Breaking: Matching Dining Chairs Are Officially Over


By Eva Recinos We completely understand the appeal of matching when it comes to fashion, decor and more. But once in a while, it pays to get a little more experimental. By this, we mean by playing with color, texture and pattern combinations, which of course applies to art, rugs, and pillows. And, maybe one more decor element you might not immediately have considered: dining chairs. Lately, we noticed quite a few dining areas that mix and match chair colors, styles, and sizes. If these quirky combinations seem chaotic at first, they definitely work to amp up the volume of any room. Many of the coolest dining spaces cluster chairs in different styles, but keep them the same color for a look that feels unified yet fun. Check out some of our favorite examples of how to play with your dining room chairs. It's been declared, at least by us: non-matching dining chairs are in. Image via shelterness.

bright and colorful

For an especially cheerful room, try mixing chairs in different colors. If you want a more cohesive look, use the same style for all the chairs. Pair with some equally bright art prints for a room that will keep your decor playful and pleasant. Inspiration Image via The Design Files.

keeping it simple

If you prefer decorating with softer colors or neutral tones, use a variety of chairs in white, grey and light tones. We love the way this room matches one chair with the ceiling lamp. A dark blue chair adds a bit of color without standing out too much from the room's palette. Inspiration Image via De Huismuts.

minimal and clean

This set-up uses very little decor on the table, instead letting the chairs steal the spotlight. Again, using chairs in the same style but different colors can keep a dining space unified yet interesting. A blue bench in the same shade as a chair also serves as a great example of how to experiment with shapes and sizes. Inspiration Image via Dwell.

all things yellow

Add some liveliness to your dining space with bright yellow chairs in all styles. The same shade of yellow remains consistent in this room but the chairs range from round and stout to tall and thin. Pairing these bright chairs with a wooden table and a bouquet of sunflowers makes this layout feel almost like an indoor picnic. Inspiration Image via A Beautiful Mess.

modern and graphic

We love this room's combination of red, white and black accents. The space keeps things interesting by pairing a wooden chair with other sleek white seats. A bright print on the wall keeps the color theme going and creates a graphic look that feels modern and edgy. Inspiration Image via Nib Hjemme.

sophisticated dining

With a great gallery wall as a backdrop, this room manages to create a chic and sophisticated look without matching too many items. A ghost chair grouped next to wooden chairs somehow works, especially with a classy chandelier and bar cart nearby. Inspiration Image via shelterness.

looking classy

This look feels especially upscale with its almost all-white decor. The chairs are all ornate patterns but come together when painted white. A ceiling lamp and white flowers add to the overall elegance. This is definitely a theme that looks even more creative when you mix and match styles. Inspiration Image via HGTV.

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