T-Minus to T-Day


Around Thanksgiving, we believe it's the little things that make the difference in the table set—one or two standout items can act as trump cards year after year, making the dining experience that much more enjoyable and you the classiest of hosts. This year, we chose serving sets as the winning pieces, which have to make an appearance no matter how untraditional your Thanksgiving, and also act as communal ware—everyone must pass them round the table to get food on their plates. Since the large utensils are something the whole family will see and use, we thought it best to invest in them as a signature decor item. Here are some sets we know will serve up salad and stuffing in style for years to come:

unexpected combo

We love the twist on traditional in this part wood, part silver set.

Image via Anthropologie
Image via Leif

bright blue

We have to give a shout-out to the in-vogue cobalt blue, which made an appearance in our search. This stellar set would do well with any neutral bowl.

glamorous gold

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: there's nothing like gold to bring that extra glamour to a fall table (and head straight into winter).

(Psst—check out our post on autumn decorating schemes for ideas on how to pair this table set!)

Image via West Elm
Image via Anthropologie

pop of color

A non-traditional pop of color with a very traditional set of silver does Thanksgiving modern and right.


We could not stop marveling this rich, marbled black serving set. Very unexpected and timeless.

Image via Leif
Image via Etsy

just for fun

Finally, a set for the kid's table—we love embracing kitsch every now and then, and this is the best kind of it.

Now at the very least you've got your serving set sorted out. And if you have a signature Thanksgiving decor item you couldn't imagine setting table without, send us a snap with the hashtag #adoredecor—we'd love to see it!

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