Stunning Slate Spaces Inspired by Restoration Hardware


Who isn't inspired by Restoration Hardware, the retailer whose aesthetic manages to effortlessly blend the hard lines of industrial design with elegant, traditional flourishes? Its catalogues are a source of much envy among lovers of old world-reminiscent styles incorporating lots of metal and hardware, as well as those who appreciate the perfect balance of delicate and tough among pieces in their collections. 

But those who aspire to their look can all agree on one of the prettiest (and biggest) signature trademarks of the brand: their penchant for that beautiful shade of slate gray. This pale, faint color imbues rooms with a calm, cool presence, and is without a doubt the finishing touch on any "Restoration" style look. 

A few aspirers on the internet have taken these points to heart in designing their spaces, balancing industrial and traditional styles and coating it all in gorgeous gunmetal gray. Take a look at how the retailer's aesthetic has touched these interiors, and get inspired to make your home look like a page right out of the RH catalogue: 

dining in gray

This gorgeous gray dining space features chairs with visible studs balanced by an intricate set of chandeliers. We love the table leg molding as an additional detail that ties the look together.

soft gray living

That gray strikes again in this living room, which features the iconic, trunk-inspired cabinetry of Restoration, as well as the exquisite suspended lighting piece. 

a bird's eye view

From above, this living room clearly hits all the right RH-inspired notes—an industrial chandelier and stark frames are contrasted with the softness of the rest of the look, accentuated by that lovely shade of slate gray.

below a chandelier

This sofly-lit, masterful bedroom has that straight-from-Restoration-Hardware vibe: an enormous lighting piece, a few key metal-like details (the mirrors especially), and, of course, soft shades of slate.

elegance in gray

Industrial elements with chic modern updates pair seamlessly with pretty, delicate ones—all bound together by that signature shade.

dark and refined

A heavier take on the look leans more toward the industrial elements (like that sleek cabinet), but the calm shade in the rug helps to balance any harshness.

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