only to the queen-size mattress.


  • Couples who prefer to stretch out, also room for Kids
  • Huge bedrooms
  • Widely accessible
  • Split king choice available for couples with diverse sleep tastes


  • Expensive
  • Too large for restricted spaces
  • Difficult to maneuver because of weight and size

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What’s a California King Size?

What's a California King Size

A California king mattress (also called a Western king) measures 72 inches by 84 inches and is equal to two twin XL mattresses. This mattress size can be ideal for couples, particularly for sleepers more than 6 ft tall. Considering that the Cal king mattress is much slimmer than the usual king-size, it can have space to match 1 to 2 little kids along with two adults.

California king beds are the second-largest typical dimension in the mattress industry, with 6,048 square inches of total surface area. Cal king mattresses are best for master bedrooms measuring 12 feet by 12 feet, although space dimensions 12 feet by 14 feet are better to adapt the mattress’s extra length.


  • Overweight people at least 6 ft
  • Couples who prefer to be nearer together
  • Split California king Alternative for couples with diverse sleep tastes
  • Huge bedrooms


  • Difficult to maneuver because of the bulky size
  • Higher Price
  • Difficult to locate bedding

Selecting Between California King vs King Mattress

Selecting Between California King vs King Mattress



Right off the bat, then you may need to consider the total measurements of your area. The perfect situation would make it possible for you to leave a minimum of two feet of space situated around all three sides of your mattress. This will provide you with the essential space to walk openly and move around the mattress.

This has an improving aesthetic allure, making your bedroom seem a whole lot more spacious and comfortable, preventing the sensation of an exceedingly crowded area.

You also must consider extra furniture, and should you don’t permit this kind of space all around your mattress; it might come to be rather challenging to match anything. This is something which you ought to also account for.


Although the king and California king mattresses are generally around precisely the exact cost, the accessories and bedding for a Cal king could be more expensive and more difficult to find. Items like bed frames, box springs, comforters, bedsheets, and mattress protectors can cost more using a Cal king size mattress. Considering that California king mattresses aren’t as popular as ordinary kings, these things are also much less readily available.


Once you’re making the telephone, be sure that you depart the 2 feet from each mattress side, as we mentioned previously.

There is something else, however, that you would wish to take into consideration. Cal King-sized beds aren’t that different from the normal king-sized one; however, at precisely the same time, some individuals ultimately enjoy their somewhat awkward and other measurements. People that are more than six feet tall, for example, would indeed find the different lengths quite handy.

At precisely the same time, California king beds are also very likely to look quite good in rooms that are thin and long. On the flip side, if you’ve got a room with routine measurements and you love your personal space when sleeping, a conventional king-size bed is the greater telephone. If you and your spouse would rather sleep near one another, the thinner measurements of the Western king will be highly valued.

Your Height

As you can see from our comparison chart, the measurements of the mattresses are somewhat different. Bearing this in mind, if you’re more than 6 feet in height, then going to your Western King is a terrific selection. The excess length will provide you with extra head-to-toe distance, which can be very comfy.

It is only an issue of personal taste. Today, many people love it if their feet are hanging off the mattress and they would not locate the higher length value it.

This is respectable because it is an issue of comfort. On the flip side, other people hate how they cannot receive a full stretch with no body parts to be left out at the hanging. In addition, this is something which you ought to account for.

Your Partner

Additionally, this is something quite significant. As we have mentioned previously, the general width of these mattresses is very different. The California king-size is roughly 4 inches thinner while, at precisely the same time, being greater.

Bearing this in mind, if you and your spouse would instead awaken close, this is the clear option. We have discovered that, though many individuals choose to have their sleeping area throughout the hot summer days, being quite near each other isn’t something you’d prefer. If that is true, a normal king is the better option.


Can California king sheets match on a king-size mattress?

Considering that a California king mattress is 4 inches thinner than a normal king, its sheets won’t fit properly on a king-size mattress. As soon as you’ve picked the ideal size of sheets, then do not forget to wash them around once per week to eliminate allergens and promote a much healthier rest.

Is a California king larger than a normal king?

The king-size mattress includes a larger total surface area concerning a California king size-6,080 square inches compared to 6,048.

Do two double beds create a king?

No. A king is identical to two twin XL mattresses, which can be just five inches longer than a standard twin mattress.

Why is it known as a California king?

After World War II, a retailer in Los Angeles believed that Californians had large houses and larger beds. He also called them the California King later.

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How much larger would be a California king compared to a queen?

A California king dimension is broader and more than the queen size mattress-a California king measures 72 inches by 84 inches, even though a queen size measures 60 inches by 80 inches.

What’s the purpose of a California king mattress?

Although the concept of a Cal king might not make much sense, it is a fantastic alternative for tall sleepers or couples using a little, narrow master bedroom. Having a California king, every sleeper (or solitary sleeper) still has lots of distance, but the mattress does not occupy as much space width-wise.

What’s an Alaskan king mattress?

An Alaskan king measures 108 inches by 108 inches or 9 by 9 ft) Alaskan kings are infrequent but the most significant version of king beds and ideal for two sleepers who want a great deal of space and parents that co-sleep with their children. Most mattress retailers do not carry Alaskan kings, which means you might want to particular order one if you want you.

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Why is it known as a California king?

The California king obtained its title from where it had been devised-Los Angeles, California. The inventor of the mattress believed most Californians had homes large enough to get a bed six feet wide and seven feet long.


Both a king mattress and a California king provide lots of space for sleeping. Which one you opt to go with depends upon if you prefer more room to sprawl out or even more room to stretch your legs.

Even though a California king dimension is thinner and longer and a king-size is shorter and wider. Based upon your individual preferences and accessible space, the two dimensions are excellent options for almost any master bedroom.


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