What Oscar de la Renta Can Teach Us About Interior Design


The famed fashion designer Oscar de la Renta was known for making beautiful clothes real women could enjoy. “My sole purpose as a designer is to create something that I think a woman would want to wear,” he is famous for saying. And as we were touring the Oscar de la Renta: The Retrospective exhibit at the de Young Museum during its debut, we were struck by the power of this message. It felt somehow familiar… And then it hit us.

At NousDecor, we strive to create beautiful rooms that real people can live in. It sounds so simple, and yet there are too many rooms out there that meet only part of this criteria. A stunning, show-stopping room is great to look at, sure. But what good is a gorgeous sofa and sitting area if you don’t feel comfortable sprawling out there on a Friday night, in your pajamas, with a bowl of popcorn and a stack of Netflix DVDs?

This balance of beauty and livability can be tough, though. I’m sure that is a struggle that de la Renta experienced all the time when creating ensembles for his adoring cast of clients. Judging by the more than 130 garments on display in the new exhibit, it’s clear that “wearability” didn’t always have to mean Friday-night-in casual (although there was a display of incredibly elegant pajamas and caftans that could bring a big dose of glamour to your House of Cards marathon).

De la Renta excelled at designing dresses that fit - and flattered - a real woman's body. His gowns celebrated a woman's curves and made them feel beautiful and special. Sure, many of these dresses were for major events like weddings or the Oscars or the Met Ball. But he also created incredible coats, skirts, and daywear to elevate the everyday to extraordinary. 

This is a mission we will continue to aim for when we design rooms for our users. We create beautiful designs and ground them in reality and practicality. Just as beauty in clothing can come from a rich fabric, glittering embellishment, or a pop of color, the same can be said for interior decor. For example, we like to mix high and low designs to balance glitzy, statement accents with reliable, comfortable furniture that you'll enjoy using day after day.

Mid-Century Modern Home Office

When you sign up for a project with us, we spend a lot of time first getting to know you and uncovering your unique needs when it comes to the room you're looking to redesign. Because ultimately, a lot of living will take place there - whether it's the bedroom you'll return to each night for a few moments of tranquility before you fall asleep, or the dining room where you'll gather for meals with your family. 

We'll continue to design rooms with this philosophy in mind, and feel a little prouder doing so, knowing that Oscar de la Renta would approve.

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