Feeling Feng Shui


The stressors of daily life make it necessary to unearth a place of calm amid the chaos. News touting the benefits of the Eastern practices of yoga and meditation has been everywhere lately—and no wonder, as both have the power to take you outside your zone, to illuminate your understanding of yourself unlike anything else. Anyone who has actively tried to reach a state of nirvana knows that environment is essential to this end. The ancient art of feng shui, or a technique of arranging and adjusting items about a room to create a sense that all is right with the world, is used in interiors to shape an organic relationship between one’s surroundings and the self. Here are some places of stillness we found that are still practicing that art, places that will transport you from the time you close your eyes until you’re bowing namaste. Time to forge some positive energy.

soothing arrangement

The vertical shelf of special little objects is both aesthetically pleasing and creates a sense of order to each individual item. These items would normally create a visual disarray, but their placement works in harmony here. The window and indoor plant are great additions as well.

watching over

Calm eye depictions reflect your own restful gaze and reinforce your meditative state. The candles and simple abstract wall designs also do wonders for the balanced feeling of this interior.

Image via Etsy shop OhDierLiving

and if you don’t have space to set aside for a meditation area...

Written reminders are the best way to invoke feelings of calm even in times when you don’t.

calm horizon

The lack of things in this room enhances focus on the self, while the picture windows enhances focus without. The simplicity of this room, with the dark floor and bright everything else, speaks serenity upon first glance.

outdoor serenity

Indoor/outdoor yoga rooms are ideal for emphasizing one’s connection to nature and the outer world. The plants, the mat, and the screens all work perfectly toward the goal of helping you reach your calm place.

stimulating space

Exercise equipment, a storage area, and a positive poster promote engagement with one’s surroundings and being active without being overwhelming (like all those machines at the gym). This room also features the most gorgeous geometric window we’ve seen in awhile.

Image via awildmindsmusings

little reminders

It even works outdoors.

Image via Amrita Singh

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