You'll Want to Display These DIY Vintage Keepsakes Long After the Wedding


What's fortunate about wedding season is that it offers so many opportunities to stretch your DIY muscles. Whether it's for your own or a friend's, nothing says "made with love" like a piece of decor you quite literally, well, you know.  A trend we're obsessed with during wedding season is that vintage, rustic look, and all the fun decor pieces that contribute to creating that vibe. While most people ixnay their lovingly-crafted pieces for the event after the ceremony, there's no reason to throw out perfectly great items that you're not only able to display in your home as decor, but hold onto as a reminder of the wonderful event. These DIY vintage wedding keepsakes are just the thing for both the big day and the days after—that double both as a event momentos and as lovely home decor.  At right, vintage keys are easily crafted into name tags. At home, they can be reworked anew as a cute garland or into a set of wind chimes.  Image via Wedding Chicks



signs and camera

At left, how adorable is this pair of signs perched on a retro bike sculpture? You can recreate this by getting a vintage bike frame (even a real one!) and painting some signs to display on it. And after the wedding? This would fit so perfectly into a backyard design—simply swap out the signs to read "garden" and "patio" (or leave them, if your backyard is particularly lively!). Below, vintage tomes, candles, and a retro camera are super-easy wedding decor items with which to create a DIY arrangement. And when it's over, there's always an accent table in the living room in need of some—you guessed it—accents. Images via The Knot and June Bug Weddings.


suitcases and lace

At right, a few thrift store vintage suitcases and trunks create a lovely stack on which to display flowers and type (and so simple to make!). After, these could easily be made into a side table next to a bed—an original and modern design addition Below, a vintage-y lace pocket that covers a bill for the wedding is made simply using a doily and twine. And after the big day, they'll make marvelous napkin holders. Images via Bristol Wedding Fair and BeauxandBelles.  




quote and typewriter vignette

At left, a literary quote on a vintage gilded chalkboard does wonders for both a wedding and on a wall at home. DIY this by gluing an elaborate thrift store frame to a chalkboard. Then sketch out the quote and trace it with a chalk pencil, or free-hand it! Below, a great vignette is created through a vintage typewriter, crate, camera and letter. Each of these pieces could be picked up on a flea market trip, then re-purposed as decor throughout the house. Plus, the typewriter makes it easier for guests to give you another memento to frame and display at home—hand-typed notes of best wishes for a happy union! Images via The Wedding Post and Ruffled Blog


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