When I'm Small


Sad to say, we are often confronted with the challenge of working with a space that's just. Too. Small. Whether it's for budget reasons or simply because The Landlord Has No Business Calling That Closet a Bedroom, everyone has had the dilemma of working with smaller interiors. While it can often seem more like a burden than a boon, we at nousDECOR are very glass half-full about these kinds of things. On the positive side, a small room gives one ample opportunity for creativity to bloom, and to think in extraordinary ways about how to make a smaller space feel more comfortable and even, yes, larger. Because when a small room is designed just right, the amount of space in it also feels, well, just right—no different than if you'd had more room to work with. So if you're stuck on ideas for small living rooms, small dining rooms, and everything in between, we've got some inspirational suggestions that'll hopefully break you out of your (small) box. Dig in (and listen in to get you in the mood!):

perfect fit

What a gorgeous bedroom, right? This photo shows the benefit of the first rule of small space decorating: measuring! This nook-like bedroom is also made wonderfully cozy through the genius chandelier addition. Inspiration Image via Apartment Therapy

pop out

Forget an accent wall—how about an accent kitchen? A small kitchen gets a huge upgrade by simply being visually divided from the rest of the room.  Inspiration Image via Where & Wear


Perfect placement of furnishings allow this small living room to come alive and appear more spacious. The secret is in the choice of items—notice that there is nothing in excess here. Put that on your "ideas for small living rooms" list. Inspiration Image via EuroStyle Lighting.

making room

No extra room available for an office space? Then make it yourself! A small desk set-up in a living room can be brilliant, especially since it only takes up one vertical slot of space. Inspiration Image via Smitten Studio

perfect design

Above all else, get smart by planning out how you want to utilize your space. This small dining area works perfectly through the chairs/table's focused, compact design. Inspiration Image via Resolution Design

utilizing space

Finally, remember to utilize the space you do have through creating room for storage. This cubby bench works wonders for this space (as do all of the art and throw pillows that go along with it). Inspiration Image via HouseBeautiful.

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