The Nousdecor Mobile App Is Here

We’ve got some exciting news that we’re just bursting to share with you guys. After months of much anticipation and buzz, we’re happy to announce the launch of the official nousDECOR app for iOS, currently available for free in the Apple App Store and iTunes. (By the way, Android users—an app is on the way for you, too, coming within this year!).

The nousDECOR app, pictured above, includes some new features in addition to the ones that you know and love from our desktop version. You can still browse thousands of beautiful inspirations and curated moodboards of accessible, shoppable items by designers and decor enthusiasts, as well as follow, like, comment, share them. You’ll also still be able to read the latest advice, design trends, and DIY’s on-the-go via our blog inside the app. (We know—this is going to be our new favorite commute habit, too!).

But get this—our app includes a brand new, super handy comparison shopping feature that’ll be your new best friend when you’re out decor shopping. Imagine you’re in a store and you see a gorgeous piece you love, but you aren’t sure if that’s how much you want to spend on it, or if it’s exactly the style you want. In the nousDECOR app, you can snap or upload a photo of that decor item right in front of you at the store. Then, the app allows you to see similar products across our library of more than eight million items. This way, you can know for sure if that original item in front of you is, indeed, what you’re looking for—or, alternatively, if what you’re looking for can be better had online. Now you’ll never have to regret an in-store purchase versus what’s available online, as those other options will be right there in front of you on your phone! You can also take photos of decor pieces you’re coveting at friend’s houses or in hotel rooms when you’re traveling, or really anywhere you go, and the nousDECOR app will suggest something similar that you can get online, so that you can get a similar version of any gorgeous decor item you see when you’re out and about that’s not necessarily for sale. Cool, right?

Here’s a quick walkthrough of the app and exactly how all the features work. Click here to download the app to your iPad or iOS mobile now, and prepare to start getting inspired—no matter where you go!

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