The Intriguing World of Cord Art

For as long as we’ve had technology integrated into our homes, the standard design solution for working with pesky cords has been to make them disappear from sight. Countless guides exist on how to hide tech extensions, as concealing them appeared to be the only fix for this problem worth knowing (heck, we’ve even done one ourselves). Questioning the cord-hiding paradigm was so far off our radar, in fact, that when we stumbled upon these gorgeous examples of a unique solution to the old cord conundrum, we had to pause for a moment. Using those leftover cords to make simple, minimal wall art is not only eye-catching, but a great example of form and function. While looping cords into art on walls may not be for everyone, those that are intrigued by this idea may just have found the ideal way to finally work with instead of against those old bundled wires that will inevitably be in their home. Here’s to finally discovering a new way to make these tech counterparts a bit more design-friendly—dare we even say, into works of art.

a casual look

For a pretty, casual wire art look, add a few loops as you run it along the wall.

little trees

Add a moment of surprise along your baseboards with a few tree-shaped wires.

loop the loop

A loop the loop wire look pops in orange against a black wall.

city living

It’s possible to get totally detailed with your wire art, too—in this case, the maker fashioned a whole city skyline.

little vine

Another cute idea—make your cord look like a vine by adding a few simple visual cues.

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