Two Couples, a Race to Build IKEA Furniture, and a Testament to Love


By Eva Recinos "IKEA is like love. The instructions aren't always clear. Sometimes you think you're doing it wrong. But at the end of the day — you built a desk together." This is what one man learned after trying to assemble IKEA furniture with a woman he just met. BuzzFeed recently pitted two couples against each other for an IKEA furniture-building race. One couple had been together for ten years and another just met that day. If you know anything about IKEA furniture, it's that the process of purchasing an item is much more exciting (and less frustrating!) than going home and building it.  
It comes as no surprise, then, that the couple with a longer history built a desk together in less time. They won the fierce race through good communication and calm attitudes—something you hope a couple would gain after ten years together. We'd love to see the winners go up against a couple that's been together for 20 years or more. It begs the question: does the depth of your love correlate to your IKEA-building skills? Or is the furniture actually just easier for certain personality types to assemble? We don't quite know, but if the winning couple needs some ideas for non-cheesy decor to celebrate their collaborative win, we've got some suggestions.

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