It's Just Mint to Be: After a Few Years, Our Color Obsession Is Still Going Strong


By Eva Recinos When you shop for household goods and decor, you might not notice that you gravitate toward certain colors. Even with a design palette in mind, it seems we naturally find some hues more pleasing than others. And while we normally don't like to play favorites when it comes to color — after all, a great room can be a combination of almost literally any of them—something about the color mint in particular just makes it irresistible. Even though mint is long past its heyday on the runways, in the home decor space it just keeps going and going. And we're still loving it, too: from rugs to shower curtains to dishes, the color continues to pop up in some of our favorite rooms on the Internet. For how long it's been in vogue and continues to stay there, we might even be so bold as to call it timeless. Here are a few of the latest swoon-worthy items that are still rocking the pastel color—and will keep rocking it, because we just can't stop wanting pieces in the calming hue: Air Plant Planter—Mint with Gold Dots, Etsy, $17.  

little details

You don't need a lot of mint to create a great look. A little here and there goes a long way. We love the idea of styling a desk or coffee table with a little mint accent. These items will definitely catch your guests' eye but won't completely overshadow your other chic items. Cut Lace Vanity Tray, Urban Outfitters, $24. Curvy Chrysanthemum Vase, Anthropologie, $28. Letterpress Coasters, Etsy, $8.

soft things

Cozy up to some mint decor with items like throws, pillow and rugs. Some of our favorite soft mint things are patterns pillows and rugs. Use them as the base for your room's decor. With the right accents, they can look stylish while feeling comfortable. Coconut Palm Pickers Floor Cushion Cover,, $116. Mint Chevron Arrows, Society6, $28.

outdoor style

We love the idea of introducing mint not just to your interior but also your backyard or balcony. This très chic lounge chair juxtaposes mint with other pleasing colors for a memorable look. If you're hosting a gathering outdoors, don't forget adorable planters and lanterns. Mint is a flexible color and looks great outside near your barbecue grill and tiki torches. Acapulco Multi Lounge Chair, CB2, $179. Air Plant Planter with Air Plant, Etsy, $17. Whisteria Mint Lantern, Crate & Barrel, $39.95.  

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