UX Designer by Day, Artist by Night


If you've browsed around on nousDECOR, you'll be thoroughly familiar with Yiqian's work. (In fact, the blog you're currently reading was designed by her). While an appreciation for aesthetics is a given when you're a UX designer at nousDECOR, Yiqian has lately dabbled in a double life, working on Photoshop by day and painting by night in a large gallery space. Her love of design dovetails well with her love of art, as each helps to inspire the other. 

Her work, featured in a "Day of the Dead" exhibit, was titled My Deer Death, and features a collage of letters from when she was a child, letters from her dad, and a painting at center. 

She set to work each night after closing her laptop, translating her passion for design into the real world at a SOMA-based art gallery space in San Francisco. As nousDECOR is all about bringing dream interiors into reality, we figured it best our staff model just this concept, bringing a passion for art online right into the real world. We love to bring beauty from our site into the world around us, and hope to inspire you to do it, too. 

To visit her exhibit in person and learn more about her work in the show, go here.  

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