Crazy About Vintage? Just Wait Until You See These Rooms


by Eva Recinos
If you traveled back in time even a couple of decades, obviously things would look different: computers would look larger, phones clunkier, and hairstyles might seem strange. The same is of course true in home decor. Because styles change so quickly, an interior from one decade will look completely different from the next. And not every trend is carried over to the next decade (burnt orange and avocado-colored kitchens—we're looking at you!).   Yet in this decade, we actually like doing a bit of time traveling. A love for all things vintage continues to grow amongst professional and amateur designers alike. Lately, we've been catching some fabulous uses of vintage chic online that just needed to be shared. Behold — these are the rooms bringing back the past in a stylish and memorable way. Check out some of our favorites, along with moodboards, below:   Inspiration Image via Hvítur Lakkrís.

vintage vanity

One thing we love about this set-up is its sophisticated simplicity. It feels like a space that a Victorian woman would sit in before heading to a dinner party. Classy wall lighting, a vintage dresser and a striped box hat make this look feel like something not of this age. Inspiration Image via Roses and Rust.

little one's first vintage room

This little kid's room is almost too cute to handle. For starters, we love the vintage furniture used to store clothes and toys. The pastel colors really create a fun and whimsical room fit for an adorable little one. And who can resist that little clothes rack? Inspiration Image via Lovely Life.

dining in style

This room uses an almost all-white color scheme to create an antique and classy look. We love the vintage furniture paired with a glitzy chandelier. And check out the clock faces on the wall — a unique and budget-friendly way to add some more flair. 
Inspiration Image via Hvítur Lakkrís.

unique study

Forget your modern office space – this room definitely makes us yearn for a more antique study. This layout makes great use of space by setting up a huge, shabby chic bookshelf. The vintage desk looks perfect when paired with pink flowers and a comfy chair. A lovely space for the modern Jane Austen. Inspiration Image via Eye for Design.

dark desk

For a more moody and mysterious look, we love the idea of using a typewriter as part of decor. This black typewriter serves as the base for the other accents — dark picture frames, a silver mirror and an antique desk lamp. It's a space that says "I'm writing the next great American novel." Inspration Image via Hilo x Hilo.

feminine and soft

We normally would not picture using a pink chandelier in a space but this room does so flawlessly. Pairing an antique pastel dresser with a pink chandelier create a feminine and chic look. The mirror's unique shape makes this look antique yet timeless. They just don't make them like this anymore. Inspiration Image via V for Vintage

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