Tips From a Pro for Styling a TINY Bedroom


Not all of us are blessed with a large room for sleeping. But the good news is that having a smaller space for your bedroom can in fact be a blessing, as less room can mean a cozier place to snuggle up. It just requires a little bit more thought about how you put the room together.

the bed

Lets start with the bed. Having a small room means that storage is going to be at a premium, so think about getting a higher bed that provides storage space underneath. If the ceiling in your room is not especially tall, then this might not be a great option, so forgo the box spring under the mattress and go with a bed that has storage drawers instead.

side tables

I like to have a lot of stuff on my side tables: chargers, clocks, books, magazines, and other items that take up valuable real estate. So try to maximize the size of your side tables as much as possible, taking them all the way to the wall if you can. I will often use a desk as a side table so that it can do double duty as a large dumping ground and a space where I can sit and work instead of just lying in bed.

Having a combination of open storage and closed will help, too. Some things you need ready access to, others you need to keep a little more private. One last trick is to create a collection of tables of various sizes by the bed. This can give you even more space have a cool, relaxed vibe as well.


If your bedside tables are not huge, then be very careful about the bedside lamps that you use. Maybe a sconce, or even a pendant hanging low over the table will be a better choice, and allow you to use all that space for yourself. If you go with a pendant light or sconce, you might want to think about a dedicated reading light that is on a gooseneck that can attach to the bedframe or the wall behind you. Having specific lights for specific purposes is always a smart move, anyway, in addition to saving space.

color palette 

The last word of advice on small bedrooms is keep the color palette simple. I am always a fan of all-white beds with just a splash of color on a pillow or two. It will simplify the room and make it feel less cluttered.

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