Cool Runnings

That joke about the refrigerator running may be stale, but we say the kitchen appliance is staging a comeback that’s keeping it fresh as ever. Oh, yes—we’re feeling totally keen on the cropping of SMEG retro fridges we’ve been spotting lately in funky colors all across the spectrum. It seems that no matter what style you take to—modern, contemporary, rustic, traditional—this vintage fridge is one of those kitchen design ideas that just meshes right in. We chose just six of our favorite iterations of bright iceboxes we couldn’t stop eyeing. Here’s to these fridges for making a splash in the kitchen that needs no cleaning.

retro in red

We love a red fridge flanked by red accents sneakily placed inside cabinet drawers.

orange is the new black

It is uses of the color like this that make us one hundred percent stand by that statement (and no, not just because it’s our favorite thing on Netflix right now).

mellow yellow

The color of this fridge is so laid-back and unimposing paired with an otherwise neutral kitchen.

color us neon

Oh, a tiny one! Neon is incredibly quirky and totally cool in small doses, as evidenced by this retro fridge.

fresh mint

Mint is still in style as ever, and horribly cute in this gorgeously lit and sparingly decorated kitchen.

pretty in pink

Pastel appliances make wonderful friends with this small, lovely colored fridge. The shade of the wood paneling makes a great companion, as well.


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