We Predict These Trends Will Be Huge In 2016


Making predictions is a treacherous affair and one that I thoroughly enjoy. It gives me a chance to ruminate in what has piqued my interest this year and what's likely to be an idea that i want to explore even more next year.

For what it’s worth, and in no particular order, here is my list of things that I think will be big in 2016. What do you think I missed?

stylish home office desk

Desks: I think technology will be an underlying driver for a lot of trends this year, and with it, the ease of use of that technology is very important. So I predict we will start seeing a lot more options for desks. Whether they are small enough to use as a bedside table, or more of a statement piece, we are being pushed away from laptop-in-bed to a more functional and stylish solution.

encaustic tile in kitchen

Patterned Tile: Finally the period of white subway tile is coming to an end. We are starting to see tile manufacturers across the board - from the most consumer-friendly to the most high end - start to embrace pattern again. An interesting side note is the reinterpretation of encaustic tile as a more user-friendly porcelain tile.

hot pink sofa

Color: Things are starting heat up! Colors are getting hotter than they have been in years. I think pink is going to be the breakout star, with hot reds and berry not far behind. I know Benjamin Moore has been touting white as the color of the year, but what would look sexier than a lipstick pink chair in an otherwise all white room?

Vintage Online: For years now we have been getting comfortable with searching for and buying antiques from all over the world online, thanks in large part to 1st Dibs. But access to great vintage pieces has been limited generally to swap meets and Craigslist. Now with curated sites like Viyet and Chairish making a splash, it’s possible to shop for and learn about vintage pieces in a whole new way.

fabric wall covering hot trend for 2016

Wall Covering: Paint is just starting to feel a bit ho-hum, don’t you think? Putting color, pattern and texture up on all or part of your walls is now the hot new thing. Whether it’s established companies like Robert Allen who will now paper-back any of their fabrics, or a new company like Guildery that does small run custom colors and patterns on line, technology has transformed this industry and once again is the driver for innovation and accessibility.

mixed metals home decor

Metals: If I remember correctly, metals were on my list from last year, but they continue to be a big trend. Last year it was all about polished brass; this year it’s about mixing metals. Throw them all in a heap and see what you find. Whether is sconces that feature polished brass, chrome and nickel or a room with different metal finishes on different pieces, the trend is how you put it together, not what each piece is all about.

While I enjoy searching out what is new and next, I am always reminded of this quote, which I'll leave you with today:

Nothing is in good taste unless it suits the way you live. What's practical is beautiful...and suitability always overrules fashion. 

-Billy Baldwin

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