Your (Sort of) Design News For Today: Google Bought Home Tech Device Nest For 3.2 Billion


In your home-appliance related design news for the day, Mashable just broke the news that the savvy tech company that managed to make the thermostat sexy was just bought out by Google for a whopping 3.2 billion, in cash. Nest's smart thermostat and smoke detector has had a lot of press recently due to both their intriguing concepts (for the thermostat, it's energy-saving, as it knows when you are away and shuts itself off) as well as smart ads (at least here in San Francisco).

There has been some fear over privacy issues due to the home device's acquirement by the tech behemoth, but the company will operate as an independent satellite, and users have been assured of privacy even in this change of hands.

While we're pretty sure the company's purchase will not alter its current output, we do wonder what's now in store for the valuable little hub of home design tech products. We shall have to wait and see.

Image via the green head

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