The Newest Greeting Cards Are Like Tiny Art Prints


It's possible that we'll look back on the early 2000's and remember it as the era of trend revivals. We mean—marble, copper, Edison bulbs. If people from the Industrial Revolution could see us now, they would say they've so been there, done that. Get with the program.

Despite the fact that the majority of design trends today have been seen before, even spanning back hundreds of years ago or so, their fancy new packaging just makes them that much more delightful for those in the modern age. Take, for example, the historical technique of printing text into relief on paper, known as letterpress. Contemporary artisans have taken up the craft and applied it to greeting cards, creating adorable, tiny pieces that looks like baby art prints. With pieces this cute, how could you possibly throw them away or put them into storage after receiving them? We think letterpress cards have earned a dedicated spot in our homes on our walls, starting with these ones below. Time to start another new trend (that's actually just an updated version on an old trend).

Stay Cool by Rafftruck Designs, Etsy, $5. 

stories of love

Love letters are getting so much more colorful and illustrative these days. Who wouldn't want to frame both the cover and the sentiment kept inside of these?

And They Lived Happily Ever After by Paper Bandit Press, Etsy, $4.50.

I Love You Robot by chopshopstore, Etsy, $5.

adventure out there

Cards that convey feelings of adventure and wonder are magical enough to keep inspiring you. Do this by displaying them somewhere you could use a pick-me-up.

You're Stellar by Larkpress, Etsy, $3.50. 

Get Out by Pepperpressny, Etsy, $5.50. 


Expressing thanks via a card feels so old-fashioned these days. But it's a trend we're glad that gorgeous letterpress makers are bringing back—via lovely and poignant illustrations and watercolor.

No One Could Fill 'Em by Denote Stationary, Etsy, $4.35. 

Digital and Foil Thank You by smockpaper, Etsy, $16.50 for a set of 6 cards. 

housewarming and oops!

A bright yellow housewarming card with a nice illustration is a perfect pick to keep for kitchen decor. And an apology card this cute can only be kept out to continue looking at.

Streetscape Letterpress Greeting Card by PaperElephantPress, Etsy, $6.49. 

Oh Deer Literally by Creativity Press, Etsy, $4.50. 

one for the memories

Finally, even a sweet statement on the past and the years to come is worth showing off on the mantel among other treasured objects. What are we saying, even—we mean especially! 

Look How Awesome We Turned Out by PaperBanditPress, Etsy, $4.50. 

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