Three Ways to Style This Gorgeous Modern Desk Chair


Inspired by interior design blogger sfgirlbybay’s recent giveaway of Modernica Shell Chairs, our staff were dying to see what one of them would look like in context. Our pick is a custom fiberglass shell chair called the American Beauty, as the pattern is reminiscent of the famous falling rose petals of that film. Were we ever lucky enough to own one of these beauties, here’s a sampling of how the nousDECOR team would each style this chair in their own homes. Check out these three lovely ways we’d work this gorgeous modern chair into our spaces:
Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 4.41.02 PM

crazy beautiful

First up, one of our designers styled the chair in a bold and vibrant space, letting the chair’s vivid colors sing to the highest notes. White, gold and mirrors pair effortlessly with the furnishing. Inspiration Image via This is Glamorous

feminine and muted

Next, another styling of the chair features a soft, muted corner with more toned-down elements. In this context, the chair is the shining star, playing well with grays and off-whites. Inspiration Image via Smitten Studio

a pop of pink

Finally, in this dining space, our staffer also had the chair play the shining star, but in a much different way. As the volume of the original inspiration photo is turned way down, featuring quiet whites and metallics, the addition of the chair would amp it back up—bringing it to life in color through a pop of pink. Inspiration Image via Made by Cecilieslykke.

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