So Over String Lights? Here’s 6 Alternative Ways to Light Up Your Next Party

By Eva Recinos It’s party time! You’ve set up the snack table, busted out the martini glasses—but you, savvy design lover that you are, don’t want to hang up the same old string lights. We know—you want to distinguish yourself from the party-throwing pack with a one-of-a-kind alternative. But just because you want to ditch those plain, overdone string lights doesn’t mean you have to get rid of lights completely! We love the idea of adding a bit of sparkle to even the most casual get-together. Take the message candles above, for example: a nifty and versatile way to add a little something bright to your table all year round. We rounded up some original ways to light up a space for your next entertaining event. No matter the party, these projects are great to use again and again. These fabulous finds will have your friends saying: how did you think of that? (Don’t worry—we won’t tell.)

geometric lanterns

We’re stunned by the beauty of these simple and elegant geometric lanterns. Bridal Guide wrote that alternative lighting is a new trend for weddings, but we think these fixtures are great for any occasion!

bright letters

We love the idea of using huge, chunky letters dotted with lightbulbs—aka marquee lights—as a way to brighten up any party! This is one party decoration that will never go out of season.

luminous tulips

Add some flower power to your decor with these cute lights! Like a floral crown for your walls, they are a great way to give a stylish twist to your space.

paper lanterns

So let’s say you do want to use some form of string lights. We love the idea of pairing short strings of lights with colorful ribbons and white paper lanterns. Play around with color combinations to see what happens!

hurricane lights

And, ahem, if we may spotlight ourselves for a moment—our recent post on how to make hurricane lights—or how to turn simple glass containers into chic lighting fixtures—would be perfect for your next tea or dinner party. Our easy DIY tutorial shows you how to make and style them in three different ways!

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