5 Tips for Designing a Nursery When Space is Limited

You’ve got a baby on the way — congrats! Maybe you’ve picked out a name, and even more important, a nursery theme. But looking around, you realize you’re place is already at maximum occupancy. What to do?

It’s okay, it turns out babies take up surprisingly little space — at least at first. For that reason they are actually quite easy to fit into your home, no matter the square footage. Here are some interior designer-approved tips for making it work.

1. Stick with sleek, modern styles. The thin legs and elegant silhouettes will lend the space a light and airy feel. DwellStudio makes some great mid-century options that are as functional as they are stylish.

2. Require that all furniture include some storage space. This means only bring in a nightstand if it has shelving underneath, and forego the traditional changing table for a dresser with a changing pad on top.

3. Opt for a mini crib. There are some great options out there that take up less space (but still give Baby plenty of room to grow). We like the convertible styles from DaVinci.

4. Choose a light, monochromatic color palette. Avoiding busy patterns or dark tones will keep the space feeling nice and open.

5. Use overhead lighting. Install a whimsical chandelier or even paper lanterns to keep your light source on the ceiling (instead of on the floor). This doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style. There are lots of fun options out there, including this beaded number from Sleeping Partners.

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