It Turns Out There's Just Three Elements to a Modern Look


by Kelly Anne Bonner We couldn't believe it, either, when we learned that's there's essentially only three elements you need to design a totally contemporary and sharp-looking space. But countless hours of photo-studying on our end proved to pan out, again and again, a surprisingly effortless formula for recreating some of the most awesome interiors we've seen on the web. To do the look yourself, simply repeat after us: Black. White. String lights. Yep, that's it—purchase furnishings in only the contrasting color palette and add some lovely, bulbed string lights to the fold, and you've got yourself a space worthy of much envy that your friends just won't know how you did. The secret to these pin-worthy interiors below will now be so obvious, you'll never look at them the same way again. Get in on the action by studying up below, then use the newly-learned recipe to create your own version of the modern look.

balcony seating

A beautiful balcony set-up is spectacularly modern and refined via our secret formula. This inspiration makes the perfect case for a simple outdoor area. Inspiration Image via My

twist on the theme

Unique decorative additions to the theme in this living room proves the formula can be reinterpreted for a more personalized look. Plays on texture and photographs, while still black and white, offer more substance to the stark look, while suspended, larger string lights are a fresh take on the design. Inspiration Image via Lauren-Nelson

refined and rustic

The same goes for this living space, where the black and white and string lights look is more refined with a few rustic-y additions. We like the plays with shape as well as texture in this room. Inspiration Image via Best Home Designs

a bedroom version

In a bedroom, the look is simple yet warm and inviting. A string of lights along the side of a black and white sleeping area are a fun play on a reading light—and look better, too (in our humble opinion). Inspiration Image via Decoist

a second bedroom look

A second version of the look in a bedroom space adds a few natural wood additions to soften the occasional rigidity of the black and white scheme for a more homey, welcoming take. Inspiration Image via DustJacket

in the dining room

An open, white-washed space is light and fresh with a lantern and string lights. Alternating chairs (in our moodboard version, black ones) are a chic twist on a dining table set-up, while still incorporating the black and white theme. Inspiration Image via Style Files.

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