Simple Decor Remedies to Cure the Summertime Blues


by Mark Cutler

Let me just start by saying that I love the passage from winter to summer. The flowers blooming, fresh produce at the farmers’ market, storing away my sweaters for the season—these are all great touchstones that summer has fully arrived. So why not make the inside of your home feel as fresh and inviting as it does outside?

I'm fully convinced that summertime blues is at least partially caused by heavy winter pieces dragging down the mood of rooms. Here are some simple decor ideas that'll lift the look of your spaces to be much lighter, as well as your spirits. There, better!



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The general idea is that summer should be light, airy and easy. So when looking to switch up your decor for the season, keep this in mind. I have broken down some suggestions by room to give you some ideas to start with: Living Room —Send your rug out to be cleaned and try bare floors for the summer months. —Switch out the throw pillows on your upholstery. Try either introducing some pops of color, maybe a linen texture or even something with a bit of a beach theme.  
—Brighten up the room by switching out opaque lampshades with translucent ones. —Instead of cut flowers in the room, try small potted annuals to really bring the garden inside.

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—Add some summery-scented candles to your bathroom, like a beach scent or a lighter marine fragrance. —Swap out your robes to light cotton. Nobody wants a heavy terry cloth robe in the middle of summer!


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Bedroom —It’s time to put away the flannel sheets and bring out the linen. Nothing feels more like summer than the feel of slightly-rumpled linen sheets. —Change out the down-filled duvet for a light cotton blanket.

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