Seeing in Black & White



Image Inspiration via architectureartdesigns

Minimalism can be a troublesome double-edged sword. On the one hand, we are drawn to simplicity in space, and it seems to inevitably result in ingeniously good design. On the other—it can verge on boring, lacking life and a personal touch. This is a problem you would believe would be no less true in black & white design, as the two colors are expressed the most in minimalist spaces. The fact that it's not is what makes the two colors an inspired combination in a room, as minimalist black plus minimalist white equals a large, unexpected maximalist punch. Here are six of our favorite examples of black & white design that reveal how the pairing bring vibrance and life to a room. The colors' defiance of their standalone minimalist labels in this case show how the rules about great design aren't so black & white.

Inspiration Image via Sally White Designs 

elegant detailing

The color pairing has an elegant air when tiny details—the additions hanging off the pendant shade, the black dots on the feet of the chairs—jump out among polished pieces.

Inspiration Image via Baubau Haus

industrial vibe

Sleek metal additions cozy up to black & white design for a streamlined finish.

Inspiration Image via Arkpad


We love the sense of complexity that is lent to this dining room through the multiple groupings throughout the space—the webbed chairs, the collection of vases on the table, the cups on the counter—even the pendant lamps are paired.

Inspiration Image via Imagination for Breakfast


Yes, black & white design can even exude warmth with the right pieces—the addition of brown and wood characterize this room beyond the two-toned color scheme.

Inspiration Image via Southshore Decorating Blog


Soft pieces in the colors literally soften a space—giving black & white room to be less bold and impactful. In this case, the colors are subdued aside a vase of flowers and a view.

Inspiration Image via architectureartdesigns

pattern & texture

Black and white creates oomph  when presented through prints such as stripes and texture such as is seen in the carpet below.

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