6 Reasons to Kiss That Traditional Bookshelf Goodbye


By Eva Recinos Despite the popularity of gadgets like the Kindle and Nook, there's still something special about flipping through the pages of a real book. And while a tablet makes it easy to carry your favorite novel anywhere, it doesn't let you display titles in your home, which, to decor lovers like us, is a sad thing, indeed. Exhibiting your favorite volumes not only showcases your taste in good reads; it adds a nice touch to your space. Don't get us wrong: we know the challenge of fitting a bookshelf into a room, especially a small one. We rounded up a few innovative ways to show off your beloved books without sacrificing space or even spending much money. These finds taught us that it's useful to work with what you've got. Experiment with ways to store your books that don't rely on the standard bookshelf to create something unique and memorable. Check out these creative ways to stack and organize your beloved reads. Image via HGTV.


ready to go

Make good use of that empty suitcase by filling it with your favorite books. This trick gives a nice twist to your standard side table. And if you end up traveling in the near future, your books are ready to leave with you! Image via Apartment Therapy.


literary tower

Does your collection just keep growing? Stack those books high and show off your burning love of literature with a book tower. Pile books from biggest to smallest to keep the tower stable but also aesthetically interesting. Consider topping it all of with something like a small sculpture or pencil cup. Image via HGTV.


little wagon

To keep books organized in a kid's room, use a cute red or wooden wagon. This creative method makes the books easy for kids to reach and simple for parents to organize. Image via fabuloushomeblog.


book steps

We always love decor tricks that use repurposed objects. If you own — or find — an old ladder, convert it into a quirky space for your books. Prop it in a corner facing a window to save space and take advantage of natural light. Image via The French Mouse House.


stairway to book heaven

Wide stairs provide a cool way to show off your books as you would on a shelf. Stack the books in a row with cute, heavy objects at the end. With this layout, you can also easily pluck your favorite book right off the steps to read upstairs. Image via design milk.


edgy and geometric

Geometric shapes look great on a range of decor items, and these floating shelves are no exception. Experiment with hexagon shelves by arranging them in a row or a staggering them. Lean your books alongside succulents, mugs and frames for an eclectic look. Image via Threadsence.

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